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  1. http://www.atlasshruggedpart1.com/ I'll just leave this here. I did some background research, and it's very legitimate. We can expect Part 1 of 3 on April 15th, 2011. Enjoy, friends!
  2. Thank you, Maken! I'm only 17 myself, so I can't exactly say I know much about raising a child either. I'm not looking for parenting advice, though. I'm more curious about what her views on how to treat and educate children were. She does discuss the pasts of her characters in Atlas Shrugged, but they seem so overly romanticized and self-taught as to be somewhat unrealistic. It's almost like they were just born with her philosophy instilled in them. Is this her view? Or would an Objectivist argue that there is a certain way you must educate children so that they grow up to be intelligent, inte
  3. "We're actually going to talk about WikiLeaks. That might be fun!" God. I hate Mike Huckabee. Such an ignorant fool. I'd vote for a Democrat before him.
  4. So, I've read Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, Anthem and many of Rand's essays. I'm not exactly a stranger to Objectivism at this point. But there are a few things that surprise me that I'm seeing. It is very possible that I'm just misunderstanding though, so I have come here with my questions. I find that I agree with most of her ethics, her epistomology, her metaphysics and her economics. My main issue is with her psychology. 1. She appears to show a preference as to what sort of roles men and women should play in society. She is even quoted as saying (not verbatim) that women should
  5. I loved how he took her down. As a Jew myself, I am very biased, though not without good reason I should think, against organizations such as Hamas. She stood up, in all her self-righteous glory ready to try and crucify him, and he turned it right back on her effortlessly.
  6. Certainly! I mean, the way way we spend our lunch time is a very strong indication of our moral character as human beings, right? That means everyone is definitely entitled to lunch. We should totally all pitch together and pay for it. Jeez. Some policies make me sick these days. Everyone would like to assume that everyone deserves everything just because people are human, without catching their own redundancies, let alone contradictions. I'm just waiting until the government passes a law stating that everyone has a right to internet or something... Hold up, didn't the US try that recent
  7. Life expectancy is not directly related to health care. To some extent, yes, but not absolutely linked by any means. There are a number of other conditions that must be taken into account as well. For example, obesity is a very large problem in America, but that is a reflection of poor judgement rather than quality of health care. In addition, life expectancy is just a number. The equation is very simple; you take the ages that everyone that has died in the country over the past ~10 years and average them all. Such a statistic has no inherent meaning. In addition, you should point towards h
  8. Both the right and left wings have become ultra-statist over the past decade and a half, it's just a matter of where they want more government control. Rather than two separate parties, it's more like two heads of some fearsome dragon, connected to the same body. The "far right" isn't about free-market capitalism at all. Radical conservatives (in the political sense of the word) want less controls on the private sector and more on drug use, religious practice and schools. Radical liberals (again, only in the political sense) want more freedom for religion and drug use, and want to clamp down o
  9. The world must wake up and realize the moral and rational contradictions involved in government health care. Everyone talks about how people could be made healthy and longer life expectancy and the like with government funding, but nobody bothers to go deeper. No one asks where that cash will need to come from, and it will have to come from everybody. I will have to pay for another man's health care, a man whom I have never had the chance to judge for myself whether they are worth my savings or not. How is that just? How is that fair, for those that wish to see nothing but fairness between peo
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