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  1. The Pro•me•the•us Dis•connection

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    2. dream_weaver


      I'm finding it a little difficult to envision Prometheus carrying Disconnection itself down to the mere mortals. Would he transport it in a purse, strap it onto his back, or perhaps fill a new wine sack with it lest an old one burst?

    3. StrictlyLogical


      The pro me - the us disconnection ... I missed this on first reading.  There is no "I" in team but there's a "me" and an "us" in Prometheus.

    4. dream_weaver


      And it is close to the intriguing title of a book.

  2. History: Testimony provided via an empirical record that supplies incontrovertible evidence substantiating the law of causality's veracity.

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    2. dream_weaver


      The curiosity is still peaked on this one:

      "To control the consciousness of others becomes his only passion; power-lust is a weed that grows only in the vacant lots of an abandoned mind."

      Why is "lots" pluralized?

    3. StrictlyLogical


      To emphasize the deficiency in multiple areas of personality: weeds each where rationality, valid premises, love of life, knowledge of reality, self-esteem, certainty, respect for others rights etc. all should be.  The weed of power-lust subverts warps or replaces (in its mental variant) what should otherwise be present in each "lot" of the mind, each aspect of an otherwise whole multifaceted mentality of a human being.

    4. dream_weaver


      I was stuck on trying to figure out how compartmentalize could make it work somehow. This makes more sense.

  3. Dagny placed the remnant of the motor into a vault in one of the tunnels; the vault had once contained an emergency electric generator, which had been removed long ago.

    —a thing that made me go hmm. Was it really necessary to bring up the prior content of the vault?

    1. StrictlyLogical


      Man’s mind or reason, his engine for life was also once used in ancient Greece and again during the Enlightenment, and in the face of bad philosophy is once more abandoned with nothing in its place... now another chance at restarting the generator of his life... a rebirth of reason.

    2. dream_weaver


      Atlas Shrugged, the Kelsae Sweet Giant Onion of literature. The chapter Wyatt's Torch just got more intricate.

    3. Grames


      Rand is drawing a parallel between the broken "motor" she found and an electric generator.  Also, in a way what had been removed is now restored (although the "motor" doesn't work yet) foreshadowing some other restoration yet to occur. 

      A vault also keeps private, or keeps a secret, what is within it.  This is yet another foreshadowing of her discovery that John Galt has already secretly been working in the Taggart Terminal.   As the book goes on to show, Galt really has been Dagny's private motivation all along, even before she knew Galt existed.

  4. If the process of integration is replaced by and large with a process of association, what does it do to the process of conceptualization?

    1. Mindy


      Association presupposes enough familiarity with the elements associated that encountering one can lead specifically to the other.

      I assume by the process of integration, you mean chiefly concept-formation? If so, think of associated things such as lightning and thunder. One wouldn't think of them as being the same, just associated.

      Is that on topic?


    2. dream_weaver


      This was a rewording from Ayn Rand Letter: 'The Missing Link'. "In the brain of an anti-conceptual person, the process of integration is largely replaced by a process of association."

  5. https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/physics-needs-philosophy-philosophy-needs-physics/

    This is a limited article site, unless you are a subscriber.
    So far a very pro Aristotelian stance.

    1. merjet


      The URL you show is correct, but the URL "behind" your link doesn't go to the page the article in on. 

    2. dream_weaver


      Thanks. I spliced it the first time. HTML can be unforgiving that way. :)

  6. After getting clearer on where the weeds of power-lust grow, it becomes more obvious that those power-lusters are just pikers when it comes to what is "the most crucial and practical power in human existence."

    1. dream_weaver


      The difference between a heavy fog of passive disintegration and a heavy fog of desultory disintegration only seems to arise when there is a concerted effort to actually cut through the fog.

  7. Sun and Earth are closest for the entire year today. Earth is at a point in its orbit called perihelion, which means “closest to the Sun.” We are about 1.5 million miles (2.4 million km) closer to the Sun than average.

  8. What would you ask Dr. Tara Smith if you had the chance to exchange pleasantries with her over a cup of coffee?

    1. StrictlyLogical


      When can we anticipate being able to buy your next book, and what will it be about?

  9. Attractive woman: "Isn't it odd? When a politician or a movie star retires, we read front page stories about it. But when a philosopher retires, people do not even notice it." Francisco: "They do, eventually."

  10. Learn how to learn. Once you learn how to identify and integrate the material provided by your senses, it all starts to make sense.

  11. In Relativity, by Einstein, it appears that he is describing things relative to how he sees them.

  12. Jupiter does have moons, at least when the clouds are not obsuring them.

  13. Jupiter looks even larger. With a little practice, you can even make out that stripe.

  14. Jupiter, by far, has to be my favorite planet to put in the objective lens!

  15. To know the exact meanings of the concepts one is using, one must know their correct definitions, one must be able to retrace the specific (logical, not chronological) steps by which they were formed, and one must be able to demonstrate their connection to their base in perceptual reality. - Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology

  16. Since morality is man's motive power, there is no spiritual reward one can offer as consequential as one's moral sanction—and no spiritual deprivation as harsh as withholding it. (Note: Listed in order of importance.)

  17. The next time you hear a discussion of "Medicare," give some thought to the future—particularly to the future of your children, who will live at a time when the best brains available will no longer choose to go into medicine.

  18. Causality. The world is just full of it.

  19. The identity of what we see is not at stake, though the identification we have given it may be.

  20. Reality is where we observe causal relationships. Or could it be that perceiving causal relationships is when we observe reality?

  21. If I think I explained it, and you think you do not understand it, was it my ability to explain it or was it your ability to understand it that I don't understand. Could you please explain?

  22. ...."Never argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level, beat you with experience, and bystanders will never know the difference."

  23. Any war declared on an inanimate object cannot go well. - Yaron Brook

  24. The reality at the base of the art of hermeneutics is to clearly identify the standard you are referencing your interpretations to.

  25. Entities are really something. Have you ever noticed that every action has some entity aiding and abetting it?

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