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  1. It does matter, I obviously disagree that at birth a baby without the function to read, write, learn, and eat is probably unreliable and only permissible to the parent and guardian. I'm considering that this baby had non-of the functions available as mentioned. Therefor I would rule on it being the parents opinion or reason to keep that sort of (baby) alive. Why should there be state rights guarding something with no voice? Otherwise, I hardly regard any rights to any species that hasn't the ability to function in our nature of reality. Or unless we're preserving humanity for a cause that a prophecy cleansing will purge the earth. I think another issue is we're noticing are a growing percentage of children diagnosed with autism and other disabilities that have shown some exceptional talented traits. The difficulty is why force a rule that is most importantly parental or the nature of survival. A faucet can still function with a leak. But we can't force someone to repair it if they do have the knowledge or not. Why create a rule that will enforce responsibility? Adoption was never an unnatural procedure that developed through technical advancement.
  2. Okay is this for the individual given at birth with considered 'broken units' or the individual who somehow became a 'broken unit' afterwards?
  3. I would take it, but it wouldn't be unearned. I would assume that I was good in his eyes and that he wanted to prove his altruistic behavior which I would have disputed with him beforehand. Then again, how he earned that money is no concern to me, because fortunately I have earned it. I'd suspect he knew from reason I'd use it for better purpose. I'd say we have to think logical and rational. The money is now mines, why should I care. It's how I use that matters most.
  4. I believe accepting a sacrificial offering from an altruists is as murderous as handing them a leach to hang themselves. I think it would be morally acceptable to give them a rational cause why they are being a hindrance to themselves and if reasoning doesn't suffice. Let them find someone else to lift their whimsical burden. Otherwise, I don't think I would want to feel like a cheat, because that would be a sign of your own moral standard, which in all cases I hope to not practice.
  5. A glimpse at the Children book illustrations I completed. The title is Amy Goes Surfing, it's about a little girl learning to surf alone for the first time. We published it on blurb for a limited time. Anyone can purchase a copy here . These copies won't be up for long, because there was a miscalculating misprint in the process, which the blues and greens were distorted so now most pages look green, we call these our green copies. Very limited indeed. So just in case we do become famous you will have your very own limited edition green copy for us to sign. We will eventually have a revised version up soon next year. Here is some of the pages I wanted to share. http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs50/f/2009/320...or_by_ramon.jpg
  6. I love stereolab. I listen to them while I draw most of the time. This video is funny, and I love this song.
  7. I made these cards to hand out with the shoes. What you think?
  8. I now have to agree with Ifatart, as she provided her answer earlier. Which I was only creating a question which provides the outsider, which I said " Who deserves the nail?" I've obviously given my nail to Ifatart, because she has a stronger hammer and it bangs harder. Yet I'm sorry, Thomas as you mentioned earlier you say that when a person' should leave work for not getting what he deserves, does that person forfeit what they deserve?
  9. Thank you for the advise, I agree it would be the best I gave credit to the inventor, as my client of those shoes was interested in Dinosaur comics. I don't want to take full credit where there is credit due, so I will do that. I have a blog so I will post updates there. As for the website, I'm taking my precious time as I learn more about internet business.
  10. I use Acrylic markers and permanents too. I apply matte fixative as a finisher. I'm thinking of using matte clear to paint on my next batch for such cases as you mention with rain. I wear a pair for myself and I haven't had to worry about bleeding, but I don't jump in puddles when I wear them, so I carefully advise the consumer after they are out my hands I have no control of how they are treated. It's original and it's art.
  11. Thanks Wynnbrando! You express a good point. I don't know business, which is my first mistake, but I'm willing to learn, and correct it as I proceed. This is why I call them shoe art rather than shoe design. I intend to someday have enough shoes for a personal gallery show and move on to another project. The price is low I agree with you, which is for a limited time.
  12. Thanks! Who's the other sneakerhead?
  13. Yeah, they are all custom designed, but I don't color the soles, the shoes are for sell. Right now I'm selling custom made designed shoes for $75 a pair.
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