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  1. Please do not use out of context Rand quotes to try and defend a position that is antithetical to her views. I understand however that you are trying to be sincere and to understand the difference so don't take this response as offensive. The position you are trying to advance is contrary to Objectivism and not only that but mystical and nonsensical in it's nature, as has been shown fairly thoroughly here already unless you wish to argue that the method of reasoning is too fallible to be used in the way we designate it, which would require you to reject axioms, this cannot be done. I suggest you pick up OPAR if you already support capitalism/individualism, etc. or for a quick fix check out the wiki on this site: http://wiki.objectivismonline.net/wiki/Main_Page I heavily suggest you read through the metaphysics and epistemology sections. If you can agree with those sections than this thread pretty much comes to a close.
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