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  1. In What idea in Self Comes to Mind do you expect to cause ripples in the world of neuroscience?, Antonio suggested that the human brain stem shares characteristics observed in the reptilian brain. Hearing that reminded me of Harry Binswanger in his Selected Topics in the Philosophy of Science lecture associated the evolution of the human brain sharing aspects with the birds.
  2. Saw this here, and thought of this from the movie The Lord of the Rings, borrowed from here. This could raise yet another 'rabbit hole'.
  3. At Christmas, as many of us gathered with friends and family, the discovery of a new strain of a disease was not the focus of attention for most of the world. The new year transpired with many resolutions and much well wishing, the virus, only to be observed using specialized equipment, was beginning to spread as concerns over it were being downplayed. Groundhog's day came and went. Depending on the geographical location, the knowing shadow revealed itself or not. Concerns of the spread of the disease was pitting the term of epidemic against being downplayed as being overly concerned about the seasonal flu. St. Pat must have turned green with envy as a new rival for the focus of attention was firmly seated on the throne and 'coronated'. Newspapers, radio, television, internet, wrested the attention of the politicians who in turn felt compelled to pay homage to this, except for the 250-thousand times scale, unseen crown bearer. Websites cropped up that indicated where in the world this otherwise would be almost invisible, except for the effects that it brought about in those who could not succumb to it. Hospitals, where patient confidentiality has been increasingly politicized over the years, fed the numbers back into the interconnected system that these new form of websites tapped into. Newspapers, radio, television, social media all riveted their attention on the incoming data. Maybe the politicians felt they were losing their limelight and reacted to regain it. I don't think it's that simple. In the wake of all this, another undercurrent went relatively undetected; the ability to sway the worlds attention to an otherwise relatively unobservable entity. Something that could not be seen by unaided senses, yet it overwhelmed the machinery built over the years which runs seamlessly unobserved in the background of a world otherwise taken for granted by most. To borrow an inquiry from Dr. Corvini, is this a feature or a bug? "The interlocker has never failed[.*] It is not supposed to fail." * Period missing from The Objectivism Research CD-ROM. "The machine, the frozen form of a living intelligence, is the power that expands the potential of your life by raising the productivity of your time." The interlocker scene connected to the speech scene. The interlocker as a philosophic analogy, doesn't fail. It is described as the power that guides and shapes the man-made events around us. The entity that is the virus is metaphysical. The ability to isolate and identify that entity is a capability of man. Where is the acknowledgement and consideration of all the discoveries and identifications that made this particular discovery possible? It is a rabbit hole that will only get a hat tip here. More essential would be the parallels between the interlocker scene out of Atlas Shrugged, and the underground river with interlocking tributaries it matured from Peter Keating's battle against the machinery in his world. The machinery is a 'juggernaut'. It either upholds individual rights by crushing that which destroys or threatens to destroy them, or if allowed to deteriorate, becomes the 'monster' Steve Mallory couldn't define in the parallel reference here of The Fountainhead.
  4. Looking back at my previous post, the opening "quote" should have had a question mark after it. Dr. John Lee's article is a mixture, as is wont to be. "To be classified as science, a prediction or theory needs to be able to be tested, and potentially falsified." Instead of identifying the evidence that supports a prediction or hypothesis and how to move it toward the status of theory, the success experienced in other areas of life have developed a sense of "instant gratification" that has fed back into science. Theory now, and place the burden of proof on falsification. In turn, the lock-downs are feeding erroneous data back into the loop. The failure to contain the initial outbreak has resulted in a world wide spread of this virus. The implication is if the virus had been locked-down at the get go, an epidemic/pandemic would not be the reality we are dealing with. Now that the horses are out of the barn, let's close and bar the doors. "In medical science there is a well-known classification of data quality known as ‘the hierarchy of evidence’. " This section resonate more closely with the process of cultivating certainty (as opposed to always being in the precarious state of potentially being falsified.) Instead of embracing the science which discovered and validated the efficacy of the mind, a seven step program is being offered in its stead. "Mistakes were inevitable at the start of this. But we can’t learn without recognising them." Mistakes are inevitable. In the process of dealing with the unknown, yes. In the process of learning, yes. The ability to recognize a mistake relies on knowing what its converse is. In addition to "A Pro-Freedom Approach to Infectious Disease", I found "Shaming Recipients of PPP Money" and segueing into "The Comprachicos" a stark contrast to the monstrous reaction we see unfolding on the world stage.
  5. A Pro-Freedom Approach to Infectious Disease is a good start, but not radical enough. This universal gist of the anger expressed certainly does concretize many effects expressed by an empty floor of an office building, and the frustration of a government that while's its hours away discussing 'how many angels can dance on the head of a pin' (heavily paraphrased). Rather than being radical, Vusi Thembekwayo was being 'rantical' (almost his own words.) In both cases, the respective media reach their targeted audiences, and probably a little beyond. Which offers more immunity to the constant barrage aimed at the destruction of reason?
