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  1. Simple, a pragmatist. Socialism makes ruling easy, ie Ellsworth Toohey
  2. Haha that is a good idea. That's what we've been doing at my school. Everyone now is asking "Who is John Galt", it's hilarous
  3. No, the use of violence is ONLY acceptable for self defense. Let those ideologically damaged suffer through their actions only, unless those actions directly hurt me.
  4. Why do we need to destroy Tehran? It's not the people who want to destroy the West, it's their regime! No, if our security was ever threatened we should not attack Iran- we should attack the government. The government isn't even popular; the government doesn’t even represent the views of everyday Persians. The thing we must all remember is that Persia of old was a tolerant society. Persians today are still a tolerant people; however it's their theocratic rulers who give Iran its intolerant connotation. If we are to intervene in Iran we must do so in a swift, silent, and effective way; and we are to only intervene if our security is directly challenged. (ie nukes)
  5. Absolutely! Capitalism is the only moral political system, and it’s been generally conceded that morality breeds stability. Stability comes as people become civilized- as people become fit to live in a rational way. In the long term, a country based on Objectivism is very stable and practical.
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