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  1. Here are a series of podcasts that were put together by Tal Tsfany and Amanda Maxham on the subject of Reverse Engineering Happiness hosted via the Ayn Rand Center UK. Perhaps it is my background's relationship with engineering that this resonates with. It is also augmented by the tie-in to Jean Marone's Thinking Directions that provides an extra layer of appeal. Without further ado, the link to the index of the series: Reverse Engineering Happiness.
  2. A scientific explanation presupposes consciousness, @OfficerBacon .
  3. America and England may have gone into the area and secured the respective interests back in the 1950s when the fruits of their labors were nationalized. Since the principles involved (individuals, not corporate entities) are either deceased or retired, how is a foreign government going in and seizing the reigns at this point and using "energy security" as a rationalization going to come across? I think it would be an easier sell than claiming restitution for the victims of the initial violation. If the Soviet Union or China, in turn, came in after such a coup and did the same for their "energy security", it quickly devolves to a might makes right scenario.
  4. The ball was dropped when the nationalization initially took place. The sandbox is something I've heard the middle eastern deserts referred to. Both European and American interests were allowed to be trodden upon. The residual sentiment is carried over from this and the attacks on the US in 2001 have been packaged in with it to sell the energy security identified in the OP. While 2001 was only 20+ years ago, the 1950's are 70+. Going back now to restore ownership is a little late, and to forcibly take ownership for "securing American energy security" while offshore drilling and building nuclear power plants are verboten to the mother earth crowd. I can't really speak much to the price issue other than to allude back to European regulations brought up in the OP as a likely contributor to the higher prices across the pond.
  5. Most of the early oil fields in the middle east were initially developed by people (Americans and others) prior to being nationalized. A quick google search places an initial year of 1951. When nothing was done, other nationalization took place soon there after. This and instabilities in the region contribute to a view that the sandbox need to be chaperoned. The gist of what you lay out makes me think of a leaning toward having America appoint itself to serve as a policeman in the area. (What I highlighted is not directed toward the gas price discrepancy.)
  6. A Rare, Isolated Script Invented From Scratch Holds Clues to The Evolution of Writing Excerpt: "The Vai script of Liberia was created from scratch in about 1834 by eight completely illiterate men who wrote in ink made from crushed berries," says linguistic anthropologist Piers Kelly, now at the University of New England, Australia. "Because of its isolation, and the way it has continued to develop up until the present day, we thought it might tell us something important about how writing evolves over short spaces of time." Excerpt: Over the first 171 years of its history, the Vai script did indeed become increasingly compressed. The simplification occurred over generations of users; symbols with the highest complexity were simplified the most. These changes are far from random, the research team explained. Languages pass a kind of natural selection process via memory and learning, where the hardest to recall features do not survive. 5000 thousand years of various language development and it appears here is one that can be isolated into a smaller, intellectual petri dish for finding clues that may provide insights not a pronounced in other systems.
  7. Could the high vote count have been based on seeing someone standing up to others (some perceived his tactics as bullying) and riding his empty "Let's make America great again" mantra. People sense that something is amiss in America. Fewer are adept at identifying just what the off factor is.
  8. Thanks SL. I had just double checked it and was coming back to correct it (again.)
  9. The Way Out Imprimis, November 2021 Larry P. Arnn, President of Hillsdale College. US Population, almost 334 million Imprimis Circulation, almost 6.2 million [Just under 2% (or less, if not limited to US of A.)] As an introduction, offered is: Here are two questions pertinent to our times: (1) How would you reduce the greatest free republic in history to despotism in a short time? and (2) How would you stop that from happening? The answer to the first question has been provided in these last two disastrous years. The answer to the second has begun to emerge in recent months. Both are worthy of study. I don't know that the circulation of Imprimis is limited to the the US of A. Still, this is a college publication that has an outreach of nearly 2% in terms of US percentages. What is less emphasized, yet still recognized, is the influence of the universities. This is cited in early in the articles as: To set up a despotism capable of pulling this off you would need the media’s help. Those controlling the media today are trained in the same universities that invented the bureaucratic state, the same universities the senior bureaucrats attended. The media would need to be willing to suppress, for example, the fact that 50,000 doctors, scientists, and medical researchers signed the Great Barrington Declaration. That document reminds people that you cannot suppress a widely disseminated contagious virus through shutdowns and mass isolation, and that if you try, you will work immeasurable destruction of new kinds—unemployment, bankruptcy, depression, suicide, multiplying public debt, broken supply chains, and increases of other serious health problems. Some of the signatories to this Declaration come from the most distinguished universities in the world, but never mind: their views do not fit the narrative propagated by the powerful. They have been effectively cancelled, ignored by the media and suppressed by Big Tech.
