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  1. Rephrase the first question, I don't follow... The top three skills would be: Organizational, analytical, and communication skills. People skills are not a must, but I spend 80% of my day talking to brokers, shippers, and drivers, via phonecall and email so... You don't have to be the friendliest guy around, but it very much helps... My job consists mostly of negotiation, phonecalls, emails, research, google maps, cussing, putting out fires, and cussings some more..
  2. Update on that MX project.. 1 trailer came back Tuesday. 2 of the trailers came back today. 1 trailer won't make it back till tomorrow. Tons of detention pay out of my pocket.($2400 worth) One of the trailers on the Mexico stuff came back with damaged tires
  3. You are hiring for your own interest. The bottom line is and should be: Does his skill set and behavior benefit your company? The only way his beliefs would change things is if he negotiated with those beliefs as a basis. All you would have to do is make that clear that kind of negotiation would be unacceptable and you run your business differently.. His results should be easy to indicate if he is following your interests or not.
  4. Taken off the bottom line, and go on their record. Spot on. Yeah its hard to keep up with all the many many many different ways the government screws with the Transportation industry. I've actually been trying to keep notes on all the ways and ask drivers whenever I can what's the worst things they deal with. Another thing to put things into perspective is the total Profit the government makes off fuel taxes runs around $1.25/gallon, while the gross profit for the companies responsible for pulling it out of the earth, refining it, and paying for it's transportation, is around .47 cents. Yes Obama them Oil companies are making out like bandits... O.o Also since i'm a Hazmat Specialist one thing I hear A LOT is how most drivers do not want to run Hazmat(even when I pay TOP DOLLAR) because they can't afford to be a rolling "DOT Bullseye". For those who don't know... The DOT specifically targets Hazmat shipments for additional inspections.
  5. Zing! Yeah, this is what I realized the moment I watched Yaron's video. Vouchers sound nice. But you could not put a more destructive gun to the head of private schools and also your long term goals.
  6. I've always thought Vouchers were a good idea, because it could give parents choice and break up the government monopoly... Which it may do. However, it has been years since I've re-examined the issue under different perspective and I found that Yaron makes a good point here: Yaron is spot on with his examination... Maybe it is not the best solution. Now im not sure if there could be a more politically achievable transitional voucher that didn't come with all the problems discussed, and this could be debated till the cows come home but it is not really the point of me posting this. So lets keep on point with the real issue and mark out/replace: "the promotion of Rational Private Schooling, Rational Homeschooling, and the Voucher Program getting government out of education." The subject here is that out of all the political "issues" to tackle, Reason and Freedom in education is the most important because of both the destruction public schools have caused to children's(and later adults) minds and the Marketability of a Rational Education option to parents.
  7. Well for starters, children will get indoctrinated with religion regardless of what school they go to. The big difference with public schools, is that not only are they being dumbed down but they are also indoctrinated by the state in public schools. Further, I said the promotion of: Rational Private Schooling, Homeschooling, and the Voucher Program. Unless responsible and well-meaning parents are armed with the philosophical knowledge to be able to choose a rational educational method for their children i.e., a type of educational method that will fully prepare their children for successful adult life then it is quite likely that the results will be just as disappointing for them as for those parents who have left their children’s education in the hands of the state. There are plenty of Rational private schools out there... Thanks to Rand, and Leonard Peikoff's "Teaching Johnny to Think: A Philosophy of Education Based on the Principles of Ayn Rand's Objectivism" I did the research on the Montessori school my daughter will be going to. For me A PROPER RATIONAL Education would resemble: Montessori education in Primary school. Cognitive education in Middleschool, and Cognitive, autodidact and specialization education for highschool. A good video on the connections of Objectivist philosophy and Montessori education can be found here:
  8. Education. Specifically the elimination of Public schooling, and the promotion of Rational Private Schooling, Homeschooling, and the Voucher Program. Aside from the students who learn & retain little practical knowledge from public school, experience failed classrooms, bad test scores and delinquent behavior... modern education even in the best of schools and under the best of circumstances, works to usurp the student's capabilities for independent thought and destroys their ability to think, understand, and integrate knowledge that students require to function properly as Teens and Adults. Fighting for reason in a society that breeds mindless zombies from cradle to College Diploma via public or progressive education is already an uphill battle. This is one of the biggest roots of the problem in our society today. The purpose of Education is supposed to be the communication of knowledge and the training in methods of thinking in order to transition a child into a fully functioning independent adult, however this is the opposite of what is taking place in schools. So long as the destruction of the minds of students continues on a national level- We LOSE. Marketing wise, Education of one's children is one of the most profoundly selfish issues every parent in the country will ever experience. Parents buy book after book, research schools, participate in programs, etc... From the poorest to richest household, parents will give one of their kidney's if it means their child will have a good education, but WHAT is considered a good education, and WHAT is important to my child is still very much a matter of confusion for the families of this country. This is a market that is constantly begging for information and pleading for a solution... And how big and important is this market? Family households with children make up nearly 50% of this country! Nearly 50%! If your goal is to promote REASON, then this