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  1. Yes, Castle, like Jim Taggart and Lilian Rearden. Lillian had sex with Jim because she wanted to degrade herself, understanding the ex-role as Henry Rearden's wife and what it must mean for Henry. Jim Taggart is equally or perhaps more pathetic. The two did not share values, they shared the common hatred for the greatness of Man, a hatred of people like Dagny and Hank.
  2. Prostitution is clearly immoral. It is the practice of engaging in sex for hire. According to Ayn Rand Lexicon, "sex is a physical capacity, but its exercise is determined by man’s mind—by his choice of values, held consciously or subconsciously. To a rational man, sex is an expression of self-esteem—a celebration of himself and of existence. To the man who lacks self-esteem, sex is an attempt to fake it, to acquire its momentary illusion." The man who lacks self-esteem is one who participates in prostitution. "Sex is one of the most important aspects of man’s life and, therefore, must never be approached lightly or casually. A sexual relationship is proper only on the ground of the highest values one can find in a human being. Sex must not be anything other than a response to values." and "[sex should] involve a very serious relationship." One doesn't find one's highest values in prostitution with a unknown stranger or someone who doesn't share one's values. Masturbation on the other hand... I cannot say that just because one lacks a partner, masturbation would be a moral thing to do as it allows one to be sexually active. What is one thinking when one masturbates? The mind is at work, thinking of sexual images for arousal which translates into physical sexual pleasure. What one thinks during this period, does it determine whether the act is moral or immoral? If one uses pornography for masturbation, isn't it cheap and easy pleasure? How does one celebrate one's values in masturbation? I'm thinking masturbation might be an immoral act, a betrayal of one's values. But then, some could argue from a psychological and physiological perspective and say masturbation is highly beneficial for the body and presents no imminent ailments.
  3. There are many successful public companies and of course, many disastrous ones. Those who are successful often have Management who are looking after the long term interests of the company's business. Nowadays, companies have in place a stock options benefit system to encourage Management to perform well and steadily whilst ensuring the company's long term goals are met. Performance plans, which tie management compensation to measures such as growth in earning-per-share or other ratios of rate of return are also used. These incentives are in place to motivate managers to operate in a manner consistent with the company's long term goals. The recent spate of financial companies failing ( AIG(now called AIU), CitiGroup, etc) is due to the abuse of the Golden Parachute system. The GP system specifies compensation to managers in the event of the loss of their jobs or a change in the control of the company. The managers-in-charge knowing that even if they were sacked they will receive huge amount of money, decided to take high-risks business decisions such as CitiGroup investing billions into mortgage-backed securities and AIG insuring these mortgage-backed securities. So, how a company performs in largely due to the kind of Management in charge and not because of whether it is public or private.
  4. Humans do not need better brains. We need better usage of our brains. "I would like to live longer, never get seriously ill, and always be in reasonably good shape." - Who wouldn't like that? You're speaking for the whole human race here.
  5. Christmas should be a cultural holiday for everyone, not a religious holiday. You think the day Jesus Christ was borne, Santa Claus rode his sleigh and magic rein deers across the sky and celebrated by giving presents to good children and left out the naughty ones? Regarding Gift-giving, it should be a kind of acknowledgment and celebration of the values you treasure in yourself and those you hold dear. It shouldn't be altruism or giving for giving sake.
  6. How was I judgmental Gert-Jan? I don't think I was judgmental when I said prostitution is evil and morally degrading or prostitution is anti-life. I was stating objective moral standards. If one chooses prostitution as a means of acquiring money or earning a living, no one, not even the government, has the right to intervene. But the act of prostituting one's body is a moral crime. Those who self-immolate certainly have no respect for their body. And what do you mean by "we all self immolate to a certain extend?" I don't think I've ever self-immolated myself. It would be insanity.
  7. "Not that I'm making an argument, but Rand (generally) disagreed with this and she stated such in her Q&A book. When I have time I'll pull the quote." - RationalBiker Allow me to. Ayn Rand in her Q&A book said " Prostitution is evil by almost any standard of morality. So long as it isn't forced on anyone, however - so long as a woman chooses to engage in that kind of activity (one shouldn't call it a profession) and some men take advantage of it - that is between them and not the business of society. it is their moral degradation; but it should not be a legal crime - society has no right to forbid it." So, prostitution is evil and morally degrading. Prostitution is anti-life. I suppose it is because in prostitution, you are not treating your body with the respect it deserves. One's body should used as a kind of instrument to achieve one's values and happiness. The Mind thinks and the Body Acts to achieve what the mind wants. If the Mind is a thing of reverence, the body deserves no less. For neither can exist without the other.
  8. I was thinking, since there is a theory of sex in Atlas Shrugged, what is the Objectivist's view of pornography and masturbation? Is masturbation be an ethical/unethical activity? Is watching pornography undermining sex?
  9. This is often the last resort of theists. How does an atheist go about answering it?
  10. Yesterday, I was thinking about this too. I bought a Tchaikovsky and Chopin CD and I extracted the music for my iPod. Later that night, I sold the CDs to my dad. I was thinking since the CDs remain the property of my family, it wasn't unethical of me if I kept the music in my iPod.
  11. I like your blog, P. You've an interesting life.
  12. "The study of theology as it stands in Christian churches, is the study of nothing; it is founded on nothing; it rests on no principles; it proceeds by no authorities; it has no data; it can demonstrate nothing; and admits of no conclusion. Not any thing can be studied as a science without our being in possession of the principles upon which it is founded; and as this is not the case with Christian theology, it is therefore the study of nothing." - Thomas Paine.
  13. I think it's probably a false rumor.
  14. How about the claim that Ayn Rand absolutely loathes Mozart?
  15. http://www.objectivistcenter.org/showconte...ct=257&h=51 http://www.noblesoul.com/orc/bio/biofaq.html (4.8) See this also: http://www.democraticunderground.com/discu...ress=214x211948 I quote "Rand also said that it's an objective fact that Beethoven's music is malevolent and that it's an objective fact that Rachmaninoff's music is better than Beethoven's music" Is there really an objective standard to judge music? Or a moral standard to judge music?
  16. Alas, from where I live, I can't use Hulu and any other streaming sites based in the United States.
  17. Why did Ayn Rand dislike Beethoven? Wasn't Beethoven a Romantic?
  18. I stream my shows and movies from SideReel. Is that ethical?
  19. By the Objectivist's standards, is it ethical to stream TV series and Movies from video-streaming sites such as Youtube, etc?
  20. I read Virtue of Selfishness. It was a great and immensely helpful book. Same with Ayn Rand Answers: The Best of Her Q&A.
  21. I started reading Ethics (Oxford World Classics) yesterday and I'm having trouble understanding it. My interest in Philosophy started around April or May this year. I haven't got a degree or any formal education in Philosophy. Any suggestions would help. In addition, I was wondering how to get a firm grounding in Philosophy. What or how do they teach you in university so that you become more versed in reading and thinking about philosophy? I started by reading Introducing Plato and all the Introductory books. Since then I've pretty much read - or tried to read - anything that interests me. But most of the time, the text baffles me completely. For instance, I tried reading Nietzsche's Zarathustra and couldn't understand. Is it because I'm over-reaching here, trying to run before I can walk? And again, any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  22. Would there be different political parties running for government in an Objectivist society? In a laissez-faire capitalistic society, Government doesn't have much to do.
  23. SD26, one can own a land without transforming it into a producing factory. I think Dadmonson explained it nicely.
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