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  1. Yeah, I agree that buying media items in a physical form (Cd's, DVD's, computer games etc) is going to die out. One of the only reasons I buy CD's is just because I enjoy having the physical item, reading the lyrics booklet etc, for the less sentimental consumers however, buying downloads is definitely the way to go.
  2. I voted no, though let's face it I've been here about 2 days and my opinion doesn't count for anything. However, if someone's being polite and willing to listen to other sides of an argument then I don't see a problem with communists/fascists whoever posting. If there was no difference in opinion then the message board would be a pretty quiet place after all.
  3. If you like Nick Cave then Angels of Light might be to your tastes. Particularly everything is good here/please come home.
  4. My favourite British comedies are The Fast Show, Brasseye and Red Dwarf. Johnny Depp was in the Fast Show for a couple of episodes and Brasseye is probably the best Satire I've ever seen on television (it caused front page outrage when it was shown here the first time).
  5. In essence the works of literature were probably based on the real events which were recorded in writing (I forget who by) and were similar to what this film depicted them as. The legend has basically been re-written by each generation, especially in the 12th/13th century where the legend was exploited for political gain. Personally I think it's fair enough to make a film called King Arthur which is about the "real" character behind the legend, though as I've said they are never going to know anything about the actual character of Arthur, but merely what he may have been like judging from the time period/situation that he lived in. From a purely aesthetic point of view I can agree with you however, the enjoyment of the King Arthur legend comes from the various retellings and not from the actual historical figure. Therefore one could question the motives for making such a film.
  6. I'm not really a Shyamalan fan to be honest, but I liked this movie. For me, his stories always fail to deliver. There's always a terrific opening to the movie, then it goes completely pedestrian in the middle and it relies on a twist at the end to pull the viewer back in. The sixth sense is an example of where it works and in my opinion, unbreakable is an example of where it doesn't, partly because the twist was so predictable and not very exciting. This movie however, had more substance, it's an indicator that he's maturing as a writer and it makes for a much better all round movie than his previous ones, which as I've said already I found to be a bit over stylish and shallow.
  7. As far as the historical accuracy goes, I don't think you can criticise this film. There is very little known about the "real" Arthur (if he even existed) except that he was a Welsh King/Tribal leader in the 5th or 6th century and that he fought against the Saxons. It's not like Troy in any way, because Troy was based on a work of literature and this was attempting to base it's story on the actual Historical character of which we know very little. The works of literature from the 12th/13th century were pure fantasy and this is what most King Arthur films are based on, however as this makes no attempt to base it's story on the works of literature you can't really criticise any historical inaccuracies because we know virtually nothing about the real Arthur.
  8. I'd probably vote for one of the smaller parties rather than the "big 3" so to speak. As was already mentioned however, the smaller parties are generally quite extremist (scottish socialist party, bnp, UKIP etc,) however you have to take into account that were these parties ever to become more mainstream (i.e more successful) they would move more to the center. The SNP is a pretty good example of a once radical party that is now pretty centrist now that it's gathered a significant amount of support. That said I could never bring myself to vote for UKIP or the BNP as in my opinion they are so far to the right that I could never agree with any of their policies even if they did move to the center.
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