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  1. I have all issues up to the present except for Volume 2, numbers 3 and 4. Most are in like-new condition; I am a student and find myself reading them online instead. Only one has a very creased spine (Vol 1, No. 2). *This also includes the physical copies that my subscription has left; I will change my address on TOS's website. It runs out fall of this year. Please send a PM if you want to make an offer. For reference, they are $15 each, on the website, new. I can do paypal, I can make an ebay auction, I would also accept a check in the mail. Thanks for looking.
  2. I'm not convinced America's participation in this coalition is immoral. Preventing Gaddafi from marching into Benghazi and completely squashing the rebellion may strike fear into other dictatorships (and inspire uprising there) that *are* a real threat, like Iran (and perhaps Syria?). I see it is a small risk for a very high reward.
  3. At my high school, Anthem was part of the 10th grade honors track, The Fountainhead in the 11th grade honors track. Everyone had to enter the essay contests. AS was not required reading but the teachers gave free copies to anyone willing to read it.
  4. Greetings from a fellow teenager.
  5. To add to what DavidOdden said: these images help understand the completely pathetic state of Nigerian law.
  6. The North Korean Workers Party elite has reason for celebration; in one year they managed to decrease their country's score 50%!
  7. Thanks for sharing, CICEROSC. The movie looks very promising.
  8. The article is disgusting, but I don't understand why Time's choice is ridiculous (the basis they use is the person's impact, not their admiration for the person). The sad fact is that, economically speaking, he's perhaps the most powerful man in the world.
  9. It should be noted that the award isn't given to a person on the basis of virtue: how many people this year have been more influential than 'Helicopter' Ben? He joins the ranks of Roosevelt, Hitler, Stalin, Obama, Khrushchev... I'm curious how much 'protection' Main Street has once rates are raised and the speculative asset bubble bursts.
  10. How about a dividend stock with good fundamentals, such as BBT?
  11. I wish these people would 'practice what the preached'; why stop at not reproducing, when you could appease Mother Nature by committing suicide? Then the problem would solve itself.
  12. I never met anyone from that group, but I know that they moved from MeetUp to a Google Group. It doesn't appear to be active.
  13. Like bluecherry, I'm in the Philly area when I'm not at college. I've never met any Objectivists from the area.
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