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  1. Okay, thank you guys. In short, you're sacrificing your interests by sacrificing others. "The sacrifice of another cannot be beneficial to another" comes from Atlas Shrugged. I believe it is Rearden that says it, but I'm not positive. I'll try to search for it and let you know.
  2. Yes, you're right. It was by Dr. Akston in Atlas Shrugged. My apologies. I understand now though, thank you.
  3. it wouldn't be the rational functioning of the body, it'd be of the mind. that is my question: why is that decision of the mind irrational and immoral? but cigarettes aren't something that effect you that quickly. the earliest death i have ever heard of is 46. and as for age, all those near or past that age seem to feel it to be hard to make it through the day, let alone the year. i'm not saying that this will necessarily be my path, i'm just making observations. i honestly don't think i've ever met a truly happy person past the age of 60 or so, but i also haven't met very many 'truly happy' people. i don't know, i have many thoughts to boil over on the subject.
  4. "by the nature and essence of existence, contradictions cannot exist." explain? what exactly is the nature and essence of existence that makes it impossible?
  5. it is irrelevant where the atoms are in an entity, the fact remains that it has a nature and will until it ceases to be what it is. just because my molecular makeup shifts around everyday, doesn't negate that i am a man (identity) and i have rights. same with a chair, it is still for sitting. only after that chair and i meet our destruction, will we cease to be what we are, assume different forms of matter, obtain a new identity, and therefore a different nature.
  6. and you're certain that you want ink on your skin until it decomposes?
  7. could someone give me a general refutation of egotism (sacrificing others to yourself)? also could you explain the statement, "the sacrifice of another cannot be beneficial to another"?
  8. i know that cigarettes are a willful evil to myself, but i don't much reason living past 80 or so at the latest. thoughts? i want to get a tattoo of the law of identity. i've wanted a tattoo for some time now, but before i started studying objectivism, i couldn't think of anything that'd last forever. the law of identity will, but will my desire to have permanent ink on me last? any thoughts? in best of q & a, ayn rand says that all laws on homosexuality should be repealed (agreed), but she says, "i don't necessarily regard the pratice as moral." why?
  9. what is the logic behind the following statements: "when you deny the rights of one man you deny them of all men." "controls necessitate and breed more controls." i assume they're somewhat interconnected.
  10. why live for yourself? i do, but i feel like there is something missing in my validation of egoism. this is what i have so far: sacrafice as evil, including altruism and egotism. self-esteem, as being worth living for. man is a means to his own end.
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