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  1. But even during introspection, aren't we ultimately examining data provided by our senses, ie. the contents of our consciousness? not that I see anything wrong w/ your definition right off the bat....
  2. I quit drinking. Might not sound like much but that's a big deal for me.
  3. Interesting. I wonder what the chart wold look like if instead of "all terrorist attacks" it showed "innocent civilian casualties" caused by those same groups.
  4. lexicograver, It's important to read the original text if you want to learn. That, and meritinacity, if only for meritinacities sake.
  5. The NY Post (in the link above) got just about every headline they posted dead wrong. There's a fine line between being the first to publish a new scoop, and looking foolish.
  6. Nah, the distinction I was referring to is made clear throughout the essay. I was in fact hung up on the wording of that particular sentence for some reason. Tj, I would agree with your last response to me, that's how I' reading it now. With regard to mans rights, if they "come from" anywhere, its from the recognition of the fact that man needs to be free from physical coercion in order to live the life that is in accordance with his nature qua man. Someone else I'm sure can explain this better....
  7. It could, but I think that by wording it this way and introducing the idea at this point in the essay shes purposely reinforcing the idea that "mans life" is fundamentally different than just "life" where ethics is concerned. Man doesn't need ethics because he is alive (that's only part of it), he needs ethics because he has choice. The idea that man cannot survive (qua man) as a sacrificial animal also has its roots in this fundamental difference (life vs. mans life). I'll reread the essay and come back....
  8. When she says life is an end in itself, she means that life (all life) is a "value that is gained and kept by a constant process of action". But notice that she says "just as life is an end in itself, so every living human being is an end in himself", not "BECAUSE life is an end in itself, every living human being is an end in himself". A distinction needs to be made between "life" in a general sense, and "mans life". A mans life is not the means to the ends or the welfare of others because he has rights, specifically the right to his own life and property.
  9. The cow can be a means to some other end because cows don't have rights. What would it mean for a man to be the means to the ends, or welfare of others?
  10. How is it justified for her to blame society for Hickman? What does society owe to an allegedly "exceptional intelligent boy"? Danny, the "Little Street" character sounds like a sociopath. But she doesn't offer any explanation (here) as to why he is what he is, other than a "noble feeling of superiority", and a subconscious one at that. Its amazing how much her idea of the ideal man changed from this time period to the creation of Galt.
  11. Gender roles are societal or cultural, and therefore not metaphysically given. Saying a man has a role in sexual reproduction, while true, doesn't make him duty bound or morally obligated to fill that role according to Objectivist ethics. Reproduction is not the standard.
  12. Funny, I was gong to say the same thing. Im sure you've heard of Mike Mentzer. He was an interesting man and athlete, if not a "hard line" Oist.
  13. Sorry, I was addressing Vazenios (the OP).
  14. What about Rands definition is not satisfying? Im just curious as to why you would need a better definition.
  15. Ive given it some thought. I dont dread her finding someone else, I dread the fact that shes going to feel that she needs to hide it from me. Any insights?
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