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  1. Best video clip ever Second best video clip ever Blur / Coffe & TV
  2. Actually, my favorite paint is the logo. I am an admire of simplicity in every area.
  3. Even if those organisms might be considered as living entities they are not able to make valuation of their own, which means they might have "values" in a sense of goal-directed action but they have no ability to make a choice. Objectivist value is related mostly to a value with an objectivist moral standard, but just because we can define good and bad does not mean that other people can do the same. There is no contradiction, there is only misunderstood semantics.
  4. This is understandable. From all aspects of language writing is the hardest, even if you know the grammar and the meaning of the words it still takes more time to read and to express yourself. Were you living in Mexico all your life? When did you get to practice your English?
  5. Thank you Ifat for this post, you summed it elegantly. Time can be a factor but not an accurate one. We as human beings are doing mistakes constantly and also about our own interests. One of the most important and common fallacies in economy is that in a perfect world there will be no loses when in fact loses have an important role. This is my opinion on the psychological aspect which is crucial if one's goal is to find good ways to manage his passions: Man's value is a dynamic concept. Those of you who practice art, music or any other profession which demands creativity constantly may confess about times when they just don’t have the "muse" for it. I don't know much about painting but this is the reason by my opinion that most of the modern musicians are over after three or four albums. In a way this is how organizational psychology works: you need a dynamic target. It might sound very clear for a man or a woman living and working in a free society, but in the army and in communist countries it is from time to time the difference between great depression and partly healthy psychological life.
  6. British "Surf" anyone? I actually have this one in Vinyl record. F.B.I Apache
  7. Thank you Danielle. Do you know the conspiracy about the Jews planning to rule the world? Well, that not true. but we still help each other from time to time I went to Montreal visiting my family, my fathers' uncles and their families invited me for a visit. Form the second I got off the plane I felt like home: the Anglo-Saxon and French cultures mixed with a huge variety of other cultures from all over the world, the infinite landscapes and that odd feeling of limited personal freedom were all an experience which influenced me till this day. If it wasn't the long winter I would consider seriously moving into Montreal and I will return for a visit after my release this spring. I didn't see too much of Ontario, I hired a car with a German couple and went visiting the Niagara Falls.
  8. Noble's will is a tragic and ignorant method for making a better world. It might be as disastrous as Relativism but i do not consider it as evil as Relativism because his vision is not necesserally Collectivist one.
  9. I was talking about the noble prize committee, not about Obama. We have no disagreements about him.
  10. Admins - please give it a try. This topic is for the members to share the music they are listening to, it supposed to be updated constantly. And this is what's keeping me awake: Air - Love 2 The French duel is now out with a new album. It is rare to hear this kind of statement from a professional musician but Dunckel and Godin thought that their last album Pocket Symphony wasn't satisfying, partly because of their recent project with Charlotte Gainsbourg 5.55 which took a lot of efforts. I heard today for the first time the new album Love 2 and it is very varied, this is one of those albums which don't produce very good singles (do the joy, sing sang sung) but are very good as a whole. Their best and first album Moon Safari was like that.
  11. Honestly, I do not understand the anger. Maybe it's my Israeli perspective of considering words and gestures with very em.... limited way but it is reasonable for the noble prize committee to act this way from their not objective perspective – they have an agenda (false one) to promote and I see nothing wrong with that besides its governmental funding. It's important to understand that its resource is not a malevolent philosophy but an extremely dangerous and naive way of dealing with political issues when it comes to a bit more cynical parts and populations of the world. This kind of view is common at the Scandinavian countries in particular and we are dealing with this nonsense all the time. I don't see anything special about rewarding intentions which come in correlation with this kind of view and I don't think this event got a big political influence when it comes to such a powerful country like the US.
  12. This is a perfect song for me. I heard the album "origin of symmetry" during the second Lebanon war, at the same period i was reading "The Fountainhead" and this specific song was describing the exact awesome sensation of there is more in this world. The songs' lyrics are mostly description of the nature, the way I interpret this is that this great sensation of enlightenment is so unique that one cannot share it with any other human being and the only thing left is the esthetic representation of the world. This is the main cover of the album: I paid two months' army-salary (something like 200$) for printing and framing it. Different artists were asked to paint whatever pops into their mind when they think about "origin of symmetry", those are another beautiful results: (1) (2) (3) (4)
  13. The translation is Hi. There are Israeli friends over here. Is that so? Are there any non-American's members?
  14. I didn't claim differently and this is not my point. If I understood correctly you claimed that the reason for Friedman's success in areas such as public's opinion and politics was his willingness to compromise, it is easy to conclude from this statement that intellectuals have only two options: Willingness to compromise on ideas or live as idealists. None of them is true or moral as long as the intellectual is aiming for a meaningful change and not just a theoretical solution.
  15. Milton Friedman's contribution for Capitalism and therefore for the world as a whole was one of a kind and his influence on the western politics was only second to Keynes as long as we relate to economists. It is essential to understand that the differences on the principle level with the Austrian school got nothing to do with his success with the public's opinion and the cooperation with Thatcher and Reagan. Explanation and intellectual debate are different things which are easy to be considered as the same: The first one mostly is the key for democracy to defend itself (this is the main problem of my country) and its main role is to show the facts in a way that the speaker's opinion will be reasonable for the listeners by their standards of right and wrong whatever they are. In Israel I am a "political friend" of religious and nationalist people because we have similar interests, on the intellectual level we'll be rivals. I don't see anything wrong with it, Rand herself never had a problem to recommend on Misses' books though they had great disagreements on epistemology.
  16. My name is Uriah and this is my first post in this forum. Currently I'm doing my service in the IDF, not a fact I'm particularly proud or ashamed of. This is the first time I'm planning to practice written English on a regular base, this is one main reason for me to write here and this is a good opportunity for me to apologize for my future mistakes and to acknowledge you that I'll be thankful if you'll correct me. My second reason is to give a stage and to challenge my ideas in front of people with similar set of beliefs as my own. Objectivism has changed my life in every way. I was going toward very wrong direction by my point of view until I got to read "the fountainhead" during a small window of freedom between high-school and the army while my city got bombed and I was traveling in Canada. I know objectivism very well and though I might be considered as a neo-objectivist because some of my ideas it is important for me to declare that I see myself as an objectivist in a matter of believing that there is no question about the essential issues of philosophy such as metaphysics and epistemology. My main intellectual interests at the moment are psychology and economics and my deepest passions which I find hard to call hobbies are music and (European) football. I'm not sure where this road is going but I'm sure that the direction I'm taking is a good one.
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