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    Interesting forum because while there are many forums, I really find this one more as a debate as to objectivity.
  1. Its easy to say are make a quote about minorities having no special rights, actually they want equal rights not special rights some may aruge Do you really suppose a business is going to check genitilia of a patron who uses the bathroom? Many forum readers say thats the standard businesses should use, I am not sure what opinion people have, should bald haired woman/women such as khadjiah farmer be kicked out of the bathroom who herself was a lesbian, I'm curious as to the opinon of people on the forum on that issue. So, lets suppose Catholics are a minority in this country, or protest
  2. I disagree, many people especially conservatives love to look down at transgenders as a whingeing minority, the word minority because they don't idefinity as the majority so to speak. However, many conservatives fail to realize that opinions may not be in their favor, polls are showing that the majority of america while not homosexuals are now supportive of same-sex marriage, that may leave conservatives in a "whengeing" minority? Everybody is not the same, so "a minority" may be the person who thinks they are the "majority". Disabled americans, people in wheelchairs, blacks and hispanic
  3. AUGUSTA, Maine — The Maine Human Rights Commission decided Monday that a transgender woman was discriminated against at a Denny’s restaurant in Auburn when management would not let her use the ladies room until she had sex reassignment surgery. While the lawyer representing the Denny’s owners said that the 3-2 decision could have far-reaching, negative consequences for all Maine businesses with shared restroom facilities, it was hailed as a civil rights victory by the Maine Civil Liberties Union and advocacy organization Equality Maine. “It’s important to know that people have rights, in
  4. Sounds familiar as an argument, I am not sure how if an owner makes "false assumptions about a toilet" then a patron would have a claim of action, if a bathroom is marked man or woman and an opposite sex person enters , I still don't see how the other use of the bathroom would have a claim of action against the owners private property, unless the owner tried to eject him/her or confuse the patron as to what he/she is/was allowed to do which is remote. As for regulatin businesses, many people they should be regulated, but many people that regulation should be more limited in scope and limite
  5. Dave although its not against to law to have different restrooms marked man and woman, what your post sounded as if a customer or a patron of the opposite-sex would have a cause of action if somebody else entered the restroom. Toilet issues are private property are not subject to statutory law? Well how are you defining private property dave, if you said somebodys home then its a different story, but you sounded as if you were referring to a business , then you are incorrect if thats what you were implying, they are subject to statutory law in a lot of cases, whether you and I don't like it
  6. Maybe, but there is no supposed "right to privacy" or remedy for no opposite-sex gentials in a public restroom. Its a bit of a gray area as some cities have antiquated statues that have laws preventing this. Men's and women's restrooms are more of a social custom, restrooms marked women are without urinals because women don't use them and are not designed to use them although they can buy a device to use them. The "men's" and "women's" restrooms don't really exist becaues the language is a possessive form, kinda of like "Michael"'s or David's bathroom possessive. They are simply marked t
  7. What a Lously reply, the author does not know anything about law and he is saying that a person who has different gentillia has more in a matter of a civil lawsuit. This is untrue and false, there is no civil lawsuits about this that would be accepted by the courts. I do know one that was thrown out because a man had sued because woman were using the same bathrooms as him due to another bathroom being unusable after a music event. Most states don't even have statues regarding the topic, of course there are a few cities that have ordinances about different genders using bathrooms mostly antiqua
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