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  1. I've been reading him a lot lately ("Art of Living Consciously", "Honoring the Self", "The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem") and I must say I am extremely impressed. The questions that were created from learning Objectivism on a philosophical level were answered on a psychological level by these books. It's almost as if Nathaniel Branden truely help ground the philosophy even more by showing it's psychological application. This thread isn't to stir up the qualms people have with Mr. Branden but I would like to hear others input and to see if anyone who has read his books found any flaws, especia
  2. I've been curious about the tempo issue for a while. What do you think is an unsuitable tempo? And do you believe it is possible to increase the ability of the mind to handle faster music?
  3. It looks like Michael Crichton has the right idea about global warming and how eco-terrorists use it's concept now a days. I just read this at CNN this morning: Click for the link NEW YORK (AP) -- Michael Crichton is a big man with big ideas, a storyteller of nearly 7 feet who turns popular science into popular fiction. In "Timeline," he sends characters back in time using quantum physics. Aliens deliver a threatening disease to the world in "The Andromeda Strain," and in "Jurassic Park," perhaps his most accessible novel, dinosaurs are created from ancient DNA. Now he's questi
  4. From CNN: I don't know much about politics and security forces in the Ukraine or if they have any relations with KGB (but I think they do). But it does seem likely that they poisoned him on behalf of his opposition. It's all pretty serious over there and I'm thankful I'm an American for times like these (regardless if Bush is in office). ~Michael
  5. Sounds like a personal situation, not a hypothetical....hmmmmmm. It was probably hard work to compile all of that information...regardless if he may or may not need them, he's still probably pretty proud of the fact that he worked so hard and long on the project. If I was creepy enough to go to such a strange extent, I would be proud of that work and keep the stuff. But I do think all that cataloging would be a bit excessive and creepy. ~Michael
  6. heres the link to the video http://www.thechemicalbrothers.com/disco/videos/star/ Great song and great video. ~Michael
  7. I have a roommate issue as well but its quite the reverse, he's a slob, never contributes to the house, is just a wretched person really. My solution was simple...I kicked him out...he's out this monday. I would suggest a talk with him, if that doesn't work then consider finding another roommate. ~Michael
  8. Regardless of the status of this man I still wouldn't mind getting my hands on that book. I appreciate everyones info on the subject. ~Michael
  9. Thats what I got out of it. It was taken from fark.com (a photoshop humor site) and it caught me off guard and I found it funny. ~Michael
  10. So this man is riding the coat tails of Objectivism (so to speak)? And what would be in conflict with Objectivist ideas? I was recomended one of his books by a fellow Objectivist. Also, it's really not an issue plaguing this student, it's just something I found to be quite contradictory and I wanted to know why. To be honest, I don't care what happened in the personal lives of 2 people. I'm more interested in the ideas of one (and of the other if they are beneficial). What happened between those people are those peoples business and it doesn't effect the way I view the ideas.
  11. What are you guys talking about? I just wanted to know what the status of this man is...Rand states in 2 of her books that he is no longer affiliated with her, Objectivism or anything related to the 2. Then I go onto his website and sees that he is completely promoting Objectivism. Simple answers? ~Michael
  12. By going on what I've seen in some of the notes from Ayn Rand about this gentlemen, I didn't think that he was even associated with the Objectivist movement anymore. She goes as far as to say that and to clearly state that she has no more contact with this person. Now when I looked at his website, he seems to fully support Objectivism and he seems to integrate psychology with the Objectivist premesis pretty well. Why is it that she said he doesn't support Objectivism when he really does? I read a timeline describing their situation, but I still don't get it and I think some of it is
  13. Click here for the book I was suggested this book from someone on another website and the views are one way or the other....either people think this man is a genious or they think he's a communist scum bag. Is it worth a read? I'm limited on funds but his approach interests me. ~Michael
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