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  1. But even during introspection, aren't we ultimately examining data provided by our senses, ie. the contents of our consciousness? not that I see anything wrong w/ your definition right off the bat....
  2. I quit drinking. Might not sound like much but that's a big deal for me.
  3. Interesting. I wonder what the chart wold look like if instead of "all terrorist attacks" it showed "innocent civilian casualties" caused by those same groups.
  4. lexicograver, It's important to read the original text if you want to learn. That, and meritinacity, if only for meritinacities sake.
  5. The NY Post (in the link above) got just about every headline they posted dead wrong. There's a fine line between being the first to publish a new scoop, and looking foolish.
  6. Nah, the distinction I was referring to is made clear throughout the essay. I was in fact hung up on the wording of that particular sentence for some reason. Tj, I would agree with your last response to me, that's how I' reading it now. With regard to mans rights, if they "come from" anywhere, its from the recognition of the fact that man needs to be free from physical coercion in order to live the life that is in accordance with his nature qua man. Someone else I'm sure can explain this better....
  7. It could, but I think that by wording it this way and introducing the idea at this point in the essay shes purposely reinforcing the idea that "mans life" is fundamentally different than just "life" where ethics is concerned. Man doesn't need ethics because he is alive (that's only part of it), he needs ethics because he has choice. The idea that man cannot survive (qua man) as a sacrificial animal also has its roots in this fundamental difference (life vs. mans life). I'll reread the essay and come back....
  8. When she says life is an end in itself, she means that life (all life) is a "value that is gained and kept by a constant process of action". But notice that she says "just as life is an end in itself, so every living human being is an end in himself", not "BECAUSE life is an end in itself, every living human being is an end in himself". A distinction needs to be made between "life" in a general sense, and "mans life". A mans life is not the means to the ends or the welfare of others because he has rights, specifically the right to his own life and property.
  9. The cow can be a means to some other end because cows don't have rights. What would it mean for a man to be the means to the ends, or welfare of others?
  10. How is it justified for her to blame society for Hickman? What does society owe to an allegedly "exceptional intelligent boy"? Danny, the "Little Street" character sounds like a sociopath. But she doesn't offer any explanation (here) as to why he is what he is, other than a "noble feeling of superiority", and a subconscious one at that. Its amazing how much her idea of the ideal man changed from this time period to the creation of Galt.
  11. Gender roles are societal or cultural, and therefore not metaphysically given. Saying a man has a role in sexual reproduction, while true, doesn't make him duty bound or morally obligated to fill that role according to Objectivist ethics. Reproduction is not the standard.
  12. Funny, I was gong to say the same thing. Im sure you've heard of Mike Mentzer. He was an interesting man and athlete, if not a "hard line" Oist.
  13. Sorry, I was addressing Vazenios (the OP).
  14. What about Rands definition is not satisfying? Im just curious as to why you would need a better definition.
  15. Ive given it some thought. I dont dread her finding someone else, I dread the fact that shes going to feel that she needs to hide it from me. Any insights?
  16. True. I guess any friendship with the possibility of mutual sexual attraction is what I meant. Not that friendship in general doesnt have its complexities.
  17. My boss at work is an older woman, our friendship turned into a sexual relationship fairly quickly after beginning my work there. It turned into a 4 year relationship that has recently ended. Its bizzare because we were best friends throughout the relationship, and the sexual aspect ended quite a while before we parted ways. Now Im in the odd position of not hoping to get back together, yet still dreading the day that she finds someone else. Yes, friendships with the opposite sex are very complex and difficult in the long term.
  18. Im probably in no position to help, because you sound alot like myself. After many years of pursuing subjective and irrational values I came to a point when I had completely forgotten how to desire or want anything in particuar. I forgot how to value things, and how to pursue values. I was paralyzed in the face of even simple choices due to a complete lack of any motivation to live. (to live is to pursue values) I say this in the past tense, but I still struggle daily. You need to automatize positive actions in your life no matter how small. In fact youll need to start small. Pick a few things that you could see yourself doing and enjoying (I know it can be tough) that will be positive for your mental, physical or spiritual health. Maybe pick one thing for each, thats what I did. (reading/learning, walking/excersizing, stargazing for example) Notice that theres no direct social aspect to these activities (I didnt pick clubbing), Ive decided that I need to learn to be happy with myself before I put myself out there. Pehaps a mistake, but I dont think so. Just keep plugging away, and dont pursue any activity that goes against the achievement of your simple, but stated goals. Its hard to think long term for you Id bet. It is for me. But thats just what you have to do. It helps to write stuff down, goals, things that made you smile, that kinda stuff. Good luck.
  19. No you dont have to pay to get on the list, just sign up. There is no contract. Im still trying to find the correct answer to the question of the limited supply. I mean, these are hand made, certainly not mass produced items, so thats a part of it. But is the company keeping the supply artificially low? I dont know. I was always under the impression that perfection takes time, and this is more a "labor of love" sort of thing. But supply is not meeting demand, and Im of the opinion that if someones willing to pay 15K over retail to get one now, thats their business. Ive run into quite a few people who think otherwise.
  20. Thanks for the reply. I was under the assumption that the availability of large glass blanks suitable for making premuim lenses, and the small size of the company itself were the driving factors behind the limited supply. Maybe I should check that assumption. But yes, they certainly charge below market prices, in fact this latest run at 19K is by far their most expensive new scope, yet still below market value which my estimates would put at about 33K.
  21. Youre opinions please on the morality of cashing in on a scarce luxury item. To be specific, AstroPhysics is a company that makes premium medium/large refracting telescopes in small, closely controlled batches. People go on waiting lists for 10+ years to get their hands on a new telescope from this company, and used examples regularly sell for thousands more than the original owner payed. They have just finished a production run of 175mm refractors, and will be releasing them to people who have been on the "large refractor list" for upwards of 12 years, they will sell for just over 19K. Whats youre opinion of someone who uses their spot in line simply to turn arounf and sell the scope for 35K? And please note, the owner of the company requests that people who buy a new scope use and enjoy it, not flip it. In fact if you are known to have done this in the past, you wont be allowed to purchase another new scope from AP. Another issue all together is that AP knows they can get double what they charge for their new refractors, yet still make them available at a small profit in order to get them into the hands of people who will use and enjoy them. But lets focus on the morality of flipping a new scope for profit for now. I hadnt planned on being nearly this long winded...... j..
  22. Faith as an enduring state of mind, (as contrasted with reason) is what most Oists mean when they say faith is not a means to knowledge, I think. Ive heard (and said) it before, and it isnt the clearest way of getting the intended message across.
  23. I dont understand the distinction. Anyone familiar with Rands ideas would not qualify contradictions in a philosophy with the word "mere". Thanks to the OP for posting this, I hadnt seen it.
  24. Dont you wish it were that easy sometimes? Reality be damned, I refuse to engage!
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