  6. Ayn Rand argued it was a mistake to appeal to the irrational, that it was not possible to do so. As events unfold around the world, elements of the good and the bad can be found by those who look for them. While listening to Galt's Speech, the part where the world without mind was the product of the 'virtues' of those who had brought it about comes to mind. Causality had two attributes distinguished, one a subset of the other. Inanimate matter acts in accordance with its nature. Living organisms in accordance with theirs. The elegance of her dividing it as such set the organism's life as the standard, and the values to pursue a function of the entity's identity. She wrote as she described Galt's addressing of a mind, not a group. She used language as she described Dagny consideration of it as a tool of honor to be used as if one were under an oath of allegiance to reality. In this way, she was a flame-spotter, not in the sense that Galt did with Wyatt, Danagger, and Daniels—rather in the sense expounded on in The Romantic Manifesto: by how the reader responds to it. Recently @Boris Rarden wrote an assessment that captures an essence of this element. After the San Sebastian mines were nationalized by the Peoples Republic of Mexico, Francisco had "hid in plain sight" his part in the strike to Dagny. The ray-screen, later, provided a mirage akin to what was described in Galt's speech. Galt, in his speech, purportedly tells the reader what he told his fellow strikers. This further underscores what Rand puts forth, that Atlas Shrugged is/was written, per Miss Rand's esteem, to show what could and ought be. I think she may just have been onto something there.
  7. What is the extent of your familiarity with Miss Rand's writings? This seems to be the crux in what you have articulated. The notion of a broken concept could serve as a bridge to concept formation and the relationship it bears to the problem of universals. As one of the legs that serve as a precursor to ethics, flexibility in this capacity is delimited to those expecting a clear cognitive connection between their percepts and their concepts. Such an approach, while objective, need not be Objectivist.
  8. Hi Maggie, If the right ethic gives rise to the right politic, or conversely, if the wrong ethic leads to a wrong politic, the concern of altruism and the authoritarian mentality it gives rise to has been provided ample evidence in the political responses of late. The cause of this is not the government, per se. If the motor of the world stopped without a whimper, was it turned off, or has it broken down due to neglect? Examine the underlying philosophy for any provided clues. Those seeking such answers find them if they are relentless enough in their pursuit. Others buy into suggestions that such answers are not to be found, or are simply idealistic in nature, i.e.; wishful thinking. The morality of life offers what altruism does not. One is deeply entrenched, while the other has only recently been given a clear articulate voice.
  9. From page 336 in the Appendix of Capitalism, The Unknown Ideal, A complex legal system, based on objectively valid principles, is required to make a society free and to keep it free—a system that does not depend on the motives, the moral character or the intentions of any given official, a system that leaves no opportunity, no legal loophole for the development of tyranny. A step by step identification of the objectively valid principles is where it begins. Take example 7, for instance. If a group of owners in a geographic location choose to practice exclusivity, so long as it is not codified into law, is akin to who you invite into your home or not. If I live in such a community, I could choose who to sell my home to or not. A law compelling me to accept the highest offer does not leave such a decision open to my discretion, thus infringes upon my right to enter into a mutually agreeable exchange.
  10. If you find other resources other than what is currently listed on the Portal Page, it might be of interest to others to have them listed here as well.
  11. A GNI could be divided in such a way and retain such a ranking. A millionaire is a millionaire, regardless of which continent or within which political boundary serves as his habitat. There is a double edged sword in the Walter Williams' piece. Black people can be thankful that double standards and public and private policies rewarding inferiority and irresponsibility were not a part of the 1920s, '30s, '40s and '50s. If there were, then there would not have been the kind of intellectual excellence and spiritual courage that created the world's most successful civil rights movement. Kudos to the intellectual excellence and spiritual courage that effected change. The cutting edge lie in the codification: Consider the difference to be illustrated using the 15th amendment: The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude-- vs: The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State. The right's of man, period. Most further contextual subdivisions tend only to be divisive. Women, as a general rule, were not considered part of the voting community. If it serves as an objective basis to exhaustively list race, color, sex, age of to whom "the rights of man" extends to aside from legal complexity, what might that be? Aren't the rights of man and the rights of the rational animal, essentially, one in the same?
  12. A story by Bill O'Reilly adding to what you added above: It's New to Us. Three women are behind “The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation,” which is the central organization that directs policy. Alicia Garza, 39, is the chief strategic advisor. Patrisse Cullors, 36, is also a top advisor. Finally, Opal Tometi, 36, is the third force. She works with the BLM Foundation and is also the Executive Director of the “Black Alliance for Just Immigration.” That group is associated with the “Freedom Road Socialist Organization,” a Marxist-Leninist group that has received funding from the Tides Foundation run by George Soros. and a little further down: In an interview with a professor from Morgan State University, Ms. Cullors said: “Myself and Alicia [Garza] in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on ideological theories.” I shuddered when I read that and connected the events out there tied to the BLM to this line in Galt's speech: "The truth is that those horrors are their ends."
