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  1. That is not the case at all. I've known her for over two years and she's always made me feel that she believes her job is no better or no worse than any other profession. She just personally enjoys counseling prisoners over being an accountant or machinist or anything else. She doesn't see any profession as being 'selfish', only people that are unethical, etc.
  2. I'm asking for opinions mainly to help me talk to her about objectivism. We do our own little book club and I picked The Fountainhead to read. So far it is my least favorite of Rand's fiction (I really enjoyed Anthem, We the Living, and Atlas Shrugged). But my girlfriend hated it and even broke down in tears a couple times discussing it because she felt that Rand hated all social workers, and by association, I hated all social workers. I tried explaining to her that if she feels that she benefits from her work and is happy with her compensation that it is not immoral, but she was skeptical
  3. She counsels male prisoners who are not all there psychologically and teaches substance abuse classes. I understand/believe that altruism is a crux to society, but I have a hard time finding what she does to be immoral, especially if she loves doing it and is happy with her compensation. I guess I'm wondering what opinions objectivists would have on this subject?
  4. Greetings from the bayou. I'm new to Objectivism and have read Anthem and Atlas Shrugged. I picked up The Foutainhead and We the Living yesterday as well. I studied history at LSU and graduated with more questions about human understanding than when I began there. Mrs. Rand is filling in the gaps that I wasn't sure anyone could answer. I've listened to a few podcasts by Dr. Peikoff and am really starting to apply a full Objectivist lifestyle to myself. Since I'm a whore for the internet I'd figure I'd find some sort forum on Objectivism. I've read a few of the threads and I must say, t
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