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  1. It was not intended to be exhaustive. The test and isolate approach make much more sense to me than the lock-downs. You ask if it is moral and just to punish someone who won't die of the virus - whereas I was thinking of only an imposed quarantine while the individual is demonstrably contagious, and the disease of a legitimate objective concern.
  2. In the actions of a criminal, locking them up is to remove them from the community allowed to act freely. The thought behind an imposed quarantine is similar. If an individual is known to have a deadly disease, removing them from where others are allowed to act freely is analogous. In the case of CoViD-19, many of the materials I've seen shared here suggest that this disease does not qualify like the Ebola virus might.
  3. We're celebrating Thanksgiving amid a pandemic. Here's how we did it in 1918 – and what happened next San Francisco had one of the nation's largest anti-masking campaigns, spearheaded by the Anti-Mask League of San Francisco, according to Howard Markel, a professor of the history of medicine at the University of Michigan and co-editor-in chief of The American Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919. Many people refused to wear masks and were arrested, and when the "line into the courtroom was so long, they laid off arresting people because the system couldn’t enforce it," Markel said. Of cou
  4. I like this. It articulates the "burrowing down" aspect in conjunction with the recursive relationship that identity and causality share. This might be related to a machinist handbook where various formulas are offered to evaluate different aspects of consideration regarding material selection in conjunction with various shapes in addition to various failure modes. A rectangular beam, a cylindrical beam - constant cross section, tapered cross section - steel, wood - torsional load, compression load. An nice example of subsequent data augmenting and ultimately supers
  5. This is hardly actionable, and certainly not in the same sense of vehicular manslaughter or negligent homicide.
  6. Your post, @intrinsicist, reminded me of this exchange. I went back to look something up and discovered something that I had overlooked until now. Cherryl had not committed suicide.
  7. If you do not know if you are infected, how do you ascertain if you wrongfully put someone at risk of getting a disease—i.e., initiated an indirect form of physical force—or not? Another way of putting it: Why are you fretting about it?
  8. Will this approach produce a different insight? What precautions have you (@Doug Morris) taken to ensure you haven't contracted CoViD-19 since the last time you ascertained you did not have the disease?
  9. whYNOT's concerns brings to mind "Do you wonder why your morality has not achieved brotherhood on earth or the good will of man to man?" from Atlas Shrugged. While I can't cite all the logical connections, the morality of the denizens gives rise to the politics of the geographical areas they reside. What is unprecedented here is not the pandemic, rather the responses that offer insight to how far things are progressing or have progressed in another sequence offered in the same chapter. "Once, you believed it was 'only a compromise': you conceded it was evil to live for yourself, bu
  10. "We are the cause of all the values that you covet, we who perform the process of thinking, which is the process of defining identity and discovering causal connections." "We are the cause of all the values that you covet. Note, 'cause' is italicized. "We who perform the process of thinking" combines this 'cause' with the actor and sets up the identification of what thought consists of in this context. Thus, thinking "is the process of defining identity and discovering causal connections." In a matter of disagreement, a search to discover a causal connection should lead t
  11. Then a means to identify those who are spreading it should be deployed in order to apply a proper quarantine rationally. Again, an individual should be left free to determine what is best for his health and well being. If you think wearing a mask and steering clear of those who do not is prudent, you would be free to do so. Have your groceries delivered if you are concerned about supermarkets. Do not go to restaurants or gyms, or malls if you think doing so puts your health at a greater risk than you find acceptable for yourself. To hold a person accountable for spreading a disease, they
  12. It is the physical aggression I am taking umbrage with. It is equivocating a force of nature with the initiation of physical force by an individual.
  13. A lapse in driving can result in negligent homicide, vehicular manslaughter yes, just to name two. Someone who has contracted CoViD-19 may not have symptoms. I can't equate inadvertently committing physical aggression with this. In a vehicle, there are several cognizant, prerequisite activities that need to be engaged prior to the avoidable damages that are inflicted.
  14. Inadvertently committing physical aggression? I'm not making that leap. Can you provide a better bridge of understanding for this?
  15. So in a process of thought geared toward defining the identity of the unknown, is the proper response to issue edicts from the hip, so the masses think something is being done by an agency promoted as some carte-blanch, catch-all protectorate? What about letting individual minds assess the available information for themselves and conclude their own best course of action based on the judgement of their own minds?
  16. An interesting intersection. Presentism, Growing Block, Mathematics. Augment this with @2046's "what interpretation of mathematics one wants to endorse". As stated, this would suggest subjectivism. Adding to it both Corvini's and Knapp's verbal and written contributions could support Corvini's concern that certain aspects of math are not only wrong, they are influentially wrong. Stepping to @2046's "what independent metaphysical claims one tends to be wedded to" as 'a combined factor' ... could there be another coin factor here? "Faith and Force" or "Reason and Freedom" as e
  17. @Jon Letendre, is not the time I've allocated to you this far sufficient?
  18. No, I've not been sold on the value said video would add to my life. The parallel it brings to mind is with Jane Fonda. Veterans, not limited to nor wholly inclusive of the Vietnam war have mustered ample evidence to build a case of treason regarding her aid and support of the enemy. It does fall short of rallying a posse to serve as a lynch mob. This is like a Jane Fonda club with a more diverse cast of characters. All can sit back knowing that the office of the presidency, in particular to this claim, is honorable, but the currently appointed steward-to-be is not worthy of the tas
  19. Proven? Under which legally recognized venue did this alleged proof transpire?
  20. An example I was presented with once: Imagine a box floating in outer space. To the box, a vacuum pump is attached. Envisioning a chamber of 12" cubed, the contention is that if everything has been evacuated from the chamber, one is left with a void. There is a context in which this is correct. The 12" cubical void could be filled with a variety of other matter, but it would not satisfy the individual who established the shifting criteria of the thought experiment. So long as the walls of the cube are 12" apart, at least the distance between the walls fill the cavity. The space there
  21. Consider the medium or the craft. Take the case of a forgery. What level of expertise is required to unmask a fraudulent work? Conversely, what degree of skill is required to bypass the expertise available in the philosophic field of aesthetics? In either case, it would be of a higher value to discern the metaphysical value judgments that a particular work represented, with the marginal question left to be discerned when evidence merits addressing.
  22. After the initial reading of your OP, the following excerpt had come to mind. In the second paragraph, Stephen articulates that Rand's definition seems restrictive and goes on in the remainder of the cited passage to provide some supporting reasoning with which to underscore it.
  23. Welcome to OO, RationalEgoist. Rand also said "A definition is a statement that identifies the nature of the units subsumed under a concept." As such, a definition captures the essential distinguishing characteristic. On a different referent, 'man is the rational animal' does not mean that if you encounter an irrational animal, it is not a man.
  24. Here's a haphazard way of approaching it. Ethics Explainer: Naturalistic Fallacy Main take-away: The naturalistic fallacy is an informal logical fallacy which argues that if something is ‘natural’ it must be good. It is closely related to the is/ought fallacy – when someone tries to infer what ‘ought’ to be done from what ‘is’. Naturalistic fallacy: (Wikipedia entry. Doesn't hone in on O.P.) Moral Non-Naturalism (Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) The naturalistic fallacy is very poorly named indeed (a point also made by Bernard Williams; see Williams 1985: 121–122)
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