  13. The battle is ideological. Are those who 'perceive' the illusion of the power of masses and "demographics" individuals, or do they fantasize of the position they view themselves within the group they conjure up in their own minds? Outspoken individuals do not remain 'unseen', and those who are loathed, rejected and ignored have to extend beyond the particulars you identified in this proclamation. The fight for the right and the struggle for moral perfection mutually redound off one another. Add to this the discovery of intellectual certainty provides the basis for shrugging off unearned guilt. The Marxist global paradise would seem akin to the kingdom of God, a jelly like substance that dissolves under a proper process of identification.
  14. I did use destroy rather than the term deface used in one of the reports referenced. It is another form of vandalism, which is still destructive in its own right.
  15. Then try reading what I wrote rather than imagining what it sounds like. A martial artist uses the amount of force necessary to quell the situation, yet to most situations he possesses a "disproportionate martial force". Sensei would pose the question from time to time of considering the situation from the perspective of a bystander (potential witness?) A group of soldiers facing a thousand rioters might be similar to a competent martial artist knowing what to do if he cannot diffuse a situation by reasoning with the participants. The group of soldiers wear the uniform implicitly communicating the military might present, while the martial artist has to have mastery over his mind and body as a unity. In Faith and Force, Rand call the time she was in "the Age of Guilt." Your use of sound bite, image, evoked feelings, evoke a resonance between your words and elements from The Romantic Manifesto. On one side, the philosophy of the artist gets embodied in the work of art. On the other side, the philosophy of the observer of that work of art, evokes the emotional response. I contend that it is the observer's responsibility to evaluate and make his identification. If he fears his judgment is inadequate to communicate it rationally to others, then others have to muster only what is necessary to destroy destruction.
  16. That last was an unanswerable scenario, except in the form of speculation. So far, on the table I have It probably isn't necessary Protesters were planning to topple the statue. A lashing out stemming from a single original injustice A re-election propaganda ploy Are there any of these listed that are contradictory on their own, to you?
  17. Are These Troops Guarding the Lincoln Memorial? A Snopes follow-up special. Not sure how far I'll make it through the interviews. Some of them bustle with pride of what their maws and paws accomplished after the war. Conspicuously absent, the woe is me victim talk, that permeates some of the media presentation of folk today.
  18. Let me rephrase my question. What would America be had the British won?
  19. On a deeper level, America is a standard that was raised, and rightfully the birthright of the honest.
  20. You seem to be missing the gist of it, which only causes me to introspect and ask if I'm not performing the process of identification correctly, or if there is something else that I may be missing or overlooking. Yes statues are being taken down. That is beyond dispute. Yes, the National Guardsmen were photographed on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, a site that was not referred to in the wikipedia article errantly referenced in my earlier reply. The fact that the statues are being taken down is not my main concern. It is just the evidence that gives rise to the more legitimate concerns that ought arise subsequently. By the time the crime has taken place, a criminal mentality is often already in firmly entrenched. To re-examine my earlier inquiry would give rise to the rhetorical question @whYNOT raised parenthetically: Is it determinism: (i.e.:) the act must lead to this consequence . . . with no distinction between human beings or inanimate objects? Hypothetically, where would you be if King George could have answered the colonial rebels with retaliation of force proportional to the degree insinuated by the 'sensationalist emotional triggering photograph' on the grounds by which you are objecting?
  21. For those who are jumping up and down complaining about Police officers shooting a suspect in the back.......This is what it looks lie in a foot chase with an armed suspect, this is how the suspect gets shot in the back. Can you tell if this is a real gun, toy gun or a BB gun? No you cannot. Split second decision, a life or death decision. This is even with the added daylight. Police officers have every right to defend themselves period. Don't resist and don't run Don't steal Tasers and don't fire them at pursuing officers...........I am sick to death of all this Anti Police crap. A picture is not an argument. The top portion was a meme posted by an acquaintance of mine. The video is a lecture I purchased years ago, now available for free on you-tube. One aspect that sticks out is when Peikoff even dismisses using a movie to counter the abortion issue, he still pointed out the shortcomings of the approach. I didn't listen to it again just now, but I think this is the presentation that he pointed out how the motion picture, news broadcasts, television, if you will; bypasses the cognitive processes.
  22. And this ties back into the exploration of the resolution implemented by the 13 colonies against the laundry list of injustices meted out by a King. In retrospect, it reveals much studying and planning. It is more difficult to try 'projecting yourself in as an observer unfamiliar with the history, and ascertaining it as the events unfold around you.
  23. Did I say it was under assault? Glenn Foster said nothing about it being an assault, in fact, he called it a rally. Do you think he picked his words carefully, or was he perhaps grasping at straws?
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