can not be overlooked. Education is the reason for the existence of a mass level Anti-conceptual mentality. Education is responsible for rampant delinquent behavior, apathy & loss of rational goals and interests. Education is the reason subjectivism has ran carte blanche through our society. Education is why "Johnny can't think." As for the market of ideas... Parents very much selfishly care about their children's education. Parents know SOMEthing is wrong, but don't understand what or why. Parents are open minded and constantly are seeking to understand. They make up a huge % of the population. The homeschooling movement is already booming in this country as a revolt against public education. And maybe most importantly, parents WILL take action when they KNOW what best for their children. This is a actionable consequence. Educating parents CAN have a measurable effect that helps us all. Which may mean, putting their kids in Montessori or homeschooling, and or fighting for the Voucher program in their state. Further if parents understand the reasons why public and progressive education is bad and rational education is good, they will automatically be introduced to objectivist ideas.
  9. Landstar is one of the safest carriers in the nation(also one of the most expensive),There is not much that I as a Broker/Agent/Dispatch can do to stop it from happening, but it does happen. This year I've had two drivers wreak. One who we believe fell asleep and ran off the road with a Hazmat shipment in Arkansas, and the other on a Oil rig move who crashed a Crew House into a Bridge in WV.. Was over by just two inches and shaved the whole roof of the building. Here's what the inside of the Trailer with hazmat looked like afterward: http://pasteboard.co/28CYprNw.png http://pasteboard.co/28D4eiE4.png
  10. Practically nothing... But its not the stops that cost money... Its the HUGE fines the DOT will slap on a driver and company for anything and everything. If your windshield wiper doesn't look brand new, one of your tires are a little light, your paperwork, logs, shippernumber, etc etc etc etc... Boom! Say goodbye to money. This is one of the reasons for the extremely high industry turnover rate. Every driver you see is most likely new and in his first year or two of driving. (Which Ironically makes the roads LESS safe.)
  11. HA, Carefully, with a lot of experience and the help of Escorts in the front and the back of the truck. Specific routes have to made to ensure safety. Most of the guys that have the experience, equipment, and capital to be able to run loads like that have all been in the industry for 25+ years. And considering truckers have a HUGE turnover rate those guys are extremely rare. That particular piece is a 292,000#(pound) Plate Girder hauled from Van Buren AR to the new World Trade Center vehicle security building. Good question. Well the Biggest projects usually consist of Oil rigs for moves my boss manages on a regular basis. Most of them from TX to ND. Currently I am dealing with a liquidation of printing plant parts from NY to Mexico. In fact it may be a sign of the times that the majority of my projects are plant foreclosures, liquidations, or relocations The most interesting project is probably the one I am on right now because of the serious issues I am having with it which also leads into your regulatory questions. These shipments move this Monday and Tuesday. It is a smaller project that I got plenty of money on(freight gets bid on) needing only 4 FLATBED trucks, with easy, legal sized, light weight freight, going from New York to Tijuana, Mexico. Should be easy... Here is where it goes downhill. For starters thanks to Regulations American trucks can no go into Mexico. The freight has to be dropped by the American carrier and picked up by a Mexican carrier. So all of my trucks have to go to San Diego, and then let a Mexican carrier TAKE THEIR trailer into another country and bring it back. I'm sure you can see why someone would like that too much. Then since industry has effectively died in the NorthEast, fewer trucks with Deck trailers take loads going that direction, thus limiting available capacity. And the worst of it all is East Berlin's *cough* I mean California's War on truckers. Thanks to tightening environmental regulations by California the vast majority of the trucks in the country are no longer legal to drive in that state. Since the new regulations were put in place even the few trucks who have converted over to their regulatory standards have been experiencing strong mechanical trouble, and breakdowns(which the drivers have to pay for) even for newer trucks.. Further incentivising more drivers to say "Fuck California". So even though I have a lot of money I can pay drivers to take these loads... No one can or will go there. How much money you ask? I'm offering to pay our drivers $7600(minus fuel expenses and fees) to drive 2500 miles, or about 4-5 days of work. I am currently making phonecalls to find drivers to cover these shipments as im writing this, and will probably be working all weekend to do so.
  12. A PROPER Education would resemble: Montessori education in Primary school. Cognitive education in Middleschool, and Cognitive, autodidact and specialization education for highschool. Or in other words. Primary = Basics via scientific pedagogy. Middleschool = Reason. Highschool = Purpose. Graduation = Self-Esteem

  13. I know Rand and the Objectivist community have a little love with the Transportation Industry so I'd thought I would answer any questions people might have. A little Background: I work for Landstar Transportation: I provide and manage specialized transportation solutions for clients in Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Construction industries in US and Canada. I work mostly with Hazardous Materials and Over-Dimensional Projects. Previous projects have encompassed everything from drill pipe to entire oil & gas drilling rigs. Project specs have encompassed width up to 16' and weight up to 150k lbs. Ask me Anything!
  14. Just watched "I Love You Phillip Morris". It was very very very strange to see Jim Carry play a flaming homosexual con-artist. But he pulled it off well. Very emotional and hilarious movie.

  15. "In fact. 'atheism' is a term that should not even exist. No one ever needs to identify himself as a "non-astrologer" or a "non-alchemist." We do not have words for people who believe Elvis is alive or that aliens have traversed the galaxy only to molest ranchers and their cattle. Atheism is nothing more than the noises reasonable people make in the presence of unjustified religious beliefs." - Sam Harris

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