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  1. Yes, I agree. I will still hold what I think is right over anything else. However I still don't know enough about the philosophy to make a judgement yet.
  2. Hello, my name is Alex and I live in St. Louis, MO. I'm a sophomore in high school. I was introduced to objectvism by my English teacher through Anthem. When he passed out the paper outlining the philosophy I realized that there was a name to my own beliefs. I have been an atheist as long as I can remember. My relatives are all Christians of various denominations, but my parents are not religious at all. I developed my beliefs similar to Objectivism before I had ever heard of it. I always thought everthing could be explained eventually, and if something was for whatever reason unexplainable, to me it was just that. I don't concern myself on how the universe started...I simply do not care. I also don't care to know what happens after I die; I am here living and I'd like to make the most of this life which is certian, rather than "prepare" for another life. I think that when I die, my consciousness will simply cease to exist along with my life and all that will be left is my physical body. I don't believe in the "soul". I know there is more to my beliefs but it's oddly a bit difficult to write them down at the moment. Maybe as I read more of Rand's works I will gain a better understanding of myself. As for my interests, I have many. The career path I plan to take is that of a mechanical engineer. I have always been fascinated by machines, I have always stared at them trying to figure them out. I think my other main interest, paintball, has stimulated this, due to the technology used in the sport. My musical tastes center around pop punk for the most part, but I enjoy related music like rap rock and hardcore, as well as some trance here and there. I listen to it constantly, it's an addiction. The longest I've gone without it was 10 days, when I was backpacking at Philmont in New Mexico. After I got back to base I blasted music for more than 2 hours, it was blissful. I also enjoy mountian biking, skiing, driving, shooting sports (skeet, target rifle/handgun shooting), and videogames. Here I hope to expand my knowledge of Objectivism (learning on my own time is one of my perpetual activities), and I plan on reading more Ayn Rand when I have time. Please excuse any errors, it can be a bit challenging to proofread on the iPhone.
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