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  1. Good grief. You've quite the active imagination, SL.
  2. Which is currently massaged by government regulations. Hmm. Point taken.
  3. @Eiuol I'm seeing 14-21 days, if the quibble is over "a few days" compared to "long enough". Currently many community hospitals in America have reached their limit, bed-wise. The factors that led to this are going to be debated for years to come, contrasting it with the causes of WW1, WW2, or the "Great Depression". The medical field has had government intruding into it since the 1950's. The FDA and other regulatory agencies serve as gatekeepers of varying degrees of objectivity in their approval processes. Medicare and government regulation requiring treatment complicate where finite resources are to be allocated. How would this play out in a capitalist society? . . . why am I reading: "The proper action might be to limit ventilator use to a week at most. If they don't recover, let them die, since at that point it probably would not make a difference."? History reports what is, while fiction portrays what should and ought be. — Aristotle, paraphrased.
  4. I, personally, am unaware of data to draw upon for such an inquiry at this time. Perhaps it's the order of your statements. If equipment and resources to treat the patient are not available, that results in the inevitability as well. The patient may have lived had the equipment and resources been available, but they were not, ergo.
  5. @merjet Your Elon Musk reference reminded me of the James Dyson article by WRBCtv. I don't think one need be in the medical profession to learn bits and pieces here and there. Ventilators assist with the inhale/exhale process. The air moved via the process can be infused with oxygen raising it from the natural content of 21%, making more of it available for respiration.
  6. @Eiuol A ventilator helps to add oxygen to a lung where the capacity to absorb oxygen is impaired by this virus. Without a known medically applicable cure, keeping the patient alive long enough for the body to heal/recover itself, i.e., oxygenated, hydrated, nourished, does not ensure that every patient will make it, but aides those that may not have otherwise done so. @Easy Truth Many virus' spread more so during colder temperatures. And yes, the seasons are inversed between the northern and southern hemispheres. What is known so far about Covid-19 does not conclusively address your inquiry. Here's a BBC article I selected from this google search.
  7. In my case, the explanation helped. It was rather cryptic,. save for the intellectual lights.
  8. @Easy TruthTry: Covid-9 + a healthcare variable = 0.013%—0.098% (truncated) mortality. South Korea contrasted with Italy by Mises Institute.
  9. "With all due respect , my tradition is older than yours, older than anyone else's. My profession was the first one man ever made, and it'll be the last one to go [in response to being called a Silver-Grey]. It's the one that makes all the others possible. So what do you say?" He held up the card [of the Warmind's instructions] for the third time. "Does our civilization deserve to live, or not?" — Marshall Atkins

    The Golden Age — John C. Wright

  10. "The Pandemic and the Economy" The show went on about 15 minutes extra and opted out of the same style Q & A done in the "How To Think about Coronavirus and Our Society's Response" show. If ;these need to be put under another thread, depending on the conversation, right now it is still relevant to Gus Von Horn blog's post.
  11. Now, a difference encountered between OPAR and ITOE is which comes last. Assigning the concrete, or in OPAR, the definition. Is the disagreement here on context? That's the impression some of this reads as.
  12. Another broadcast is being prepared for today Saturday, March 21, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern / 11:00 a.m. Pacific “The Pandemic and the Economy”
  13. Looks as if Trump may have some competition there for his place in the history books.
  14. "Social pressure cannot be used to defeat those who shape society" — Warden Lacedemonian

