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    I am currently a student at Morehouse College and founder of the Morehouse College Objectivist Think Tank. I am a Philosophy Major with a 3.75 GPA with the intent of finishing Law School once I have my undergrad completed.
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    Morehouse College
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    I am a systems engineer

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About Me


My name is Charles Lester, a Sophomore at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. I am a Philosophy major, and founder of the Morehouse College Objectivist Think Tank. I have achieved a 3.75 GPA, which should have been a 4.0, but my ethics professor had an extreme passion for Peter Singer's philosophical views of world poverty and animal "rights?".

Needless to say, I am an Objectivist and a seasoned Systems Engineer by trade to date.

I am going to school to become a lawyer, so that instead of "talkin' bout it," as most objectivists do, I will "be about it," and effect much needed sweeping change in America, during this dark hour in human history.

I believe that our species will triumph over its challenges, because the trend is in our favor. However, like all things human, this is not automatic. It will be because of deliberate action on the part of some of us that the necessary events take place, and the things required be achieved. I am one such person, alway on vigil looking for others who want the same thing that I do: freedom.

If you are an objectivist, or new to objectivism and want to talk, I am alway open to a rational discussion. But, I warn you, I absolutely abhor the way that many racist collectivists "hijack" objectivism, and use it to rationalize cloaked racist ideology, or other sinister collectivist notions and views. These sorts are not welcomed by me; so, please, please be honest with yourself about yourself, and if you are one of them: stay away. There are an overwhelming number of "Objectivist? Rednecks" for you to rationalize with about your "collective" superiority.

LET'S ORGANIZE! If we have common ideals, wants, and desires, chances are that if we team up, we can achieve our individual objectives much, much faster. If you have ideas as to how we can make or effect REAL CHANGE in America for our own personal benefit, then don't hesitate in contacting me. I have lots of ideas to share as well!

About me:

I am 36 years old

I am pretty damned smart

I am an awesome web designer and developer

I am a seasoned Data Center and Systems Engineer (Senior Level)

I am very knowledgeable of Objectivism

I am a fighter

Contact me:


[email protected]

Check This out: http://www.aquatiqdesign.com/aynrand

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