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  1. I've left Che-Lives and E-G, gave up my modship on the world's largest leftist site yet still people bullshit about me being a Marxist all day long. Well only here really as the others sites have coped on. What is the third site by the way? You just make that number up? At least 3? I doubt there are more than four good commie sites online. My 'metaphysics' differ in that they have departed from the modernist style of metaphysics which means I have little time for the 'old', so yes you I probably would lump it in there. Now can we keep the Ad Hominem's out of this thread or is that the only mean's of attack you can muster up?
  2. What? Marxian is a term used by postmodern theoriests like Adoro, Debord etc. who reject completely communism but realise the usefulness of concepts put forward by Marx such as alienation, concepts used by all kinds of philosophers. You see the word Marx and you jump to conclusions.
  3. Castro and Chavez are progressive, populist leftist, in fact Chavez has stated that he dosent want to go ahead with communism but hey you wouldnt havnt have heard that on Fox News, hell you wouldnt even find out for yourself what is going on in Venezuala. No, I think that the strength of objectivism's ideas are weaker in convincing people than Marxism, not that either was better but that Marxism has more support. As objecitvisits you essentially oppose every metaphysicist that has ever existed, metaphysics at it's bare, basic Aristotle just made this word up is the study of existence, beyond physics yada yada yada but basically has come to stand for idealism.
  4. Thanks, this post cleared up some things for me.
  5. Ok let me reply to all 10 or so of your posts if I may.
  6. Well I would not be considered a Marxist by any Marxist I know, I am more of a populist supporting people like Chavez and Castro than supporting the idea of some Trotskyist or Leninist revolution. Social metaphysics? What the feck does that even mean? I reject metaphysics completely, I am a humanist, explain how you came to that view. I am rational and irrational at times, in that I am human, I make errors.
  7. Well the boards have started up again, thats true. We have 41 members I think at the moment. You are welcome of course to pop over and try get some converts.
  8. Well it's starting to even out now, there is still a debate going on about whether A is A, in fact I plan on making an objectivist a Mod soon just for some balance.
  9. I just assumed you were the same person, I had no idea it was a common Objectivist argument. By the way where are all the objectivists gone from my forum, there was a big debate going on with the Marxists and everything! On the nationalizing the mind, I dont see how its relevant to socialism.
  10. Ok thanks guys for all the advice. BlackSabbath who are you on Capitalist Paradise, I have had the same argument used against me over there.
  11. Who are you addressing here? I post on Che-Lives sure. I've never seen Michelangelo before though, I found out about this thread from a new poster called Patrick on my forum, he posts on The Phora aswell.
  12. Hello, I am not an objectivist and came across this site by chance. I would consider myself a postmodern Marxian leaning kind of person. I am here to have a look at what is so appealing to you all as objectivists. I understand as somebody with socialist tendencies I may be banned, thats fine if they are the rules etc. I can the logic behind that of course, if however it is ok I will probbaly be lurking about and myabe posting a few questions.
  13. Hello, I was told this was posted here, you are all welcome to join our forums. We are looking to get more objectivists over there, just for debate. I think you will find it is not inhabited by commie kids, but committed educated Marxists who will I am sure put up a good debate. It isnt a pro-Marxist/anything board, its a philosophy board that over time has developed a Marxist tint. We are looking to counteract that and this place would be great to get some members. Think it over and join us if you will.
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