  10. Yes, specifying two angles would still require one length to control the size. Ok. So the length of the sides are X±10% to be to print. Presumably the intent is to exclude triangles that have three sides that measure X. What about a triangle that all sides are X+10%. That is still an equilateral triangle, albeit not one with three sides of X length specifically? Is it to be considered an "almost equilateral triangle with sides being X±10%", as long as the sides are not exactly X? How much more complexity need be added to fully obfuscate the matter?
  11. Are you leaning toward the isosceles solutions of ±10% shown to the left, or the scalene versions offered to the right? Why ±10% on the length (upper) and not ±10% on the angle (lower) as illustrated in the provided graphic? Personally, the borderline case offered up in Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology should extend to any of the "±10% almost equilateral" triangles illustrated above. The horizontal line shown between the upper linear ±10% and the lower angular ±10% is only has a 1° change of direction at its center. Less than 1° is difficult for some folk to detect.
  12. I've looked into this a bit before. Here's a result referencing both Atlas Shrugged and physicist Richard Feynman. https://hackaday.com/2015/11/22/who-is-john-galt-finally-answered/
  13. As American independence rang, a sweeping lockdown and mass inoculations fought off a smallpox outbreak With a case fatality rate (CFR) of 10%, this was one towns response to small pox inoculation as the war for American independence was being waged.
  14. The Never-Ending Narrative.

  15. Vasks, Peteris:The Fruit of Silence Astor Piazzolla - Buenos Aires Hora Cero
  16. He had been providing links to updates to his blog here. Also on that link, a reference to the microchip and another relevance to the automotive supply chain, as being several months in advance of getting to the assembly lines. I don't think the automotive industry is as large a percentage to the federal budget as it once was.
  17. Self-replicating with an evolutionary hint! Self-replicating protocells created in lab may be life's "missing link" “By constructing peptide droplets that proliferate with feeding on novel amino acid derivatives, we have experimentally elucidated the long-standing mystery of how prebiotic ancestors were able to proliferate and survive by selectively concentrating prebiotic chemicals,” says Matsuo. “Our results suggest that droplets became evolvable molecular aggregates – one of which became our common ancestor.”
  18. Last August, 28, 2021: OSI, PragerU, and Sales of Atlas Shrugged For instance, according to the top three Amazon book sales calculators (TCK Publishing, WildFire Marketing, and Kindlepreneur), in the week following the release of “The Book Club: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand,” sales of Atlas increased as follows: Audio edition sales nearly doubled, Kindle edition sales increased threefold, Paperback sales increased fourfold. The calculators were not intuitive to me. The numbers above could stand some better context, (doubled, trebled, quadrupled from what?)
  19. Some ambiguity, a disparity between what I mean by "public v. private health". The public sphere IS the gvt. and gvt. regulations imposed on the society of individuals, in the definition I know. Let me reword that then: As to his stance on what the government ought have done, the context is to leave public individual's health to the public individual and go about upholding the conditions necessary for folk to act freely. This does not substantially alter in my mind what I said with the exception of the technicality of terminology. Who knows, it may even spill over into my useage more casually having given that bit of additional thought.
  20. @Sebastien, your addressing this post brings to light the omission of what is a "Rite of Passage". In many cultures, this is a ceremony marking a passage from boyhood to manhood, or a transition from a girl to a woman. As conceptual beings, Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology refers to various approaches young minds take when acquiring new concepts. She outlines several approaches. Perhaps what I'm asking potentially amounts to wishful thinking. Still the fact such approaches can be articulated implies a superior approach can be desired and sought after.
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