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    dream_weaver got a reaction from MisterSwig in Is the afterlife arbitrary?   
    Consciousness is required to perform the conscious act of proving/proof. Consciousness is required to perform the act of consciousness identified as belief.
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    dream_weaver got a reaction from MisterSwig in Is the afterlife arbitrary?   
    A scientific explanation presupposes consciousness, @OfficerBacon .
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    dream_weaver reacted to Boydstun in Objectivism in Academia   
    I'd like to welcome to Objectivism Online the poster Laws of Biology, who writes in his/her About Me the following:
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    dream_weaver got a reaction from The Laws of Biology in What is the explanation for why some people live according to reason, and others don't?   
    Consider the first six paragraphs of Chapter 3 of Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology: Abstraction from Abstractions.
    Therein lies an example of an objective method of reasoning. (Keep in context all of the chapters of the book leading up to it.) The crux, in my humble opinion is in the third sentence of that sixth paragraph wherein she wrote:
    Some (a very small minority) proceed straight on, by the same method as before, i.e., by treating words as concepts, by requiring a clear, first-hand understanding (within the context of their knowledge) of the exact meaning of every word they learn, never allowing a break in the chain linking their concepts to the facts of reality.
    (This was written with regard to the O.P.)
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    dream_weaver got a reaction from The Laws of Biology in "Don't Look Up" — Climate change: Is there a prevailing view among Objectivists about what, if anything, should be done right now about anthropogenic climate change?   
    While art does impact those who experience it, Leonard Peikoff explained how a picture (or a picture show) is not an argument. (ARI Campus: Ford Hall Forum presentation, and some further commentary by James Valliant.)
    Global Warming has been discussed in many threads on this forum here. Please feel free to explore some of these before launching another thread.
    As of January 23, 2022, there are:
    (53 pages of "Global Warming" mentions.)
    (2 pages of " Global Warming" in title only.)
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    dream_weaver got a reaction from The Laws of Biology in The Objectivist's Creed: Has anyone ever boiled Objectivism down to a short, memorizable statement? (compare: Apostle's Creed)   
    If memory serves correctly, she highlights these also in her essay Philosophical Detection which can be found in her book Philosophy: Who Needs It?
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    dream_weaver got a reaction from The Laws of Biology in The Objectivist's Creed: Has anyone ever boiled Objectivism down to a short, memorizable statement? (compare: Apostle's Creed)   
    Philosophical Detection
    The Ayn Rand Letter
    Vol. III, No. 10  February 11, 1974
    Philosophical Detection--Part II
    I will list these essentials for your future reference. But do not attempt the shortcut of accepting them on faith (or as semi-grasped approximations and floating abstractions). That would be a fundamental contradiction and it would not work.1
    The essentials are: in metaphysics, the Law of Identity—in epistemology, the supremacy of reason—in ethics, rational egoism—in politics, individual rights (i.e., capitalism)—in esthetics, metaphysical values.2
    1. This paragraph essentially rhymes what Mr. Boydston articulated at the beginning of his generous reply. ([T]he idea that Objectivists need a Creed is an insult to them.)
    2. I would suggest that the difference between the two listings comes from an extemporaneous delivery on behalf of the citation from the Ayn Rand Column and the edited for print version initially provided in The Ayn Rand Letter and later reprinted under the title of Philosophy: Who Needs It?
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    dream_weaver got a reaction from Boydstun in Religions in American History   
    Links corrected.
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    dream_weaver reacted to Boydstun in Correspondence and Coherence blog   
    Merlin has not been able to make additions to his blog since early September 2021, due to seriously declining health beginning about a year before. That is the reason for his absence here.
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    dream_weaver got a reaction from William Scott Scherk in The Bobulinski angle on Biden   
    I respect the right of an individual to be wrong. It in no way encumbers me to disavow them of what they choose to believe. Objectivism Online is private property and respect is expected for its owner and the intentions for which access is made available to you.
    Participants agree not use the website to spread ideas contrary to Objectivism. Examples include religion, communism, "moral tolerationism," and libertarianism. Honest questions about such subjects are permitted.
    I see this could use an amendment.
    Examples include, but are not limited to, religion, communism, etc.
    In light of the evidence you have left in your little-examined-by-me wake, I suggest that you address the questions directed to you in matters of Q/QAnon, with a lot less, go out and research it for yourself, and a greater willingness on your behalf to provide a bit more epistemological foundation and providing the rationale that convinced you, rightly or wrongly, when it is requested.
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    dream_weaver reacted to Boydstun in Existence and Similarity   
    William and Doug,
    Electromagnetic waves are not composed of electrons, but of photons. The former are fermions (which cannot be in the same state as another fermion, including particle location), whereas the latter are bosons (which can be in the same state with another boson, including particle location). E-M waves, including radio waves, are quantum waves. They can interfere which each other, as waves, and thereby degrade the ability of the carrier wave of radio broadcast to carry information. (Also, if I remember correctly, in cases of waves in matter, such as ripples on the surface of otherwise still water, interference of waves with each other [cancellation or other alteration of each other] is not essentially due to the impenetrability of molecules [fermions].)
    Of related interest: Energy Wave Theory
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    dream_weaver reacted to Boydstun in Age of Electricity   
    The interviewer in the preceding is Eiuol.
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    dream_weaver reacted to Boydstun in Age of Electricity   
    Philosophy, Engineering - a life, a mind
    Interview of me: 
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    dream_weaver got a reaction from Boydstun in What are you listening at the moment?   
    Vasks, Peteris:The Fruit of Silence
    Astor Piazzolla - Buenos Aires Hora Cero
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    dream_weaver got a reaction from Tenderlysharp in How many masks do you wear?   
    Yamasee War
    The tribes joined together to fight a common oppressor. To suggest that 10,000 years created a dominant trait of indomitable volition brings to mind an inverse of the use of breeding to domesticate livestock. 
    European tribalism and north American tribalism developed different moralities, stemming from different driving mythologies, or "primitive philosophies". 
    The Yamasee War is not something I recall from school. It popped up in a search for slave trade, native american, to flesh out a better understanding of your propositions.
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    dream_weaver got a reaction from Boydstun in Biologists Replicate Key Evolutionary Step   
    Self-replicating with an evolutionary hint!
    Self-replicating protocells created in lab may be life's "missing link"
    “By constructing peptide droplets that proliferate with feeding on novel amino acid derivatives, we have experimentally elucidated the long-standing mystery of how prebiotic ancestors were able to proliferate and survive by selectively concentrating prebiotic chemicals,” says Matsuo. “Our results suggest that droplets became evolvable molecular aggregates – one of which became our common ancestor.”
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    dream_weaver reacted to Boydstun in Federal Budget   
    Appropriations - FY 2022
    FY = Oct. 1 through Sept. 30
    Budgets and Projections
    Thanks to Merlin Jetton for recent remarks and for notice of the site COMMITTEE FOR A RESPONSIBLE FEDERAL BUDGET.
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    dream_weaver reacted to Gus Van Horn blog in Reblogged:If Politics Were Baseball, the FDA Would Be Out   
    Harry Binswanger has already made an airtight case against the FDA; go to him if you need one. Both links are damning, but don't completely overlap.