    The Golden Age — John C. Wright

  15. I know I first heard of this in January. Initially took the numbers down and derived my own stats. Of course, that just crunches on what was provided and turned out to be a rather false sense of security. China shuts all 16 temporary coronavirus hospitals in Wuhan In a dramatic sign that the coronavirus crisis is improving in China, the last two of 16 temporary hospitals in the epicenter city of Wuhan have been shut down, according to a report. Looking back in life, snowstorms, power outages doesn't prepare of an event of this type. And while a snowstorm may generate a run one supplies at the store, there is a sense of comfort that comes from the knowledge that the roads are usually cleared within a week. The city is still locked down, and I don't have enough data to do much with other than to put a set of dates to it. My notes from Jan. 26, cited first reported Dec 31, 2019. It is now mid-March. and Wuhan's numbers are declining for the time being.
  16. Henry Ford and Beaumont have Michigan's first same-day coronavirus tests Henry Ford and Beaumont health systems have developed same-day COVID-19 tests, which are believed to be the first of what could be several hospital-based tests in the state. The Henry Ford lab began testing about 30 patients Monday, and within a month expects to test up to 1,000 specimens daily, Henry Ford officials told reporters.
  17. For those of us who keep both, electronic and written, it is the old arts that gave rise to the new. During a few thoughts going back from the evening, one of them tied into the Covid-19 Pandemic, which is akin the Northeast Power Outage of 2003, which happened after the event identified most often as 9/11. When committing thoughts to written word via a journal, the letters in one sense are irrevocable. Electronically there may always be a copy of the digital version. The written word, as Ray Bradbury identified brilliantly in "Fahrenheit, 451", had a temporal aspect to it. Some electronic version have the ability to be searched in ways written copies do not. Either version provides a means of referencing the other in some manner. In 2017 a documentary was put together entitled: Pressing On: The Letterpress Film. The nostalgia is focused on printing presses prior to consigning newspapers and magazines to computerized typesetting. Going back to 1995 another avenue can be encountered: Sword and Brush: The Spirit of the Martial Arts, by Dave Lowry. Personally, if the note is jotted down on paper and deserves to be committed electronically, do so. If a lesson need be learned, do so on the order of discriminating between the essential and the inessential. At some point, you may pick up your pen and decide to order a DICTOPRO to use with your smart-phone instead.
  18. The justification for the retaliation via governmental force is that the individual diagnosed with Covid-19 has refused to self-quarantine. A criminal is restrained by force from wandering among the non-criminals. Contrast the previous from the following: A Covid-19 diagnosed individual is being restrained by force from wandering among those displaying no symptoms.
  19. Does this follow then? People have a nature. Some people just sleep. No people who just sleep take medications that have been determined to cause sleepwalking. Some people sleepwalk. All people who sleepwalk take medications that can cause sleepwalking. The broader point is with regard to compatibilism. Objectivism holds that choice is a subtype of causality. Compatibilism seems to hold choice as an aberration, a role of the dice, rather than self-governance of a mind with regard to what it accepts and does.
  20. In the event that a carrier is identified, confining them to a specified location by force may be necessary, as one case has been reported about a Kentucky man. Ideas have to be accepted. Buying into "public heath" or "the common good" is a failure to require enough clarity in order to discriminate such crucial differences.
  21. I'm looking at this in relation to a comment referencing Roark in OPAR, tenth paragraph in, disregarding the quote: He may love another person and even decide that he does not care to live without his beloved; but he chooses his love as a complement to his work, and he chooses by his own rational standards, for the sake of his own happiness. I've heard this cited in the past, and your post brought it to mind. Would this be altruism, or a contextual exception?
  22. People have a nature. Some people sleep walk. Some people just sleep. Is this just a derivation in the nature of human beings, or is there an antecedent causal factor that determines this particular fork in the breakdown in this reasoning, or even: am I looking at this wrong?
  23. Let me rephrase my question. Some people sleep walk. Other people do not. All S is P does not apply to sleepwalking in that "all people sleepwalk", or "all people do not sleepwalk." Why are there two groups? What cause lies at the root separating the two groups? Could a chosen idea lie at the root of either 'those who do' or 'those who do not' sleepwalk?
  24. A correction needed: An individual, leveraging a rock to roll down a hill, in the event, brought about that same result (knowingly or unknowingly) is the basis of the differences between homicide, negligent homicide, etc. Why do some sleepwalk? If it can be shown to be the result of ideas accepted earlier in life, would you have a lead to unravel further? This doesn't follow. Where the corpus delicti is, in the case of a corpse, the mind isn't.
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