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  1. Ah yes, Senior Spielbergo. I've gone back and forth on what I consider to be the merits of his work. I really didn't like Schindler's List at all. I reacted poorly to it, and left thinking that there just isn't anything "artistic" about the holocaust, and using cheap emotional visual aids (a la the red dress) to "drive home" the point that Germany's organized slaughter of Jews and anyone else they didn't like was horrible--wasn't a something I needed or wanted to see. There is a story somewhere, of a competition in Germany to create a memorial for one of the camps--but, at the end of
  2. Yes, those were the early-early works that I was thinking of too, but couldn't recall what they were called. His progression as an artistist has certainly interesting.... LOL at that link. Too funny. RCR
  3. That is a very interesting point about Jackson. I actually haven't seen any of his early-early work, but my cine-geek (a term of endearment) pals tell me they are pretty outrageous. I did see *Beautiful Creatures* and *The Frighteners*...and I wouldn't call them "pure kitsch nihilism", although, both certainly contain elements of this (as does LOTR). It has always struck me as odd, that Jackson's earliest work would be of the quality that my pals describe (and there doesn't seem to be a lot of room for interpretation, here). The man that I sat and watched for countless hours of doc
  4. Peter Jackson, of course! I just saw KB2, and have to say that I enjoyed it much more than the first. I left the theatre after part one with a massive head-ache, mostly for reasons already detailed here in spades. I didn't really care for Pulp Fiction either. But, I did love (not without certain issues) True Romance and Rez. Dogs. I think the QT sylizations are best realized in these two plot driven films. The world is tweeked subtably, but enough to remove the picture from dreary Emil Zola naturalism. I have to say that while I still wouldn't say that I liked the whole Kill
  5. Seriously, I honestly can't believe that the single-beat 20 min track thing is still going. Maybe I've just lost connection with the really good places, but I get around enough...I mean, I understand the aerobic aspect of that type of dancing, and the need for a certain consistency, but at the same time, when you play for 2 hours, and spin a total of 3 4x4 beats and do nothing but dump a bunch of high-end tweeks to the mix--ugh..it irritates me just thinking about it. And honestly, the best "club"/"house"/'pop-n-lock"/break-dancing/"trance" dancing I've ever seen is with people who thrive
  6. LOL again. Well, now all is understood. RCR
  7. LOL! Well, give me a few titles that you love these days, and I'll check them out. Good House is tough to discover, because DJs tend to turn the tracks (even the best) into repetitious nightmares. One of my ALL time favorite bands is BranVan 3000 and they sometimes fall into House...but, ususally not for more than a min. or two! RCR
  8. Answer: HECK YEAH!!! I've got quite a wide group of musican friends here in Chicago (I also play keys in a nascent band, and compose electonica). Chicago really is an amazing "scene"...from the house-parties w/live acts, to the live shows at local bars/clubs, there is rarely a time when something incredibly cool and positive isn't happening here. Actually, I have very good friends in both of these fantanstic up and coming bands.. http://www.small-change.net http://www.abstractgiants.com And if you are in Chicago, and you like hip-hop/funk, you'd be crazy to miss their CD release
  9. I have to say that with Blackalicious, the CD experience is far superior to the live experience. Both, NIA and BLAZING ARROW are two of my hip-hop favs, but the live presentation went a little to far down thug-lane, and I left a little disappointed. Del the Funky Homosapien has his moments. The Handsome Boy Modeling School CD is also one of my favorites. I really love the "universal" and "integrative" styles of these bands (and others), not to mention the energy and playfulness that usually comes along with it. I would think that someone who wears a turnip hat, might appreciate
  10. based on your tastes above........if you haven't already, make sure to check out "South"'s first album, and the Flamming Lips "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots"..I am also told that a band called "Muse" is doing great things too. RCR
  11. Hi Dinesh, I am a fan of hip-hop too (the right kind). In fact, I just saw the whole Quanumm (dj shadow, lyrics born, blackalicious, etc) crew do a kickin' show here in Chicago... It really is a shame that like with Pop music, the intellegent practicioners of hip-hop style music are almost always buried by the no talent LCD (lowest common denomenator) bunch, a la Britteny Spears in the pop world. RCR
  12. Well, I see from the spay of old-school bromidic and bitter retorts, that the randroid rationalization machine is still in good working order. Ah, well. Ayn Rand taught that one shouldn't argue with those who aren't disposed to reason. I am going heed her wise words, and leave this dandelion-stew to its own devises! Have fun kids. RCR
  13. This is interesting. I've often argued with friends that when it comes to songs, the music is really all that matters...(my english major friends always argued that the lyrics make the song). I like singing, and I like singers...but, the older I get, the more I want just the pure music, or just the beats (a la electronica). It seems that when ever lyrics are involved the tendency is for the music to get dumbed down (not always, of course). Opera (which I normally don't care for) could probably be an acception to this. Lyrics v. music is interesting too, since music is the one art for
  14. True, Rand did eventually tell Frank that she was cheating on him with a man almost half his age (it was not the first time Rand showed an special interest in a handsome young stranger, either). Rand's belated "honesty" with Frank (and Branden's with Barbara) doesn't change the fact that both Branden and Rand committed "adultery" on their respective spouses and created an absolutely insane situation for both Frank and Barbara--not to mention themselves--that could not possibly last (and one that ultimately contributed heavily to Frank's depression and alcoholism). I think it is complete
  15. Whew~ Now that is a bitter, bitter mouthful! LOL. You do realize that Ayn Rand was *married* to Frank O'Connor when she started sleeping with Nathaniel, don't you? If you can't see how your claim above is totally and almost incomprehensibly absurd, then you've got a few principles to re-examine. LOL. --Because people find in Nathaniel Branden (Rand's GALT) a happy, generous, intelligent man, who has spent an entire lifetime devoted to the passion of man's greatness. People admire him, his productive capacity, his work, and his many accomplishments (including the founding of
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