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  1. Peikoff's past work is certainly of value, but a lot of what he says in his current podcasts seems very strange. When I first got into Objectivism I bought and read OPAR and listened to all of Peikoffs previous podcasts, it was useful for absorbing everything and seeing how all these abstract principles applied in everyday situations. Since then peikoff has said a few strange things, most notably -The government should bomb that mosque in New York -some stuff about transsexuals, I believe a few things he said were just factually untrue or highly exaggerated -The things he's said here about consent to sex.
  2. I find it hilarious that the same young liberally oriented people who are calling for an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are now calling for the U.S to send troops to Uganda. It's interesting how effective emotional appeals from young children can be to get people to switch their views so quickly.
  3. I really don't understand this attitude some people have that in order for homosexuality to be a "legitimate" or moral thing it has to be absolutely the result of biology in the form of some gay gene, or gay hormones. If your attracted to someone of the same sex, then your attracted to someone of the same sex, where precisely this attraction came from, from the point that you were conceived to the point that you start feeling sexual attraction is irrelevant. Looking at this contention that people become gay because of the view that "women are to be worshipped but not desired", as well as it would gel with a certain view of popular morality seems to be total speculation and not supported at all by evidence and I don't think the rejection of that little bit of theorizing on Branden's part has any impact on Objectivism as a system. I don't believe there is one definitive scientific understanding of the cause of sexual orientation and the speculations of some specific people on this one concrete issue does not affect the validity of Objectivism as a whole.
  4. You can't really call Anonymous a terrorist organization because it isn't an organization. Anyone can do anything, post a picture of a man in a suit with no face, attribute it to anonymous and technically be correct because that's how it works. Hence the name.
  5. I think most of the people who refer to Objectivism as a cult aren't so much referring to contemporary people who read Atlas Shrugged, and some Objectivist non-fiction then agree with it, so much as they are referencing the relationship that rand had between herself and her mostly younger followers and friends who read atlas shrugged as it was being written (Peikoff, Greenspan, Branden) As far as I can tell that characterization is inaccurate
  6. I saw Immortals and actually thought it was one of the worst movies I have seen in a long while I get some people here seem to like the movie because they feel the hero exemplifies x, y, z good virtures, but I don't think that makes up for juts generally poor filmmaking. I just found myself being incredibly bored throughout the whole thing, all I could think was "ok so they titans are relased in 15 minutes?, nope half and hour of random stuff" and then once the titans do get released despite the fact that their described as being just as powerful as the other gods, just on the losing side of a past conflict, instead of doing that weird warping teleport thing that the gods used to get to the titans prison, they choose to crawl around on the floor like spiders, you'd think that if you were an all powerful god imprisoned for 10000 years who had just escaped you would find something better to do than crawl around on the floor and wait for someone to kill you. Lets not forget the costume design, especially for the gods, oh my god, the hats, the hats, they were the most ridiculous costumes I had seen in a long time, don't know how anyone could be able to keep a straight face while listing to those gods talk back in forth with their divine combination of a salad strainer and ceiling fat strapped to their heads. Beyond that I thought the characterizations were very poor and shallow with Mickey Rourke's character being almost comically evil, its like the writers were just sitting around brainstorming ways they could get the audience to not like this guy, but instead of picking one to establish the character they picked 12 so he never develops beyond that, "ok so first he kills a puppy, so the audience knows he's a bad guy, then he goes on to kill a baby, then he defaces public property with an elderly woman being forced to watch as he draws graphic depictions of genitals". Say what you want about the protagonist but as far as I'm concerned he was just a dime a dozen generic good looking action movie hero whose job was simply to look pretty and punch things Above all else this movie just felt like a bunch of producers with no creativity wanting to recreate the success of 300 by randomly flipping through a book of Greek history / myths and selecting a random page and whatever story they land on trying to shoehorn it into the framework of the modern action movie. I was not impressed.
  7. I don't think it's so much a matter of claiming a right to certain geographical ranges of the ocean, so much as it is claiming rights to the specific groups of fish that are used for fishing. I recall hearing someone ( I believe it was Alex Epstein) talk about how in the early days of oil wells if someone discovered a deposit of oil, people would buy up the land around where they discovered the oil, then tap the same oil deposit and quickly drain all the oil without the consent of the original discoverer. The example was meant to illustrate how property rights must be instituted in different ways depending on the specific sort of property. I would imagine that a similarly unique institution could be put in place for fish populations.
  8. I don't see how the recent revolutions in the middle east could influence North Korea, As far as I know North Korea's population has absolutely no contact with the outside world save for some contact with a few radio stations broadcasting over the South Korean border, but I doubt any information passed in that way would be able to penetrate deeply enough into the country to spur any action.
  9. I didn't even know anti-polish racism was a thing that existed in North America, What reason would someone even have to not like the polish of all ethnicities?
  10. I can't say I would have the courage to counter protest a large OWS demonstration, The kind of people at these things seem like exactly the type that if they wouldn't explicitly attack you, would do something else unpleasant like spit or throw garbage or food at your way.
  11. I think you people severely over analyzing something which is, in fact, a piece of amateurishly written furry porn. This is just the work of some dude, trying to pass off his weird fetish for anthropomorphic rabbits fucking in a graveyard as some magnificent piece of art. Dude, you wrote a piece of porn, a piece of weird furry rabbit porn where people have sex in a graveyard. Beyond the fact that you occasionally spout off that the characters(if you could even call your weird rabbit people that) spout off that they think life is meaningless, I really don't see any deep philosophical meaning in the work, and why should there be. I watch porn all the time, but I don't feel the need for the actors to start spouting off philosophical observations while they have sex, and I don't feel the need to justify what I'm watching by saying its some great piece of art or social commentary. You like to get off by writing weird stories where rabbit people have sex, ok, accept that and realize that other people are going to think that's odd, and unless they share your niche fetish, they are not going to be interested in your sex stories, and they are not going to be kind to the story if you try and pass off your fetish as art.
  12. I was on the anti-facebook bandwagon right up until I graduated high school, now I'm on it all the time simply because it the easiest way to stay in contact with my friends who despite living in the same city, have different schools/places of work, making Facebook the easiest way to stay in contact. I can understand where the anti-facebook people come from though, if I had gone twenty years without interacting with my highschool/college friends I probably wouldn't care to reconnect with them via the internet.
  13. You were surprised that the daily show cut up an interview and took statements out of context to make the interviewee look stupid? Thats like their M.O.
  14. This seems to be a common use of xtranormal, using it to argue with an imaginary opponent, here's a lovely one from a liberal of some sort that although being mostly stupid has some mildly entertaining remarks about homosexuality and serves to illustrate my prior observation.
  15. Your saying that space isn't a vacuum, and has a bottom for these gases to rest on, right.
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