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  1. Governments have to respond in times of crisis, the question is in what areas of the economy and to what degree? The Obama administration "bailed out" GM and Chrysler, and recently these companies have posted strong sales results and have started employing more people. However, are the benefits of this intervention outweighed by the costs? Was it worth debt burdening future generations so Homer could keep driving his U.S. made car? Homer's Firebird
  2. Ok, so the Obama administration used tax payer funds to buy into a number of areas, including the auto industry. Apart from the short run goal of stopping GM and Chrysler from collapsing and losing a lot of jobs, what has the public gained from this investment? Will the products of these companies improve, with their businesses generating greater tax revenue collected in the future, or has this been an exercise in futility and needless government intervention in the private sector? Should we have gone with Homer, or Honda and saved a lot of money? Import Versus Domestic
  3. Will the pony car ever return as the sort of vehicle that sells in the tens of thousands, or will it be resigned to a niche product? Car enthusiasts seem happy with the look of the new Mustang, but I have heard that average car buyers surveyed don't like it. So what's the verdict, is this concept doomed? BTW this topic refers to pony cars in general, not just the Mustang. Traditional pony cars http://www3.sympatico.ca/f.bevil/My1970Swinger340.html http://www.er3.com/firebird/ http://www.fast-autos.net/ford/fordboss302.html
  4. Hi everyone, I'm Trey, a 38 year old accountant into films, video gaming. Looking forward to some solid debates!
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