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  1. Since morality is man's motive power, there is no spiritual reward one can offer as consequential as one's moral sanction—and no spiritual deprivation as harsh as withholding it. (Note: Listed in order of importance.)

  2. Punctuation marks are the traffic signals of language: they tell us to slow down, notice this, take a detour, and stop.

  3. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

  4. Judge not, lest you also be judged - sounds like the inscription on a 'moral blank check'. It should read: Judge, and prepare to be judged.

  5. In order to understand man, or any other human concern, one must understand concepts. One must discover what they are, how they are formed, and how they are used and often misused, in the quest for knowledge.

  6. When we grasp that all forms of wealth are produced by man's mind and labor, and man's basic freedom of choice is: to exercise his distinctively human cognitive machinery or not - wealth, thus, is a product of choice?

  7. When listening for the voice of reason, it is important not to ignore what your senses are telling you.

  8. The reality at the base of the art of hermeneutics is to clearly identify the standard you are referencing your interpretations to.

  9. If I think I explained it, and you think you do not understand it, was it my ability to explain it or was it your ability to understand it that I don't understand. Could you please explain?

  10. The identity of what we see is not at stake, though the identification we have given it may be.

  11. Causality. The world is just full of it.

  12. The next time you hear a discussion of "Medicare," give some thought to the future—particularly to the future of your children, who will live at a time when the best brains available will no longer choose to go into medicine.

  13. To know the exact meanings of the concepts one is using, one must know their correct definitions, one must be able to retrace the specific (logical, not chronological) steps by which they were formed, and one must be able to demonstrate their connection to their base in perceptual reality. - Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology

  14. Jupiter, by far, has to be my favorite planet to put in the objective lens!

  15. Jupiter looks even larger. With a little practice, you can even make out that stripe.

  16. Jupiter does have moons, at least when the clouds are not obsuring them.

  17. If the process of integration is replaced by and large with a process of association, what does it do to the process of conceptualization?

    1. Mindy


      Association presupposes enough familiarity with the elements associated that encountering one can lead specifically to the other.

      I assume by the process of integration, you mean chiefly concept-formation? If so, think of associated things such as lightning and thunder. One wouldn't think of them as being the same, just associated.

      Is that on topic?


    2. dream_weaver


      This was a rewording from Ayn Rand Letter: 'The Missing Link'. "In the brain of an anti-conceptual person, the process of integration is largely replaced by a process of association."

  18. What Einstein is actually doing is claiming that certain properties of objects (such as speed, length etc) are not entirely objective. But that the values of said properties that YOU will observe from within a certain "reference frame" is not necceasirly the same as the values observed from some other "reference frame". Ie, which seems to suggest that actually these properties...

  19. In Relativity, by Einstein, it appears that he is describing things relative to how he sees them.

  20. Learn how to learn. Once you learn how to identify and integrate the material provided by your senses, it all starts to make sense.

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