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  1. Episode 320 - May 05, 2014 Available on iTunes Search the Index 01:08: What did Ayn Rand think of jazz? 03:02: How would the difficulties you experienced when writing The DIM Hypothesis have been different if you had written the book surrounded by a rational culture? 04:44: In which profession do you think an Objectivist today could have the greatest cultural impact? 08:38: Is it rational to claim loyalty to a sports franchise, for example an NFL football team?
  2. Episode 319 - April 28, 2014 Available on iTunes Search the Index 00:40: To YB: What changes do you see happening if China's GDP passes the United States'? 02:50: To YB: What are your views on the abject cowardice that has taken hold of the West since the Salman Rushdie fatwa in 1989? 04:44: To YB: Is there such a thing as international law? 06:20: To YB: Would you support the idea of kicking Turkey out of NATO? 07:52: To YB: What should the United States do about Russia's aggression toward the Ukraine? 11:00: To YB: The government was heavily involved in developing GPS for military technology. Would it still have been created in a free market?
  3. Episode 318 - April 21, 2014 Available on iTunes Search the Index 01:08: Edward Snowden provided aid and comfort to the enemy by releasing vast amounts of information about our intelligence apparatus. So why do you not view him as a traitor? 06:38: What do you think of making historical events the core of a novel? 11:12: What would your advice have been to Eddie Willers, who regarded Dagny as his ideal woman, but knew he couldn't have her?
  4. Episode 317 - April 15, 2014 Available on iTunes Search the Index 00:40: To YB: Do you believe anti-Semitism is prevalent and widespread throughout American culture, or is it primarily a European phenomenon? 03:46: To YB: What is your take on the Swiss? They seem to be more successful at doing many of the things that Objectivists advocate. 05:52: To YB: Should high-speed trading be illegal? 11:24: To YB: Could Bitcoin, or an equivalent digital currency, be put on the gold standard?
  5. Episode 316 - April 07, 2014 Available on iTunes Search the Index 01:08: Should I feel guilty for having sex with a tenant of mine in exchange for lowering her rent? 03:54: A girl that is an irreplaceable value to me enjoys sharing her life experiences, and I enjoy listening to her. Sometimes she tells the same story several times and recently has begun asking me before she tells a story if I've heard it. Saying yes discourages her. Is it wrong to give a dishonest no‚ because I do like hearing the repeated stories? 08:44: Many individuals say that they like animals more than people. What does this sentiment imply philosophically?
  6. Episode 315 - March 31, 2014 Available on iTunes Search the Index 00:40: To YB: Would Bitcoin exist in a free market? 06:20: To YB: What has happened to quantitative easing? 09:24: To YB: Do you believe the structure of production is being altered and capital assets are being inflated? 11:02: To YB: Will China continue to rise economically?
  7. Episode 314 - March 24, 2014 Available on iTunes Search the Index 01:08: I did most of the work in getting my college degree (years ago). However, occasionally I violated the rules by submitting lab assignments that I copied from other people's work. Does morality require that I confess my behavior to the university? 05:12: I am dating a girl that is an internet cam girl, meaning she strips and masturbates via web chat for money. I like the fact that she fakes having a good time with other men, but is really attracted only to me. Is it wrong to fall for this girl? 09:50: What is your view of David Horowitz? 11:26: Is being a professional fitness trainer a rational and productive career?
  8. Episode 313 - March 17, 2014 Available on iTunes Search the Index 00:38: To YB: Should voluntary donations be the only means of funding the government in a free society? 02:48: To YB: What would happen in an Objectivist country if another country engaged in economic war? 03:58: To YB: What is your view on Austrian economics? 07:48: To YB: It could be argued that the Islamic world was a leader in science and mathematics from the 8th to the 13th century. Today, this part of the world is among the most primitive. What happened?
