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  1. I kept seeing this and related image around the internet and thought it was just a gnereal shot at the sheer stupidity of the juggalo community. Then I googled "magic everywhere in this bitch". The absolute horror that I felt as I read the lyrics can not be conveyed. No amount of head shaking could ever even begin to communicate my disgust. The song promotes epistemological nihilism. "Magnets, How the fuck do they work"? "Well you see, it actually has a lot to do w..." "NAH SHUT THE FUCK UP DAWG ITS MAGIC. DONT QUESTION." Rage. Rage all over the place.
  2. Taxation is theft, regardless of the rate. That is my opinion. Taking 10% of what I earn is no less immoral than taking 90%.
  3. How, exactly, do you gather that from my comment? When did I say I wanted to see it fail? Both modern liberalism and Christian conservatism are a cancer that is killing this republic. Supporting either, regardless of how long it may take to deal a killing blow, is still support for ideological jokes. I want to see the United States preserve its status as an island for the individual in a world of collectivists. I want to see the ideas that have eaten away at our foundation destroyed. Voting republican is preserving nothing but the notion that it is an adequate ideology, and in my mind that is a far greater crime than not voting at all.
  4. I seem to remember Ayn Rand saying something about weak arguments being more harmful to an issue and having no argument at all. I can't find it but I know I've read it. Well, conservatism is an extremely weak argument against democratic socialism. I'd much rather get this over with as soon as possible. I would love to see the seeds of rational self interest start to grow within my own life time.
  5. I think the Voltaire quote at the top of the forum today applies to the situation; "I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short on: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it." Remember that. Our enemies are absolutely ridiculous. There is no reason to fear people so mentally feeble. It does suck that they can vote, but were not worried about politics yet, are we?
  6. My first thought was all the poetry I used to write. It was along the same vein as Barak's; mindless rambling about whatever thought entered my head put into neat little stanzas. HORRIBLE.
  7. Also, I have never seen the term "materialist" misused so much in my entire life. Reading this fills me with great pride in knowing the ignorance of my opposition. It is amazing to me what people are capable of once they have abandoned reason.
  8. #3;" The US loves Rand and libertarian philosophy." >Libertarian Philosophy
  9. I beg to differ. Whenever he "connects" with someone (I can't say any more for fear of spoilers) he really convinces me of that connection. Most of the time he doesn't have to show any real emotion, but when the opportunity arises for Dexter to be himself I think Hall does an absolutely incredible job of portraying a man who has to hide himself 99% of the time. Gamer sounds like a joke. I think it would be unfair to judge his acting abilities outside the show on such rubbish.
  10. Michael C. Hall is quickly becoming one of my favorites. At first I found him unconvincing, but as the show goes on and Dexter has those little "emotional spurts" I can see that this man needs a movie. A good one. And soon.
  11. This is another reason I can't stop watching. Harry seems to be a 'god'. I want to see Dexter realize that he is capable of his own choices. I want to see Dexter realize he is an individual that can adapt to what life has to offer. I want to see Dexter become human.
  12. I actually really want to read the books having recently learned the show was based on them. I don't read many novels, but I will definitely be picking up "Darkly Dreaming Dexter'. There is always something missing when a book is turned into a visual experience.
  13. And that is EXACTLY why I keep watching
  14. As do I. I think the show points out the feeble nature of our justice system. It also touches on some interesting philosophical ideas like justice and what it means to be human. Any show that makes me think is not only rare, but extremely entertaining. It was season 1. I'm just now starting season 2. Season 2 opened up with a sledgehammer.
  15. If you watch the show, you understand that WHAT the code or principle is exactly is more important than merely having one. I am amazed that I like this show. I hated it for the first few episodes but really got into it in the last few. The main character may not be a moral paragon but It's always interesting when he gets fits of being "human". That, and who doesn't like to see the trash getting taken out
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