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  1. Thanks for posting. Now I eagerly await the opportunity to read the cited paper entitled “Justification as an Aspect of Conceptualization: How Rand’s Theory of Concepts Provides ‘A New Approach to

    Epistemology’” by Dr. Gregory Salmieri. I wonder what that title means... (w00t)

  2. I found the views on causal relations and general propositions from "How Ideas Work: Think with Conviction; Act with Confidence" by Kent Worthington enlightening, even though it does not cover the subjects of metaphysics and epistemology in as great a depth as I would have liked to have seen. It is written on the level appropriate for a layman, and so is not an in-depth technical treatise. It's available at:


    The book's 5 chapters are reviewed on Associated Content.com by G Stolyarov II. Here is the review to chapter 1:


  3. C-Span has made their archives public. A search for "Ayn Rand" brings up some videos that may be of interest to folks here.

    Thanks.... I tried to see the "Capitalist Manifesto" talk from Andrew Bernstein last year, but it was not available then. I just viewed the talk and it was 118 minutes of discourse from a master of elocution and philosophy--very impressive.

    Now I look forward to seing the "The Abolition of Antitrust" talk by Gary Hull which is available now. :)

  4. Sure, in certain contexts.

    Employers need employees with a specific set of knowledge necessary to perform the job. If an applicant, potential employee, can demonstrate that he posseses the knowledge, let us say by passing a comprehensive multi-subject test, then he should be hired. I don't think it matters if the applicant attended a college or not, if for that particular given subject, and thus job, the knowledge could have been acquired without a professor and classmates present or without the use of college facilities and equipments. Studying texts is the means of aquiring knowledge of most subjects. Professers, classmates, and specialized equipment seem to me to be unncessary for many subjects.

  5. For literature and audio that deals directly or indirectly with the topic of living a well integrated life, I recommend the following:

    Dr. Edwin Locke's The Prime Movers: Traits of the Great Wealth Creators and his other writings.

    Craig Biddle's works.

    Dr. Andrew Bernstein's works including his novel.

    The novel Tales of the Mall Masters by David Gulbraa.

    A book on epistemology called How Ideas Work: Think with Conviction and Act with Confidence by Kent Worthington.

    The writings of Dr. Michael Hurd including his book Effective Therapy.

    The writings of Dr. Jerry Kirkpatrick

    The writings of Dr. Edith Packer

    Finally, lots of stuff at the Ayn Rand Bookstore, including the book Ayn Rand Answers, which contains a few pertinent excerpts.


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