  9. Episode 312 - March 10, 2014 Available on iTunes Search the Index 01:08: Is it possible for two Objectivists not to like each other? 05:24: My mother, a millionaire, is 93 and has dementia. I have never liked her, and it so happens that I now have control over her money. Is it immoral not to spend it for her treatment so that I can save it for my inheritance? 08:26: What do you think of Western people giving their children non-traditional names like Rivers, Leaves, or naming them after an ancient figure like Aristotle? Is this non-conformity a virtue? 11:12: Was there ever a time when Ayn Rand annoyed you?
  10. Episode 311 - March 03, 2014 Available on iTunes Search the Index 00:38: To YB: If China were to attack Japan, would you advocate for United States involvement on the side of the Japanese? 02:32: To YB: Why are suicide rates among soldiers so high today? 07:20: To YB: Would you agree that immigrants to America having advanced degrees are more advantageous to American than low skilled workers? 09:12: To YB: Do you think you are personally being taped by the NSA because of your activism? 11:04: To YB: Have you ever thought about running for congress? 13:10: [To YB: Should the US be a member of NATO? Should the US be a member of the United Nations? Should the United States be a part of WTO, the World Trade Organization?]
  11. Episode 310 - February 24, 2014 Available on iTunes Search the Index 01:08: Is hope a virtue or a vice? 03:02: My boyfriend of 8 months really likes me, but he has never stated his feelings for me. Am I being petty to be bothered by the fact that even though his actions show admiration, he has never spoken the words? 06:42: Since love is a response to values, does that make it possible to love a person rationally simply for being rich? 07:40: You claim Obama is a Nihilist, but isn't "hope and change" a slogan of benevolence? 09:38: Advancement in science will probably give humans radical life extension within decades, and possibly even eliminate aging. If this happens, will changes in Objectivism be necessary to accommodate an unlimited lifespan? 11:24: [f a villain like Iago existed, who had perfected the technique of applying just enough psychological pressure to push someone to commit murder, what would the moral step be?]
  12. Episode 309 - February 17, 2014 Available on iTunes Search the Index 00:40: To YB: How should an Objectivist respond when a leftist uses the phrase "trickle-down economics" to attack capitalism. Is this a straw man? 05:00: To YB: If poor people don't live as long as wealthy people because they are more likely to live an unhealthy life, should the government intervene and close this gap? 07:14: To YB: What is a good response to the liberal argument that raising the minimum wage would get a lot of people off government programs such as food stamps? 10:30: To YB: Is it a virtue to work for the government and help the population live a healthier life? 12:20: To YB: What is your assessment of Nelson Mandela?
  13. Episode 308 - February 10, 2014 Available on iTunes Search the Index 01:08: Why did you choose to become an Objectivist teacher? What are some of the emotions you feel when teaching? 04:40: How might a book like The Ominous Parallels have been received if published in Weimar Germany? 07:04: Who is more admirable: a person who learned rational moral principles early in his life, or a person striving to be good but to whom such principles are completely novel? 09:16: I am dating a girl I really like, but mentally she is a bit slow because she is special ed. She treats me great, but I'm not sure if her mindset is that of a youngster. Does she like me because she is immature and not because of my real virtues? Should I continue dating her?
  14. Episode 307 - February 03, 2014 Available on iTunes Search the Index 01:08: I am thirty and don't want to date anymore. Is that rational? 04:40: Does being evil destroy a person's free will? 10:56: How would you have behaved if you had lived in Nazi Germany and had been indoctrinated from childhood with all their irrational ideas?
  15. Episode 306 - January 27, 2014 Available on iTunes Search the Index 00:40: To YB: Is Obama worse on foreign policy than Ron Paul? 03:22: To YB: What do you think about legalizing marijuana? Is it a step in the right direction? 05:08: To YB: Is it rational to want to purchase a firearm because the United States is collapsing, or is this just paranoid fear mongering? 08:24: To YB: Does the United Nations do anything good for the world? 09:34: To YB: Is there anything you do not like about the Tea Party? 11:36: To YB: If everyone were rational Objectivists, would we need government? 13:04: To YB: A follow-up discussion about the Palestinian people and Israel.
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