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  1. China and Russia are ahead in the global coronavirus vaccine race, bending long-standing rules as they go In recent days, President Trump has pressed for faster release of an American vaccine, while U.S. pharmaceutical companies have resisted the idea of taking a shortcut around long-established safety protocols. On one side there is a rush to just get something out there. On another front, the idea of mandatory vaccination has been hoisted up the proverbial flagpole. Paying kudos to pharmaceutical resistance seems trite in comparison.
  2. On another side of hyped treatments and government response in the absence of a cure is if/when an effective approach does arise. Here is an Epoch Times story: With Vaccine on Horizon, Push for Mandatory Shots Expected to Build stating: “To win the war against the novel coronavirus … the only answer is compulsory vaccination—for all of us,” wrote Dr. Michael Lederman, a medical professor; Maxwell J. Mehlman, a law professor; and Dr. Stuart Youngner, professor of bioethics. While phrased in the all to familiar 'us against them' form, the novel coronavirus is not a sentient being
  3. Welcome to OO, Luke77. What is(are) the flaw(s) of human beings?
  4. The Simplon casualties were by and large due to accidents. Asphyxiation, not so much.
  5. A look at how China, BLM, and the political Left are using the transformative power of sports. American Sports Are Letting Down America, Jason Whitlock, via Imprimis.
  6. Going on two months using EssentialPIM. Already playing with the embedded acronym. Instead of EssentialP(ersonal)l(nformation)M(anager), EssentialP(erfecting)I(ndividual)M(orality) came to mind contemplating a read on The Most Important Question In Atlas Shrugged. Essential? For what? And the above, dovetailed out of a suggested read that 'distracted' me earlier: How to be indistractable by Nir Eyal In a nutshell, freewill and all that it implies.
  7. "Perfect practice makes perfect. If you practice a mistake long enough, you'll get very, very good at it." — Miss Byrd, piano teacher.
  8. How many of them are under a 'Dagny-style' construction management? How many of them would surrender their spare locomotive engine to a civil servant's insistence? The dangers described, generated by a mile of tunnel, are likely to be raised by some exponential factor to the length. Improvements, brought about by minds dedicated to various ventures, have made vast improvements in many fields, ventilation, machines that can lay track as they bore and also fabricate reinforced walls, metallurgical improvements in rail and locomotive applications, . . . have helped in these and other wa
  9. The Taggart Tunnel in Atlas Shrugged was 8 miles long. The following "Poisonous air..." link provides some historical recollections about the 1 mile long (6026 feet) St. Clair River Tunnel. Poisonous air made St. Clair River Tunnel a deadly place to work
  10. Is it too much to ask that general AI be developed to serve in an advisory capacity rather than promoting it to lead prematurely, as if free individualists need to be led to exercise their independence?
  11. General AI, we salute you? It is uncanny the amount of confidence that is placed into software and computers. When running smoothly and improving efficiency, the tendency is to barely take note of them. When a computerized device is clearly malfunctioning, disruptions to checkout, bank processes, office processes, many may take note on how reliant we have become on them. As a general AI, running in the background - if the programming is solid and based on good premises, that may be a fine thing, but who will retain the wit to identify if a faulty premise is implemented before it can becom
  12. It leans toward the obvious. For those who seek to lean toward values, looking for errors may not serve as a high value. Pointing out the errors serves those who may not see them unless they are pointed out. Some folk are better at pointing out error than others. I sought to identify the essential issue without exhausting the nuances surrounding it.
  13. In Nashville, Tennessee is a full-scale replica of the Parthenon built in 1895 as a monument to what is considered the pinnacle of classical architecture. One doesn't have to make this stuff up. Plaster replicas of marble replicas of wooden structures.
  14. The presentation admits to definitional considerations and how they weigh in. Starting with Capitalism, the trichotomy between exchange, exploitation and expropriation takes on a different flavor adding to it an Oxford dictionary refinement of: an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. Per the author racism goes away under the egress of exchange only considerations. The distinction between private or state ownership is set aside. Exploitation of natural resources allows the mate
  15. An appeal to a politic of derision? To what collective is your "we" referring to here? I accept the fact that the innocence of Officers Budzen and Nevers was not substantiated by court rulings. I also accept the fact that there is an ongoing effort to impugn Officer Wilson. The only 'sense dressing' I have to offer to go with this particular 'word salad' was insinuated behind the motivation of these thoughts expressed.
  16. From The Metaphysical Versus the Man-Made Any natural phenomenon, i.e., any event which occurs without human participation, is the metaphysically given, and could not have occurred differently or failed to occur; any phenomenon involving human action is the man-made, and could have been different. For example, a flood occurring in an uninhabited land, is the metaphysically given; a dam built to contain the flood water, is the man-made; if the builders miscalculate and the dam breaks, the disaster is metaphysical in its origin, but intensified by man in its consequences. To correct the sit
  17. While mowing the lawn, listening to Scott Brick read John Galt's speech, thinking about the police officers that are on the front lines of the executive fight for justice. When the officer is examined in the aftermath, the snap judgements have seemingly with "this shouldn't have happened", as the criteria by which the snap judgement then spreads. In a business, employees are hired and fired on the basis of the objectives of the employer. In politics, the bureaucracy is created to accomplish the political objective. The political objective is influence by the individuals elected to br
  18. Leaked video from a body cam(s?) provides a bit more insight into the context surrounding the event. Daily Mail article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8576371/Police-bodycam-footage-shows-moment-moment-arrest-George-Floyd-time.html Video only: https://videos.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2020/07/30/4049160131241488932/480x270_MP4_4049160131241488932.mp4
  19. That was in quotes from the post just prior to it that I lifted it from. Mr. Trump has the virtue of having gained the office he holds. With the position comes the background noise of how he gets discussed in various circles. In the philosophical hierarchy, "cultural ethic" lends more weight to a nations direction. The nature of political discussions often reveals more about the participants than the candidates.
  20. President Trump, being "such an undiplomatic, non-PC, non virtue-signaling, and basically anti-altruist president of America, who was rattling and disturbing the new status quo of an anticipated - and sacrificial - global utopia that most of the West has been dreaming into" brings to mind Lt. Columbo, a detective that came across as naive (until dementia started to set in), yet the progression toward the resolution of the case was almost always apparent. Trump does not come across as scripted as in a Columbo sense, but more of a Gomer Pyle; bumbling along while events happened turning out more
  21. Most world maps show north at the top. But it doesn't have to be that way.

