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  1. I'm not sure what question I'm avoiding. The verdict rendered was guilty. How will discussing it with you change that?
  2. I would consider the jurors as a selective group that is somewhat representative of how individuals are taught to think and evaluate things that are typically outside their fields of expertise. The fact that they are subject to a degree of being rejected by the attorneys involved during the process of selection can augment the field within what is available at the time. Of the four cases that have stood out as having a common theme to me over the years (that I've taken greater interest in anyway), only one of them did not have video taped information to submitted and considered by the jur
  3. It is not the 'amount of time' nor is it 'the degree of focus' that is spent on the information introduced into the courtroom that guides the minds charged with sifting such information into the essential from the inessential. I think Rand is right regarding justice. It cannot cease to exist, though it is possible for men to lose sight of it. She is also right regarding the rise of politics out of ethics. The court system looks at a particular legal aspect from a particular social moral perspective. Where goes the ethic of a people, follow the legal edicts. If your assessment is correct t
  4. I, too, am disappointed in the guilty verdict. Providing the epistemic justification requires being able identify and guide others through judicial landscape presented. Thanks for providing the summation. It was nice having it in one place, unfolding as you presented it.
  5. I would suggest taking an arrowhead and bearskin, heading deep into the Amazon forest or into the ocean depths to study the economics systems established by creatures other than human beings.
  6. You classify chickens as unpaid slave labor? What state would they be in if they were not being domesticated?
  7. Conflicting Conclusions and therefore Conflict of Interest. It is pretty simple from this perspective: "Whatever you choose to consider, be it an object, an attribute or an action, the law of identity remains the same. A leaf cannot be a stone at the same time, it cannot be all red and all green at the same time, it cannot freeze and burn at the same time. A is A." Identify what a conflicting conclusion is. Determine that conclusion 'B' conflicts with conclusion 'C'. Therefore, either conclusion 'B' or conclusion 'C' may be 'A'. Alternatively, the possibility that neither concl
  8. Corrected, albeit you may have to forgive the lack of italics. The quote database interface does not appear to provide for them.
  9. Rand often dips into seeing the philosophic position from an other side, identifying the cause of the conclusion, identifying the error in the position and proposing an objective alternative. This resonates with the advice given by Dale Carnegie: Seek first to understand, then be understood. If she did so in this case, then surely it is available in her "copybook headings". If not, demonstrate understanding in the effort be be understood. Disagreement can be an indicator of where to investigate for the more persuasive element of the subject at hand.
  10. A direct mention of Mr. Thompson's exchange with John Galt would be incomplete without an indication of his fellow friend, fighter, outcast, Fransico's address to Hank Reardon at Jim and Cherryl's wedding. Note the hat tip to the parable of the "important bankers" where the destroyers are introduced.
  11. That helped delineate the thought line, especially the reference to the final scene of the wet-nurse. The For the New Intellectual post had introduced "primacy of physical life", and a quick search showed that the phrase had already gathered some 'social' traction. The Research CD provides a return for "primacy near life" that expanded on this in a literary sense from Chapter 6 of The Romantic Manifesto (105): Such issues as the fact that the primacy of values in human life is not an irreducible primary, that it rests on man's faculty of volition, and, therefore, that the Romant
  12. Andrew Bernstein has oft suggested a value intoxicated being as a 'goal' or practice of the morality of reason. In the afore mentioned context of "primacy of physical life over value", extrapolated from an analogous primacy of existence over consciousness, the role of conceptual consciousness is also touched upon in Galt's Speech to define identities and discover causal relationships. Primacy of physical life over value, as structured, suggests valuing the primacy of physical life more. Is this another recursive structure established on the same/similar metaphysical basis as morality?
  13. It is not hard to find what is described by Prof. Vaknin, agreed. Your elaboration helps to understand better the motivation behind posting of the link here, as well as providing an improved summation of Sam's takeaway.
  14. He speaks at the end of everything being the consequence of choices. He speaks also of actions based on emotions while never bring up or identifying that emotions are the consequences of the ideas chosen and held. @whYNOTa separate thread, an uncommented upon link? Are you tossing out bones here, or do you think this somehow ties in and advocates the roles of reason and morality in shaping the course of history?
  15. It should prove interesting to contrast Dr. Andrew Baker's eyewitness testimony of the cause of death with Dr. Michael Baden's and Dr. Alecia Wilson's later eyewitness testimony of the same. Dr. Michael Baden's eyewitness autopsy testimony regarding Michael Brown was key in establishing the fact Brown was facing, not fleeing Officer Darrin Wilson when Brown had been shot in Ferguson, Missouri back in August 2014.
  16. A bit wider than initially considered. Yet, indeed!
  17. Is the computing power of a bitcoin stored in a bitcoin wallet? Is it part of the exchange, something necessary for a user of a Bitcoin in a transaction needs to understand, or a background process like the printing presses that Federal Reserve Notes are made upon. Even this conversation seems much more complex than need be for understanding a transaction. Granted, I have years of transactions at thousands of cash registers, on both sides of the counters. I've experience credit card transactions as a consumer. Pay Pal added an extra level of complication. Many accept such complications as
  18. That would be "the committee of they" providing the stamp of approval. Arguably a service rather than a finished good or product that can be assayed independently, as in an acid test for the purity of gold. To crypto's credit, the acceptance and use of it is based on mutual consent between the trading parties, for now. Like many things, such as paintings and classic automobiles, moments of fame are granted when new highs (expressed usually in some form of government fiat) are attained. KFC is not expressing the price of a bucket of chicken in a decimal fraction of a Picasso th
  19. Kristoffer Polaha played John Galt in the movie Atlas Shrugged. It's movie trivia to me, but a comment that arose from one of the viewers in the audience.
  20. Federal Reserve Notes are currently fiat by law. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as many other forms of storing wealth, do not share that status. Instead of a tri-metal, quad-metal, etc., approach, the crypt-keepers are tossing their hats in the ring with the other fiat currencies while offering what appears to be a decentralized regulating process. Currently, Bitcoin is the rhodium of the genre.
  21. Wouldn't that be IX/II? Want to tie correlation into Wonder Woman 1984? Consider extending the capricious connection to Kristoffer Polaha.
  22. Many speculators profited during the tulip mania. The Bitcoin phenomenon got me to explore the entrance to the rabbit hole. Metaphorically, like gold, one does not have to own a claim to own a final product of what starts as a claim. Panning river beds and delving into the earth have both yielded fruit. Both mining approaches have had products developed to enhance or improve productivity. To the depth I plumbed the Bitcoin, the above analogy is what I drew in parallel. Still, the claim of paper money is as valuable as gold is only as valid as redeemability goes. An appreciati
  23. *** Split separate discussion into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies ***
  24. Zuby noted how he liked to keep it real, as opposed to saying what he thought his audience might want to hear, and associated keeping it real as a contributing factor to his growing fan base. (around 20 minutes.)
  25. Interesting parallel to Labor day. The May Day I was reared about dealt with a flag pole, ribbons and flitting about. Go figure.
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