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  1. Dude! We are in the same boat. I go to public high school in Texas and boy, does my sense of pride send people the wrong message sometimes. Having the word "EGO" on the back of my letter jacket does nothing to help the matter, but I know who my real friends are. Anyways I want to know what people are like in Australia. Here there's lots of Bible-thumping altruists and self-haters. How about down under, hmmm? Also, do they have letter jackets in Australia?
  2. Really??? I mean no offense, but I'm wondering what physical characteristics of hers you find attractive. I find none.
  3. Alice in Wonderland is simply the best. I also love Flowers for Algernon.
  4. I "converted", but I did not do so as angrily as you did. It's clear to me (as it will become to you) that modern Christianity is not as bad as the worship of a "savage monster". Most Christians you'll meet here are really very nice people, and some are quite reasonable too. As a side note, is it really conversion if one simply drops the idea of faith altogether? That strikes me as more of an "enlightenment".
  5. Didn't Ayn Rand herself say, "Tell me what a man finds sexually attractive and I will tell you his entire philosophy of life."? I think that can pretty much sum up the idea of good looks as a rational value.
  6. I just watched the men's 5000 meter speed skating, in which Sven Kramer took gold. I was really inspired to see all the Dutch so happy about him, and to see how one man can do so much for an entire nation. I'm not even a speed skating fan, but I think everyone can appreciate that spirit of triumph.
  7. I reject that statement; pickup trucks are the best personal vehicles available. I agree with your post though, as it's become obvious that the Republican party has taken hold of and ruined the tea party movement. What we need is another movement of the same spirit and method, but with a name the Republicans would never go for. Like, the "Drug-using Sodomy Movement." That would keep it clean.
  8. And the strange thing is almost nobody I know will come out and say that they believe one person's need establishes a claim on someone else. They somehow are able to satisfy themselves by saying that the well-off have a duty to help the unfortunate, but not because the unfortunate have a right to such help. A sacrifice must be made for someone who does not necessarily claim it. That seems very negative to me.
  9. He hasn't done anything to deserve a musical. And that's exactly why he's getting one.
  10. Exactly. No one can survive on $1.50 an hour. So if the factory owner were really that stingy, the entire town would simply die. That's not good for the employer either.
  11. I completely agree with that. I myself am an ESTJ, so I definitely wasn't trying to exercise a prejudice.
  12. Actually, I did disagree, thinking he was more intuitive than observant. But your argument about him being loyal to TT even after its spirit was dashed changed my mind a little. He behaved in a principled manner throughout the book, that I think is for sure, but he does fit more of a loyal guardian profile. It can be said that his principled thinking was in fact a reflection of his observance of Dagny (how his principles were really only hers, and he just observed that they seemed to work well for her and adopted them for himself). I think ISTJ does really work for him. Though I'm still convinced the S versus N is a false dichotomy. He's really a pretty intuitive guy as well. More thoughts? (I'm not through with AS, only just beginning Galt's speech, so please no spoilers).
  13. I'm interested to hear your reasoning behind placing Eddie Willers under the ISTJ category.
  14. I saw this argument, made to explain what a communist society might do if a product was invented by one individual that would help society immensely (a vaccine or something), and he demanded huge payment in exchange for it. It goes like this: "But assuming that your scenario could actually happen, the society will do the same thing a capitalist corporation might do if one of its employees in the R&D department decides to hold his new invention for ransom: they will take the matter to court." I think the underlying problem with this argument is that the communist decided that the new product had already existed in some unexplainable, immaterial way, but the inventor was unjustly keeping it to himself.
  15. Living proof, at your service. I'm an ESTJ. Kay Ludlow? Richard Halley? I think they fit the artisan profile. Agree? Disagree? Are they too secondary, or not heroic enough?
  16. You're implying that academic economic textbooks can be wrong??
  17. "And these are legitimate investments that everybody is too dumb to make??" I love that. He managed to sum up why government fails at economic recovery. It makes a bunch of investments in areas the private sector sees as unworthy.
  18. That would be a contradiction though. One cannot wake up one morning, discover he is now immortal, and decide he now wants to die. Immortality seems like a condition one would simply have to live with.
  19. The 3-D was a kick in the teeth! Yeah it was seamless and it worked, but all you got was one character standing slightly closer to you than another every once in a while. Nothing popped out at you or made you lean in your seat in an effort to dodge its careening onslaught. I had more fun watching SpyKids 3. And as for the CGI, it was indeed the best yet, but that doesn't impress me much. I thought Lord of the Rings got a lot more done with just miniatures and motion capture.
  20. Yeah. I know the effects were popular with just about everyone, but I felt like, as close to real as the made-up creatures looked, the flesh-and-blood humans in the movie had just the same surreality.
  21. "Cameron revealed the liberal undertones in his new blockbuster as he told the Today co-anchor the plot centers on how greed and imperialism 'tends to destroy the environment...' and how the human characters in the sci-fi flick 'are doing the same thing on another pristine planet that we've done on earth.' " (from http://newsbusters.org/blogs/geoffrey-dick...paganda-avatar) See, the plot centers on it. And to be honest, the CGI made the entire film look like a cartoon. There's no redeeming this hack.
  22. It's less than no problem: the more people, the more wealth! I would go so far as to say that real capitalism is inherently dependent on a growing population and ever-lengthening life spans (this creates more work force and more specialized professionals). Capitalism delivers just that, too.
  23. It made me think of what Al Gore would have done if he had computer skills that exceed the use of PowerPoint. Do you think James Cameron will win a Nobel Prize?
  24. I think the best place to live on any continent should be referred to with the name of that continent, just so it's clear who's boss. I'm going to start calling Hong Kong "Asia".
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