    Dr. Jayasuriya . . . "I don't agree the Mercator projection was designed to belittle non-white people."

    When ignorance of how a standard may have been formed exists, the 'predominant narrative' can attach itself to most anything.

  22. I kind of like how "politicized" was used in this sentence: I seldom agree with Mr. Wicker, but he had the honesty to say that to reject Mr. Rehnquist's nomination solely on the basis of his political views "is dangerous business. It presumes some kind of rightful political orthodoxy; it would tend to politicize the courts according to the temporary political coloration of Congress; it could punish some individuals for their ideas and frighten others out of having any." (Which, in today's context, is unanswerably true.) The Ayn Rand Letter Vol. 1, No. 6 December 20, 1971 The Dis
  23. A convenient time to remind folks that officer Darren Wilson was innocent using headlines like: No Charges Against Ferguson Office Who Killed Micheal Brown. <sigh>

  24. In the rush to report on the coronavirus, there is a sea of reporting going on. In its wake 'vigilante' mask enforcement is only one of the issues that is being fed by the struggle to grasp onto something to ease the media fed uncertainty. "Bareface baa-d, masked-face better" is written with invisible ink over top of the edited sign which reads "Four legs baa-d, two legs better."
  25. Franklin Planner, meet EssentialPIM (Pro). After three weeks, my Personal Information Manager has been making a radical departure from same-o—same-o. I've handwritten pages that will likely remain handwritten. The majority of the Franklin Planner database will likely remain in Ascend format for the foreseeable time being. Moving forward, the ability to synchronize between multiple devices should simplify data entry and sharing. The ability to export legacy information, and subsequently import it mapping relevant fields, should allow targeted data migration on an as-needed basis.
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