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  1. Andrew and Bosch have not made much public on the matter, aside from acknowledging the fact of the occurrence. I sent an email to the address in the notification window. If I got a response, I did not notice it. I'm pretty sure they made a mistake. Is it a matter important enough to know for certain? Typically, I vote with my business. In this case, the added complexity is using my carrier to access Amazon and however much longer the chain may be. In the wider picture, boycotting Amazon for a list of infractions, and getting it to spread in a meaningful manner . . . I w
  2. From free money and free banking: The argument that gold is the intrinsically right standard, so people do not need any choice in the matter because the government would only be making them do what is best for them anyway, is a philosophical can of worms that ultimately undermines the moral case for free markets. This is probably why the Ayn Rand Institute, that flagship of right moral political philosophy, migrated its support from the gold standard to a system of free banking with private currencies. Seems the Institute withdrew the Yaron Brooks article. Yaron Brook articles on New
  3. When the local store is out of cat food, and Amazon delivers, it is the product that is being focused on, not the establishment of the establishment running in the background. Real Clear Politics is doing fluff pieces on what BLM is advocating while Amazon's contributions are brought up as an aside in an OO thread. Gratefully occupationally work-from-home-capable keeps the 9 to 5 hours focused on maintaining the supply side of the Amazon equation, where a conscientious objection from the manufacturing side of the equation would remind me that paychecks come from products Amazon pur
  4. An algorithm, from the standpoint, that 500 hours of content is uploaded every minute, is generating plenty of discussion about tech platforms censoring content. Like values, having a broad colloquial usage, and a narrower philosophic refinement, Hank Rearden put his brother on notice of what could be talked about at the dinner table, a form of censuring. Amazon does not let me rate my purchase transactions citing unusual reviewing activity on my account. Aside from an occasional mention, I shrug my shoulders and think "their loss", on both Amazon and the Vendor's end. Other people have r
  5. I don't think Andrew Bernstein gives much of a hoot that Youtube canceled his TruthInPolitcs channel, if anything he is going to consider it a validation and confirmation of what is going on in the culture. The show was simulcast on other websites as well. Canceling President Trump's twitter account followed by canceling the hosing of Parler's app on AWS, Apple and GooglePlay are providing free advertisement in this regard. At 1h:04m—1h:07m into Ep. 3, Andrew is already anticipating the potential of Youtube canceling this particular show, a recognition on his behalf of what is going
  6. The missing episode: https://rumble.com/ve0bm3-ep.-003-academic-cancel-culture-and-the-lefts-attempts-to-stifle-intellectu.html
  7. Andrew Bernstein: "I think that's code for you guys take an uncompromising stance against the left." 1m:02s—1m:08s on the Facebook rendition.
  8. Not a surprising viewpoint. It ignores the question of what is man's creator. Rand described the philosophical wilderness as all but abandoned in her opening essay of "For The New Intellectual". Is the notion behind the fifth column still being taught in history today? Today's destroyers, be they postmodernist, religious zealots, marxist, etc., have to present a position. What is it that Ragnar said regarding brute force pitted against force backed by the intellect? Imagine a fifth column backed by reason rather than an unobtainable (except for short durations) power-lus
  9. The above links to the below in the context of these threads. People make associations/connections between both disparate and similar things. Then there's the coincidence that Gus Van Horn posted his reference to Craig Biddle's interview with Dennis Prager the same morning @Easy Truth shared a further interview with Craig Biddle regarding the matter.
  10. An experimental toothpaste aims to treat peanut allergy A more rational approach to peanut allergy. Interesting to note that roughly 32 million (~10%) Americans have food allergies. The politicians seek to modify the behavior of the 90% (through mask mandates or taxing infringements), while the better scientists strive to inure the 10% of the anomalies that prevent them from enjoying the foods others enjoy without reactive concerns.
  11. When explicit calls to violence are heeded in the absence of a moral foundation, a contributing factor to Amy Peikoff's hands appearing tied in the matter, is a disconcerting shift from the focus of identifying a cause to examining a consequence.
  12. Bloomberg gives Amy Peikoff, Parler, Ayn Rand a plug. (A limited # of free articles/month site.) In July, Peikoff became chief policy officer at Parler, and these days she finds herself working to salvage the controversial social media platform, which in January was driven off the internet in part by the very company she once defended on Fox. Parler, which came back online a few weeks later, continues to promote a hands-off approach to content moderation that is largely being driven by Peikoff, who wrote the rules that dictate what’s allowed on the site, according to two people famil
  13. When a ship returns to port from international waters, the captain relinquishes legal sovereignty to the nation where the port is taken. This differs from space as international waters, as well as "islands" in space that might become nations, in and of themselves.
  14. One person on an island has no need for a provision for protection of individual rights. As you migrate to two or more - at what point on the continuum does fences make for good neighbors move to establishing institutions among men to secure their individual rights? The development of communities in the new world under English, French and Spanish influence as it moved toward the conditions that gave rise to the Declaration of Independence should be rife with case studies to tease out pro and con aspects. As to an intellectual on that front, C. Bradley Thompson comes to mind.
  15. The same provision for a ship at sea on international waters, would be a good place to start.
  16. Thanks, Merjet, for linking to this source. Aside from the many emails wanting to appeal to my vanity, there has been a paper by Greg Salmieri https://www.academia.edu/31776579/6_Egoism_and_Altruism and a review of another of his papers here: https://www.academia.edu/34461803/Review_Essay_of_A_Companion_to_Ayn_Rand?email_work_card=title by Carrie-Ann Biondi
  17. The dolphins and tuna approaches were entertaining as well. Interlocutor, as I reach for a can of tuna . . . "That's not dolphin-safe." Reply: "That's ok, I'm not taking it home for my dolphin to play with." The other one he used was the complaint that the dolphin-free tuna tasted funny. Mind you, these are paraphrased. The man was a consummate entertainer, even though I stopped listening to the show decades ago. "Talent on loan from God" is another one-liner he liked to rattle off. I'd like to think the peace he portrayed having with himself toward the end was not so
  18. That's awesome. I'd like to think my reference to the other stink juice inspired it.
  19. Albeit, the constant introduction of new products, innovations, advances in healthcare, liberty promoting legislation, etc, could be a repetition worth repeating and getting used to.
  20. Just as with inventing, whoever chooses to exercise their capacity to turn barren land into something useful (if they have that capacity) is its owner. Barren land which currently serves no purpose does belong to everyone, in a way (since it belongs to nobody) and nobody has a right to prevent anyone from doing whatever they want with such land. I was thinking of the abandoned mine (in an effort to mine the same reference) in Michigan, visited by the vacationing lovebirds. They had driven across Michigan to the ore mine. They had walked through the ledges of an empty pit, with
  21. Granted, this is not a stand alone essay, but it does cast some light on the role of the mind in maintaining or destroying where the right to property emerges from. Francisco speaking to Dagny at the cabin after she had quit in the wake of Directive Number 10-289: Dagny, you're more fortunate than I. Taggart Transcontinental is a delicate piece of precision machinery. It will not last long without you. It cannot be run by slave labor. They will mercifully destroy it for you and you won't have to see it serving the looters. But copper-mining is a simpler job. D'Anconia Copper could have la
  22. I was exploiting essence along the lines of the 5th context: The predominant qualities or virtues of a plant or drug, extracted and refined from grosser matter; or, more strictly, the solution in spirits of wine of a volatile or essential oil; as, the essence of mint, and the like. I was impressed by their ability to distill action from entity in the manner presented.
  23. "I never thought that any plane would attempt to drop within seven hundred feet of the ground." — John Galt

    Terminal Airspace, Class E reference?

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