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  1. The payoff for this use of one's time would be what? Sounds like monetary masturbation to me.
  2. A more detailed and developed explanation of the DIM terminology is included in Dr Peikoff's lecture "Integration as the Essence of Personal Identity".
  3. I received the all-day treatment on Myers-Briggs in a management group where I worked before I retired. The result was INTJ in 1992.
  4. David, did you mean that you do not support my opinion or that I had not supported it in my post? If the latter: My support for my assertion that the purpose of a criminal trial is to obtain justice for the accused is that the trial is a part of the process of determining what shall be done to the accused, if anything. What is done to him is a matter of justice.
  5. I am responding to various posts of Jun 13&14, 2004 on the topic of Jury Nullification. I am not a lawyer or legal expert, but an experienced juror in the Superior Courts of Ventura County, California. I am also not an anarchist or libertarian. I advocate the rule of objective law. My position is as follows (addressing only criminal jury trials): The purpose of a criminal trial is to obtain justice for the accused. All the elements which come together in a trial are to serve this purpose. These elements include the specific charges, the applicable law, evidence presented, and the functi
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