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  1. @Jon Letendre, is not the time I've allocated to you this far sufficient?
  2. No, I've not been sold on the value said video would add to my life. The parallel it brings to mind is with Jane Fonda. Veterans, not limited to nor wholly inclusive of the Vietnam war have mustered ample evidence to build a case of treason regarding her aid and support of the enemy. It does fall short of rallying a posse to serve as a lynch mob. This is like a Jane Fonda club with a more diverse cast of characters. All can sit back knowing that the office of the presidency, in particular to this claim, is honorable, but the currently appointed steward-to-be is not worthy of the tas
  3. Proven? Under which legally recognized venue did this alleged proof transpire?
  4. An example I was presented with once: Imagine a box floating in outer space. To the box, a vacuum pump is attached. Envisioning a chamber of 12" cubed, the contention is that if everything has been evacuated from the chamber, one is left with a void. There is a context in which this is correct. The 12" cubical void could be filled with a variety of other matter, but it would not satisfy the individual who established the shifting criteria of the thought experiment. So long as the walls of the cube are 12" apart, at least the distance between the walls fill the cavity. The space there
  5. Consider the medium or the craft. Take the case of a forgery. What level of expertise is required to unmask a fraudulent work? Conversely, what degree of skill is required to bypass the expertise available in the philosophic field of aesthetics? In either case, it would be of a higher value to discern the metaphysical value judgments that a particular work represented, with the marginal question left to be discerned when evidence merits addressing.
  6. After the initial reading of your OP, the following excerpt had come to mind. In the second paragraph, Stephen articulates that Rand's definition seems restrictive and goes on in the remainder of the cited passage to provide some supporting reasoning with which to underscore it.
  7. Welcome to OO, RationalEgoist. Rand also said "A definition is a statement that identifies the nature of the units subsumed under a concept." As such, a definition captures the essential distinguishing characteristic. On a different referent, 'man is the rational animal' does not mean that if you encounter an irrational animal, it is not a man.
  8. Here's a haphazard way of approaching it. Ethics Explainer: Naturalistic Fallacy Main take-away: The naturalistic fallacy is an informal logical fallacy which argues that if something is ‘natural’ it must be good. It is closely related to the is/ought fallacy – when someone tries to infer what ‘ought’ to be done from what ‘is’. Naturalistic fallacy: (Wikipedia entry. Doesn't hone in on O.P.) Moral Non-Naturalism (Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) The naturalistic fallacy is very poorly named indeed (a point also made by Bernard Williams; see Williams 1985: 121–122)
  9. What a way to tie a process back into itself! I was still mulling over presupposition(alism). Rand fought for the concept of selfishness. In the published works on the Searchable CD, "presupposition" is used once by Ayn Rand and twice by Leonard Peikoff. ITOE, Chapter 7 OPAR, Chapter 11 Assault from the Ivory Tower, TVOR Addressing the thought from her previous paragraph: "When can we claim that we know what a concept stands for?" they clamor—and offer, as an example of man's predicament, the fact that one may believe all swans to be white, then discover the existenc
  10. Individual rights and altruism are incompatible, indeed. Consider it an identification rather than a projection. Man has the power of choice. With that power come the capacity to discover that the only man that desires to be moral is the man that desires to live. The mainstream Objectivists at ARI, serve as a repository for many fine educational tools, and have made them largely freely available. Well versed comes in two forms. One can come to know the material, cite it, and write it. Peikoff made a rather different point that stood out about being able to shuttle back and forth from the concr
  11. I should have tagged this as tongue-in-cheek, ppw. Ayn Rand's is/ought derivation was an induction, not a deduction.
  12. With the "anti-naturalistic fallacy" referenced in the OP, it too transcends ease of understanding. Double fallacy (the fallacy fallacy), akin to two wrongs make a right. Another double negative: falsely declaring the inference invalid, inferring that the inference is valid. Was being understood Kant's objective?
  13. I did a search for "anti-naturalistic fallacy" and found this to be helpful. The Utilitarian and Skeptics are the prevailing theme. The section on Ethical Objectivism managed to omit any reference to Ayn Rand. The Anti-naturalistic Fallacy: Evolutionary Moral Psychology and the Insistence of Brute Facts
  14. On this The Golden Transcendence eve, Charles Koch mentioned his book being available November 17, 2020, “Believe in People: Bottom-Up Solutions for a Top-Down World” in a recent WSJ article by Douglass Belkin.

  15. Effective Training, Inc has been acquired by SAE International. The organization that developed the standards referenced in the previous post, has acquired the organization that developed training courses that deal with Basic Concepts of GD&T, Advance Concepts of GD&T, Tolerance Stacks using GD&T, Statistical Tolerance Stacks using GD&T. Guides for navigating the differences between ISO and ASME where developed by ETI as well.
  16. More likely, illuminated by a quiet voice of reason, the legal doctrine called laches deeply states an essential crux of the matter.
  17. Welcome to OO, Ben. Lew Rockwell served as an early editor of Imprimis. O'Sensei Frost would have a copy of Imprimis, Readers Digest or other reading material with him at the dojo. They impart a sentimental value to me. Mr. Kennedy makes his case for a more sinister form of warfare: Perhaps the greatest threat to the U.S. posed by the CCP is its corruption of America’s business and financial elites, who view the economic benefits of dealing with China as more important than America’s national interests. If there is a single group committed to the globalist project and the
  18. The sheer volume of information (far beyond the sliver you are imploring others to investigate) that exists is more than sufficient to overwhelm the crow. Teleology plays a significant role in what one allocates such a precious resource upon.
  19. I gather one of the Q's is from the Bond series. I'm afraid I missed the second reference. Could you provide some insight?
  20. A parliamentary system would beholden a presidential delegate to the parliament.
  21. Found on Real Clear History From: The Conversation Who invented the Electoral College? by Phillip J VanFossen
  22. Q is a fictional character in the James Bond films and film novelisations. Q, like M, is a job title rather than a name. He is the head of Q Branch, the fictional research and development division of the British Secret Service. The book was first published in 1953 . . . On WRCJ, Wednesday @ 4:47pm, “Kew Gardens” (Suite) by Brian Easdale was queued up (pardon the puns). As for the James Bond reference, lacking "The Name of the Rose", I opted to watch the James Bond collection in the wake of Sean Connery's relinquishing his grasp of his life recently.
  23. I'll ask again, with the same emphasis: What do you suppose is the problem with one of your beliefs? I'm not the owner of this site, I am one of the stewards. I asked you to walk those who might have questions about Q/QAnon. MisterSwig asked for a more comprehensive explanation in conjunction with evidence. Additionally, instead of providing no pause to answering your rephrased statement, you leave the question to be asked explicitly. Which circles, say you, have attracted better people in terms of the breadth of their thought, the range of their real-world know
  24. You are the one that introduced the "if I had to choose" element. What do you suppose is the problem with one of your beliefs?
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