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  1. Obviously, she's just trolling the professor. I mean, just look at her. Who would wear something like that? A mass murderer?
  2. You could approach this both morally and militarily. Morally, the US had no right to do it, and the ends do not justify the means. Even in situations of war, people do retain the right to not participate because of their right to determine their own life. If this principle is not held in trying times by a government, then that government is engaging in evil against its citizens and should be changed. Militarily, it is impossible to assume the draft (and only the draft) won the war. The draft was part of a conventional approach to warfare - put a bunch of men on the field supported by nav
  3. This thread has two different questions in it: 1. Is jailbreaking currently illegal? 2. Should it be illegal? As for one, that's a question (I believe) the courts are still deciding, so assuming that's the case, it is not illegal. As for two, the real question is: does a copyright holder of software have the right to determine what is done with his code? The answer is - absolutely. Code after copyright is intellectual property, and therefore the owner of the copyright may determine how and in what way his code is used. Remember also, contracts are legally binding. If you sign a
  4. I am new face of Kapitalism, da? Capitalism only possible with principles; Russia is just being pragmatic.
  5. First, if we are talking about an ideal society, there is no taxation, the system of the government is set up in such a way that it pays for itself. This is a complex issue, which I am not going to address right now, but the question of "how" applies with or without taxation. There is no intrinsic value to a currency. Our society would like to evade the responsibility of negotiating individual contracts and actually measuring the value of what they deal in by creating a national currency which is supposed to hold an intrinsic value, but such a system actually destroys their wealth through i
  6. All currency would be private property, so there would be no "national currency," if you mean currency that is state controlled/printed. In my mind, all forms of "currency" are simply promissory notes that are capable of being drawn upon a tangible asset. These notes may be traded, and their value would be relative to the demand of the asset backed by the note. So, in this sense, the currency aspect has value only so far as it is used as an instrument to expedite trades. Instead of sending a man twenty gold bricks so a man can buy a horse, a banker can send that man a note that is worth twe
  7. If you are having trouble with energy and focus, try getting a prescription for Ritalin, Adderall, or Concerta, etc (they are not all the same. I have found that Adderall works great for me, but Concerta gives me headaches after the dose wears off). These things have definitely helped me with the symptoms you're describing. Healthy diet and exercise also vital. Last, sheer will-power never hurts either, which comes from a strong philosophy and sense of values.
  8. Healthcare stocks went up. Financial experts, is there a way to short the healthcare market, like those guys did with the sub-prime and made millions?
  9. I'm going to stop supporting all Republicans because it's their fault this passed. The failure of the Bush Presidency stacked the Congress and the Presidency in the Democrats' favor. Also, the Republicans were unable to propose a free-market solution and compromised with the Democrats on principle (such as ordering insurance companies not to deny coverage in law). I'm going to buy the mandatory insurance because I have no choice aside from sacrificing years of my life on the hope that the courts do something, which is not a moral option for me. I'm going to make as much money as possibl
  10. SC2 - USA Servers Name: daedalus.maestro Hit me up and we'll practice
  11. There's nothing noble about this guy. If he had taken a sort of moral stand, it would have been one thing. But he vilifies Capitalism alongside Communism. He's the kind of person who would commit suicide after hearing John Galt, not Cheryl Taggart. Also, he took his rage out on people not responsible. Clearly, an irrational man.
  12. I bought a Beta Key for $200 off of a Blizzcon 2009 attendee, otherwise they have an opt in lottery available at battle.net As far as the game...the controls are like a breath of divine life into a player like me. If you played the original SC, you could only select up to 12 units at a time, and only one building at a time. Now, I can hotkey all my unit producing to structures to one button (!) and it queues up the units one by one. The automine feature also reduces actions necessary to win. I won my first game against a Protoss opponent by doing a quick 4 gateway mass Stalker (this unit
  13. Everyone, The Starcraft 2 is out and I am downloading the game! I'll let you all know how it is, and how I'm fairing against the dreaded Koreans.
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