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    Philip Nelson
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    I'm a student of Psychology at Bangor University in England. I'm a staunch atheist, capitalist and Objectivist.
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    Bangor University.
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  1. Well it's merely pointing out the state of things. It's not so much a question a a statement.
  2. What a great article! I agee with it completely, especially in regards to the comments he makes about the British. So true - it is not hypebole, that is just how it is in this country.
  3. Britain is highly Anti-Capitalist. It's pretty scary actually, most people just want free stuff without a thought as to how to acquire it beyond "The government".
  4. Recently I like Young - Holywood Undead. Quite Anthemic. I also like Mosh - Eminem which is more rap, but quite heavy.
  5. Yeah he's gone a little of the rails. It's s shame because he seemed quite intelligent.
  6. I have been a member of the Steve Pavlina forums since they opened a couple of years ago. At first it had some good discussions regarding personal development, productivity, time management etc... However nowadays it is a sort of breeding ground for the most intellectually dishonest, and perversely self righteous people you've ever seen. I was actually banned for saying someone was wrong - because apparently that's trolling. It actually made me laugh when I found out I was banned - I guess thats what you get for having an opinion these days.
  7. Popular only by default. Anyone who speaks out against the NHS is smeared. It's shame because the NHS is god awful, it really is.
  8. Sad but true. I HAVE had to ask permission and believe you, me, it's weird living in a country that is like England when ones like America exist.
  9. HI, My name is Philip Nelson and I am a student of Psychology in the UK. I Have been studying Objectivism for about a year now, I own almost all the books by Ayn Rand and I am looking to buying some books about her philosophy when I get some more money. I know a fair bit about Objectivism but I am looking to expand my theoretical understand of Rand's ideas in the near future. In summation, it's nice to be here
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