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About Me

As of the moment i'm banned from posting new topics or followups to any of my original posts. I was not given any warning, I was simply locked out. I felt I should have been told whether my problem was posting etiquitte, too many topics, posting things believed answered on the board before, or perceived irrationality.

Perhaps my debating style was resented (making seemingly extreme statements of what Objectivism appears to allow, because I haven't seen anything saying it doesn't since in a world with no rules except preventing violence and fraud ANYTHING goes) yet I thought I was doing by example what Ayn Rand was doing - creating a caricature, the most extreme examples of what a given type of thought leads to, to help people more easily see the reasons Objectivism is not more widely accepted for allowing what others believe to be insanities.

I first made one post putting many things in the same post and was suggested by someone to break them up into individual posts so it would facilitate single topic discussions. So I then split up the argument into pretty much all of the points of contention I had and got myself forbidden from followups. Because I am only with internet access a few days per month I have to post it all in the day or two I have off usually, in the hopes that seeds planted will yield an interesting discussion when I can follow back up in a month. I'm sorry if I spammed too many topics. :(

I consider myself pro-Objectivist and I respect Ayn Rand. I have not gone through all of Ayn Rand's work yet, I am in the process of slowly doing so. I posted on topics which I either did not remember covered in my brief overview of her work in the past, or which i've had raised against me when I was debating in favor of Objectivism and I found myself without a proper answer. So far it only seemed to cover the rights of the individual and keeping government out of economic enterprise. Where that comes into conflicts with modern statecraft, or with psychology, is where I was trying to have a discussion.

I'm not trying to make others do my work. I'll get through all the Rand eventually. I was just in a process of self study and self discovery and perhaps it shouldn't have been made public.

I was arguing a number of devil's advocate and contrary opinions because I am trying to personally validate all of the axioms of Rand's thinking. Objectivism is not widely accepted because many people believe it's not the best solution to the problems being faced. I was not yet convinced mass irrationality is the only possible reason why.

I'll explain more to anybody that wants to write me.

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