    Having said that, a quick visit to In the Pipeline this morning has provided two additional strikes against government control of medicine (and drugs in particular), although its author -- like most people today might -- merely hopes for reform of that unreformable, illegitimate agency.

    Having already expressed outrage that the agency's questionable approval of adcuanumab, a very expensive Alzheimer's drug, Derek Lowe notes some interesting fallout.

    I think it is more interesting than he does, especially the following:Private industry to the rescue! you might hopefully add, as I did. Indeed, insurance companies might well perform safety and efficacy testing if there weren't an FDA -- and you can already see here that the profit motive would stop an ineffective drug from getting the de facto seal-of-approval of being deemed worthy of insurance coverage.

    Strike One was the garbage drug approval. Yes. The FDA shouldn't even be at bat: People should be free to take snake oil if they want, just as insurance companies should be free not to cover it.

    But it's there.

    Here's the next pitch, and it comes in the next few sentences of that same paragraph:So a questionable approval of a dubious drug by the FDA might -- despite free-market elements of our economy acting as a partial backstop -- still put everyone on the hook to pay for it. Strike Two. Aducanumab should be a last-ditch drug (or high-end snake oil) for the wealthy, but it might about to be normalized at everybody's expense, instead.

    And here's Strike Three:So much for the whole damned idea that the free market needs government to set safety standards and prevent fraud.

    Abolish the FDA.

    -- CAVLink to Original
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    dream_weaver got a reaction from tadmjones in Have any prominent Objectivists addressed this point II?   
    Let me reword that then:
    As to his stance on what the government ought have done, the context is to leave public individual's health to the public individual and go about upholding the conditions necessary for folk to act freely.
    This does not substantially alter in my mind what I said with the exception of the technicality of terminology. Who knows, it may even spill over into my useage more casually having given that bit of additional thought.
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    dream_weaver got a reaction from Sebastien in "Rite of Passage"   
    @Sebastien, your addressing this post brings to light the omission of what is a "Rite of Passage". In many cultures, this is a ceremony marking a passage from boyhood to manhood, or a transition from a girl to a woman.
    As conceptual beings, Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology refers to various approaches young minds take when acquiring new concepts. She outlines several approaches. 
    Perhaps what I'm asking potentially amounts to wishful thinking. Still the fact such approaches can be articulated implies a superior approach can be desired and sought after.
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    dream_weaver reacted to Doug Morris in "Rite of Passage"   
    I would suggest that instead of a brief, concentrated rite of passage, we need an ongoing process of pointing children in the right direction by precept and example.
    Bad ideas do a lot to hold people back from the conceptual level.  As better ideas spread, we will get better results.
    To the extent that we also write and talk, we will help the process along. 
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    dream_weaver got a reaction from Sebastien in Information Overload   
    I would question the quality of the Objectivist content in contrast to what the talk-show host uses in bringing in and holding new listeners.
    The Mark Scott Show was what introduced me to Ayn Rand's materials, and I had listened to it for a long time before I made the connection. Why? Because what the guy said made sense.
    He talked about current issues and connected them to the relevant principles, and only then might he point out the origin of the principle under examination. In exchange he made his listeners stronger thinkers by challenging their premises and encouraging them to question their convictions in an inviting rather than threatening way.
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    dream_weaver reacted to Sebastien in Information Overload   
    If your line of argument is sound, which I think it is,
    instead of measuring the amount of material when deeming Objectivist content as dear or less dear,
    measure the number of Objectivists.
    If there are fewer Objectivists than conservatives,
    it is not because Objectivism is becoming less dear,
    it is because choosing Objectivism requires more courage than choosing conservativism.
    Therefore, those who remain strictly Objectivist will be stronger thinkers who did not fall off the map when it came time to vote either for Republican or Democrat.
    This is good for us. We are America's Persecuted Minority.
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    dream_weaver reacted to 2046 in Have any prominent Objectivists addressed this point II?   
    To confuse risk of physical force with  initiation of physical force is to confuse a potential with an actual. The whole mandatory vaccination position depends on a Parmenidean worldview in which all that exists is fully actual, combined with disregarding the need to obtain sufficient information to blame any one person for anything. It is the same fallacy employed by advocates of anti-immigration, gun control, and environmentalism. Thank you for helping to make that connection.
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