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  1. After i finish reading all of Rand's works, i want to start reading through Von Mises. My question is what order should i read his works? Is there a logical "starting point" or should i just read them in any order i see fit?
  2. Things are definitely getting interesting. I have had the words "Civil War" in the back of my head for some time now. The political game since the '08 election has delved its deepest into character assassination and mindless slander as its ever been, but its no longer restricted to candidate v. candidate; the democrats have successfully created an "us" and "them". I think it's been this way for quite some time, but this immoral egoism that our "ruling class" has exhibited has really reinforced a thick black line. If im not mistaken, the original civil war was fought over the restrictive economic policies the feds were pushing and states rights, 2 issues strongly prevalent in today's debates. I also think that it has a lot to do with the fact that these people have had to put up with 8 years of "Bush is Hitler". The tides have turned and their getting a bit of "revenge". Now that the left's Idol is being criticized they are being whiny brats about it. As far as the town hall outbursts go, i sadly have to agree with the congresscritters; The shouting and disruption isn't doing us any good. I am aware that most constituents can and do present a rational argument against socialized medicine, but the Media isn't going to say anything about that. The problem is that you cant have a rational conversation with irrational people. They dodge questions and allude to fallacy and disinformation to avert the notion that they have no idea what they are talking about, and even if they did they wouldn't have the intellect to defend it. If they did have the intellect to defend it they would probably see it for what it is and vote it down.
  3. I am not Required to register. I did it of my own volition. Ive definitely learned that neither the body politic nor the superstitious advice of ill-willed boogeymen can guide your actions. I cant yet call myself an Objectivist because i still have a lot to learn but i can say that after reading the Virtue of Selfishness it is something i will strive for. It really "clicks" with me. I know a lot of people read (well, most do not and disregard Objectivism outright as a 'cult' of greedy capitalists) and find it a little too abrasive or complex and throw it down, but im willing to see what it has to offer. It just makes sense (and should, being that its basis is logic and reason).
  4. Technically i am still a member, but i will not be renewing. I am leaving them because most are populists who are simply fed up with D's and R's and are more focused on the decriminalization of their choice drugs than individual rights. I also need a moral code, not a political party.
  5. I am going to make a documentary titled "Socialism: The greatest tragedy of human existence". Mine will have facts and a war torn 20th century to back it up. Only, it wont do so well because i would refuse to slander the rational notion of pride and achievement. People sicken me.
  6. This alone is one of the reasons i have been wanting to see this movie. It seems like literally every film coming out is a remake or adaptation. Im 2-3 more movies away from giving up on the theaters altogether.
  7. And I was a secretary to my county party. I joined for one of the very reasons Rand disliked them; to "do something".
  8. I actually still have it. Its somewhere deep in my closet (along with my Soviet Hockey Jersey). I don't even think I could justify painting or mowing in it. It kind of makes me ill. Im sure that if I ever come across it I will think of some creative means to discard it
  9. I was one of these youths. It is not "cool" to be conservative in any way, shape, or form. Im glad I have read what i have read when i read it, before it was too late for reform!
  10. Greetings. To make a long story short, i have called myself just about every "ist" in the dictionary - Hedonist, Satanist, Baptist, Communist, Taoist, Existentialist etc. - but have finally run into an "ism" that makes sense and is entirely applicable to every aspect of my life. Objectivism. I was raised baptist but rejected the church after my grandma died and stopped really caring about "Morals" and whatnot. Then i got to Highschool where it was cool to be a communist, so i bought a red flag, a Che shirt and read Marx. It pissed my parents off and made Vietnam Veterans shake their heads. I liked that. I stopped caring about anything again not too long after because, well... communism offers nothing to the individual. Then, right out of Highschool, i started looking for the moral code I was lacking. It started with Existentialism and led to Satanism (a true joke), Taoism, Hedonism (another Joke) and Finally Libertarianism. The 08' Election is mainly what led me to Libertarianism. Libertarianism led me to read the Federalist Papers and all the other required founding literature, but I was still missing a way to live... Politics are only a piece of the puzzle. So I read Atlas Shrugged on a suggestion from a friend. I was one of those people who was "changed" by it. Honestly it was unlike anything I had ever read. I looked into Objectivism and outright rejected it at first but only because i didnt understand it. I wanted to get it, so i picked up "The Virtue of Selfishness" and i dont plan on looking back. Im now starting "For the New Intellectual". I should hope I'm not flamed for being an ex-Libertarian That's my story! Im here to learn and apply.
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