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    Perfection: capitalist atheists who study psychology and recognize that all individuals have different needs for their psychological wellness, as opposed to assuming that it's "my way or the high way."
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    Read all of the books and had a decent comprehension of the system of thought at fifteen. Went on to disagree with certain statements made by Rand but continue to respect her as worthwhile.
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  1. Wait, I don't have permission to log in?

  2. Wait, I don't have permission to log in?

  3. Wait, I don't have permission to log in?

  4. I'm looking for direct quotes from Rand on alcohol and drug use. I've read that she didn't oppose casual drinking but I can't find a quote to prove such. I also read that she deemed marijuana use as immoral (no disclaimer) and did read a quote proving she made that statement. Anything else would be helpful. I know the alleged stances, but I'd like evidence from the source.
  5. An unpopular cause is a dangerous business for anyone. "Howard, the Banner is not helping you. It's ruining you." It had taken him eight weeks to prepare himself to say that. "Of course," said Roark. "What of it?" ... Wynand would not advance into the room. "Gail, it doesn't matter, as far as I'm concerned. I'm not counting on public opinion, one way or the other." "You want me to give in?" "I want you to hold out if it takes everything you own." [Ayn Rand, the Fountainhead] Found it if anyone's interested. It's not on any quote sites that I know of:
  6. I'm sorry, but I believe the second is of the former. I have often heard Rand's take on sex described as the "Objectivist stance on sex." Sex being described as intended as a celebration of life between egoists. I personally agree that this is a bit "mystical." I am not saying that sex cannot be as she described it, only that it is not immoral to engage in sex for other reasons.
  7. I'm sorry to bother you but it's been about four years since I read the Fountainhead and I'd like some help locating a passage. Wynand was defending Howard Roark in a vehement fashion which actually made Howard Roark look bad to the public, but when Howard Roark was advised to stop Wynand, he expressed that it wasn't about winning over the crowd; that Wynand's crusade was for Wynand and he should be allowed to proceed. Could someone please help me find this? Thank you/Koszi!
  8. Glad to see this site is up and running. Wish chat were more active.

    1. educated_guess


      same here... i work mostly in front of a computer so it would be nice to pass the time and have some intelligent conversation

  9. After excessive editing, I'd consider this complete. I've posted the rough drafts of most of these previously (by most, I mean all but one). Changes were had, and besides, I never presented them in this form (together, as a series). "But Summer!" my hyperbolic imitation of your response exclaims, "they don't progress like a series at all! There are different characters and situations being undergone in each story!" "Young reader," replies annoyingly omniscient Summer "that is what you think." I'm excited to discuss it if any of you are. And with a poof... His jaw line was sharp an
  10. Just rereading it. I started and dropped this over a year ago, and I can see glaring flaws at present: The year was 2049: an era of service. Nearly a decade had passed since the Sidonia Procedure was established as a mandatory operation. Since then, all forms of crime were completely eradicated. There was no money any longer; instead, the Head of State distributed rations equally, and according to the Needs of the People. Although she was considered too young to have her emotions medically obstructed, Amber struggled in vain to imitate the apathetic quality worn by older ones. Her teachers
  11. This is a fairly old piece, but I'm going to have to extend the same message as with my newer ones: I am not looking for advice on my writing style. It's mine, thank you. At this juncture, the firmament had shifted into brilliant shades of red and orange that shattered off the copper penny sinking aloft as the framework adumbrations of the housing structures extended their reach. They sat on the second floor of a condemned building, feet hanging over the ledge; perched upon rotten boards that hung in the absence of what was once a beautiful tower. The familiar pale of architecture was whi
  12. Summer


    I would be interested to see if, because you know me so well, Garrett, you picked up on the metaphors in practically every piece of writing which I have posted here, or what that metaphor signifies - particularly what this one represents.
  13. Summer


    As always, I have no interest in hearing advice regarding my style. It's mine. Recovery and Rebirth by: Summer Hamori The dusk is a living creature. Each car racing down the wet street provides it with rich respiration. The mechanical titans slice through the night, cradled by fragmentizing eruptions which clap like thunder, swallowing the consistent rhythm of nocturnal hours. The remaining laconism of their absence is enhanced, so that her every word sounds alone in the suffocating quietude. Clear and penetrating. An initiation, again and again. Her brown boots have created a comf
  14. Summer

    My Law

    Note: I am not looking for tips regarding my writing style. My Law By: Summer Hamori I am absolute. Consistent and perpetual. The start and the end. That first spark – the initial breath was mine, and mine alone. I am erected, built and solidified; independent of all support and guidance – there could be no question. What I took – you took twice from me. Threats were met with steady eyes – break everything. Do it. You’ll make me stronger. Until I can defend myself, I dare you to. In fact, I demand it. I have risen to reject these worthless games. I came from nothing, and there is not
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