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  1. "It is not the simplicity that makes Randian theory attractive, it is its elegance. It inherently encourages both productivity and frugality. It is attractive in the sense that it addresses the free-loader conundrum that socialism doesn't. While the economics of Randism works, the political and societal implications have a few problems. Rand takes an "economic" system and makes it political and social. Her atheistic beliefs undercut the voluntary social safety-net that allows this sort of "free enterprise" capitalism work in this country for many years. A better way to say it, is that economic theory works great as economic theory... but you can't use economic theory as social and political theory." An aquaintance of mine was discussing Objectivism with me and this is what he said on the matter. I'd just like to hear what all Objectivists think about this. I myself don't particularly agree, and I'm sure the rest of you don't as well.
  2. Only Anthem and I'm halfway through Atlas Shrugged. I just recently worked up the courage to read my way through it.
  3. I would just like to throw a 'hey' out there to everyone. I don't necessarily call myself an objectivist since I'm still not completely familiar with its principles, but I am pursuing it. Actually, I'm fairly new to any philosophies other than Catholicism, which I was born into--I never really chose it though. I came here to sort of get a feel for Objectivism and Rand's works to see if I want to adopt it. From what I understand of it though, a lot of my own personal beliefs seem to be 'Objectivistic.' Nice to meet everyone.
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