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  1. She also used May 1st for implementing Direction 10-289. Perhaps this was meant as a subtle hat-tip toward a Mayday distress signal? Again, hardly numerology.
  2. People have a right to be wrong. Kant is even considered to be evil for his rationalization. As was pointed out, the surgeon, in the thought experiment, by making a false claim, is being fraudulent. Peikoff wrote a case study for the cause of the Nazi Germany Holocaust. Rand wrote an eloquent defense for Kant in For The New Intellectual, pointing out anyone who accepted his ethics or politics, shame on them. The Nuremberg Trials held individuals guilty primarily for actions regarding the concentration camps. It is not a crime to be an evil thinker, provided one does not become an evi
  3. Back to the future. The discoveries of an unprecedented theory of concepts, a metaphysical basis for morality, treatises from the roots of war to it's counter-part in the yet unknown ideal provided by capitalism, await more minds that value them. The Verunca Salts are singing "I Want It Now", while the Oompa Loompas are queueing up for their retort of " Who Do You Blame When Your Kid Is A Brat."
  4. Rand stated in Atlas Shrugged about Aristotle's incomplete formulation "existence is identity" with her offer of completion "consciousness is identification". There are really two parts. The identity that is given by existents. The identification that is provided by consciousness, which also help to have it be maintained for future reference. Peikoff added something for me in his introduction to logic about A cannot be both A and non-A at the same time, and in the same respect. As you point out, reasoning it out as you are grasping it is helpful. In talking to others, you cannot r
  5. @Easy Truth The law of identity has to be grasped conceptually as absolute. You build it from knowledge of the identity of the barking dog and the identity of your location, etc. It is laid out in a few places, OPAR for one, and even though people read it, because not everyone maintains objective import of their terminology, it gets lost in the "translation", if you will.
  6. So another way to put it would be: "What I know is mutable, allowing me to bring my knowledge into alignment with what is true."
  7. Mutable (EN) (a.) Capable of alteration; subject to change; changeable in form, qualities, or nature. If truth is not mutable, how can what you know to be true be mutable?
  8. In a benevolent universe, unless there is reason to expect calamity and/or disaster, cooler minds should prevail.
  9. Whoops. That's 4.8 billion PragerU views, not the referenced video, which has 1.6 million views, in 7 days.
  10. Over a million views per the time “Understanding Ayn Rand”: A Powerful PragerU Video was written. 3/28/2021, 10:47am 4,841,669,000 and scrolling per the PragerU page, two days later.
  11. Yikes. I've listened to "The Money Making Personality" more than once. This is a detail I had not attenuated to in the process.
  12. OPAR, pg. 23 (Objectivist Research CD) The Metaphysically Given as Absolute The Objectivist view of existence culminates in the principle that no alternative to a fact of reality is possible or imaginable. All such facts are necessary. In Ayn Rand's words, the metaphysically given is absolute. Perhaps you're thinking of the '76 lectures?
  13. After watching the final voyage of the Albatross, the overlooked line in the feature, here, is the retort "Skipper" Sheldon provided to the Cuban commander: "Real sailors only need the stars." Unlike the guidance provided by Q-Anon, a compass is a navigational aide that exploits a correlation discovered between magnetic north and the location of the stars in the heavens, depending on the time of year. Francis Beaumont was given the ship's bell at the end. An admiral touch.
  14. In the spirit of leaning toward the religious over the collectivist, Christianity and Culture in an Age of Crisis admonishes readers to build a new culture in the carcass of what is going on around them. (It was a Real Clear Religion provided link.) Rod Dreher, senior editor at The American Conservative, is by far the most discussed author of this group, with his The Benedict Option first appearing in 2017. Dreher’s work casts a vision of Christian life in society that is less interested in steering the cultural ship than it is in fashioning a life raft to get away from the shipwreck of p
  15. No. My interaction has been very peripheral with them. A fireside chat, and a few mentions I've come across over the years. If it doesn't attract people interested in intellectual discussion, this thread is moot. The discussion generated so far on this and a few other threads prompted me to posit this development and reference the principle players I noted in common.
  16. That company does not strike a bell with me. The movie "Wanted" (2008) comes to mind.
  17. Recently an acquaintance posted a plug for a move to watch for the season of lent: Chocolat (2000). The quip offered for watching it was a passage from the sermon offered by young priest Pere Henri. “…we can’t go round measuring our goodness by what we don’t do, by what we deny ourselves, what we resist, and who we exclude. I think we’ve got to measure goodness by what we embrace, what we create, and who we include." Trojan horse is a poetic conjecture. Consider that poetry through another poetic passage. "I have foreshortened the usual course of history . . ." In the same paragraph a
  18. I was looking for this comment that references the video you posted a link to. Daniel Sixkiller Dennis had a conversation with a guy on his fireside chat with a rand enthusiast. Very good dialog
  19. I see Dennis Prager is a co-founder listed in conjunction with PragerU. One of the commenters on the video appears to have alluded to the recent appearance of Craig Biddle on Dennis' Fireside Chat. I was going to cite it here, but I don't see it now. It is raising a few eyebrows on the PragerU side.
  20. Why SkySilk Came Out of Nowhere To Save Parler After Capitol Riot NPR counts mostly on former employees to reveal what kind of company would host Parler.
  21. It was you who had asked about the particular "rightest" & "Objectivist" ratios. @whYNOT just suggested a few avenues to vet it out, and pointed out why such a task is likely futile.
  22. I placed a hold on it at the public library. I would agree, and it kinda ties in with the RPG angle and the Q-Anon numana as well — where the Q points, the Anons head.
  23. I liked the RPG angle analysis and see the Docuseries is to touch on that too. The Vice link lends more credibility to the HBO notice. I was hoping to find White Squall offered for free on Roku. Sometimes, like Gaslight, a movie can shed greater insight onto a term or phrase.
  24. HBO’s QAnon Docuseries ‘Q: Into the Storm’ Believes It Has Discovered Q’s Identity . . . who is Ron Watkins?
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