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  1. I found this comic online. It has abit of Objectivist themes to it. It's called "No-where Girl". I found it at www.nowheregirl.com, it's about a young lady who suffers from depression and isolation, but later learns to rediscover her self worth and boost her self-esteem and persue her own goals in life.
  2. Speaking of "We" by Yevgeny Zamyatin, does anyway know where I can get a free online copy of it? I managed to get an online copy "Anthem", "1984" "Brave New World", "Manifesto of Communism", "Mein Kampf" and the "Dune" novels. "We" was actually the first dystopian novel and inspired Orwell to write "1984" and Huxley to write "Brave New World". These three are the most famous dystopian novels in the world. "We" also inspired Ayn Rand to write "Anthem".
  3. Since I was a kid I never really liked overweight people. As a kid I used to read my "Beano" comics which is from the UK and basically short stories about mischefis children. Anyway there was this one character called fatty and basically his role was the fat guy. He would eat a mountain of food and never excerise. In most other comics and cartoons, fat characters were similarly protrayed the same way. To me obesity was always seen as a symbol of greed and laziness, even a symbol of opression like the fat emporer who has more than enough food while his nation's people are starving. As a kid I
  4. Is this modern material world, there is a constant obsession to have new and nice things. The more intelligent humans become , the more they get bored and therefore have a greater demand to have more new things. But eventually we can get bored with those things aswell, and many of them becomes obsolete eventually which in turn cause us to continously go out and buy more things. Most of dream of fortune, to be able to go out and buy major purchases, such as big screen TV, sports car, etc. But eventually we would get bored with that aswell. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for Capitialism and
  5. Is emotion simply a form of primative instinct formed by chemical impules or is it something deeper. There have been form of religions and practises that try to control our emotions. Will we ever fully control our emotions? Does feeling let us know that we're still human and not just machines?
  6. "1984" isn't technologically advanced. I've only read half of it so far, but the main character "Winston" describes the houses as being old and decaying and were built in the 19th and early 20th century and most of those have broken windows and and are boarded it. The novel may also be pro-Capitialism. "Winston" is aged 39 in the time of the novel and the Socialist party "Insoc"(English Socialism) was established when he 12 years old, so he tries to think back to a time before the revolution and wonders if life is really better than it is now. The party tries to brainwash people with Marxist
  7. I first saw the movie of "1984" afew years ago and I have just recently got a copy of the book and have started reading it. For those of unfamiliar with it, it was written in 1948 by George Orwell who was also the author of "Animal Farm". "1984" is basically a dystopian vision of the future where the world has been divided in to 3 superpower nations all of which ar totalitarian regimes and are at constanly at war with one another. The story is set in London which is the center of goverment of Airstrip One(what we now know as Britain) which is part of the vast nation of Oceania which contro
  8. When I was younger I used to be a Socialist, but when I was introduced to the works of Ayn Rand I became to value her ideals. Since the I have learned to value Capitalism, freedom, democracy and individual rights. I am also I big fan of George Orwell's work especially his novel "1984". In her work, Ayn Rand tries to decribe the serious dangers of altriuism and totalitarianism. However I believe that Orwell's vision of 1984 was much better of describing these dangers. I world where there is no freedom and truly a fate worse than death. I have recently also joined a "Newspeak" forum deciat
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