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    I am retired and invest in stocks now. I am not a philosopher by profession, but my observation of overall social situation in India (‘untouchability’, religious schisms, oppression of ladies, poverty consequent to orthodox fanaticism despite a huge pool of intelligent and open-minded people) + reading of American books (in particular Ayn Rand) etc led me to think about the effect of philosophy on human societies. But I have had no chance to air these views because of social surrounding etc. (and experience showed that reasoned arguments bring only disadvantages). Nowadays there is more openness in some social strata, and there are better minded people available, but there are a lot of barriers for me to join them because of age etc. Also, despite education, I am not Internet savvy – in fact only in 2008 I came to know that it is possible to join large groups of discussion like this one. (After seeing some Objectivist sites, I was pained to note that the small following of Objectivists is also a heavily divided community, with some groups considering each other to be bigger enemies than the erosion going on in America. I am neutral to these groups because it is not possible to go into these details. I wish to discuss ideas with people where a lot of agreement is seen.) I have some thoughts in particular about the erosion of reason in the US, the country specifically built on reason as its foundation. Hope that I will have a good exchange of ideas with members here.
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  1. S/W N This is a very big topic, but some answer to it will come in my next post. Only one site had some discussion about this post (10 comments); on all other sites it was generally neglected. I thank the few who responded – it is courageous to encourage when all others choose to neglect a controversial topic. Fortunately nobody stamped me as racist – that allegation is normal if one just mentions what is openly going on in politics despite it being obvious that if one upholds the original constitution of America one cannot be a racist. From one angle Ingram’s comment (on TP Nation) is co
  2. The background to this OP is my response (no 19) to the OP “How big of a problem is racism in the USA?” in Domestic Politics in Current Events. The reader is urged to read that post prior to reading this one. Following is just an introduction to my long write-up on erosion due to democracy and misuse of race / religion in it. PART I Like many Americans I have always been politically conscious and intellectually active and during the course of it I have stumbled upon a principle I have called as “The Established Norm” – that the man who contributes so highly to civilization as to be ca
  3. There is lot of discussion about this topic on the Tea Party sites where I am a member – at the end I made the following generally self-explanatory post to start my long OP on related issues which have now become very serious. XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XX The huge misunderstanding and undeserved guilt amongst white Americans about the topic of racism due to history of slavery, their demoralization due to democracy aggravated by the whole world hating their success (including internal haters), makes me repeat a few lines as introduction to this post
  4. ‘Challenge to hi-fi’ in this post will give the reader idea of severity of America’s problems today. Response took time because I waited for late comments and then other distractions came in; also this is a difficult topic. (Answers to main comments -- danb1215 on Freesteader, Lizzie and Bob Newton on TPN, Nicky and Secondhander on Obj Online are given in this post. But being longish, the most important part, viz. ‘Challenge to hi-fi groups’ is given below, rest is available in the link http://share.cx.com/5bFYWm ) danb1215 on Freesteader: I can't keep up with all of the acronyms and abbr
  5. MODIFYING CHRISTIANITY TO SAVE AMERICA This post is shortened to the extent possible. But the link to its longer version is given at the end. As part of comments on earlier OP “Can Christianity Locke Rand Mises Save America?” I said “Protestant religion is unique and a minor change can be made to it to save America”. There is extreme critical attitude amongst several intellectual groups about Christianity and a typical comment, partly quoted, was – “Christianity is THE problem with the West. On its own it is dangerous, but when you secularize it you get the Left. I doubt we would have se
  6. S/WNerd, thanks to you and several others for taking time to read the file, though yours was the only reply. This post / file was a follow-up to a previous post I made on other boards. You can see it and the replies to it Title: CAN CHRISTIANITY, JOHN LOCKE, VON MISES, AYN RAND OR ANY COMBINATION SAVE AMERICA? http://www.solopassion.com/node/9748 Another reason why I referred to it is because my next post will be built on several replies to my statement in the discussion that modifying Christianity should save America beyond this point. My next post will be expl
  7. The attached file is a brief study (my original writing) of a typical Dem-President after the New Deal. See Link -- http://share.cx.com/fkGKJ (you do not require CX account, password etc, just click the link and click Download). It describes the politicians promoted by democracy who have displaced the Founding Fathers (FFs) – FFs have no chance against them because of the doles dependent vote block of parasites and the divisions amongst individualists. The description / derivation leads to what I have called as “the ultimate compelling argument” against the welfare state, which I claim will ev
  8. VcatoV: America was too big a happening in man-kind’s history – the climax of rational man’s aspirations for civilization, as I have called it elsewhere. It could not have got built over-night, nor could it have got destroyed so easily – it has withstood huge erosion / onslaught, and even today standing as the greatest country with several positive attributes – but today severely eroded and in danger also. To talk about it (i.e. to describe the phenomenon of America), to reform it for the better etc, cannot be done so very easily, the way we see discussions on internet forums – there are a few
  9. Jay R: If you don’t vote, you have already given up the fight – as a rational citizen you don’t give up so soon, till there is a chance to fight. As per Ms Rand, you vote for the least evil, which is a very sensible principle. If Objectivists were to fight on their own, they would get very few votes -- far from being popular, as I read on some forums, they are quite unpopular, the Libertarians are better off on this score. So they have to “choose the least evil” of the two equally bad big parties. We are now talking about forging a third alternative which could be far less evil than these two
  10. Nobody is making or preaching any compromises. One has to LOUDLY declare one's own premises, maintain philosophical differences -- and let it be known properly that of the available choices I choose this one because it is the least offensive or evil from my point of view. When you vote either for a Democrat or a Republican what big purity of philosophy do you maintain? They hold the same premises as Objectivism -- so that the communists have finally entered the white house? I suggest that you re-read "Anatomy of Compromise" particularly with reference to declaring one's premises properly. In
  11. VcatoV (and others sharing the enthusiasm): That letter to Beck at a very young age is quite impressive -- the mark of a good politician / worker in the making. (I saw it only today else I would have got in touch earlier). Unfortunately, I did not see any follow-up action. Your analysis about democracy is quite correct, but only in parts, because it is not holistic. You will not believe, but the best civilizations (namely Greek and Roman -- and today Western) have collided against this problem AND COLLAPSED. One of the best studies of this problem belongs to Plato -- yeah, it is as old as that
  12. Maximus Thanks. That was good advice. There is also a post by VcatoV about deterioration of democracy (his letter to Glenn Beck which I read after making this post) -- he and the responders there seem to be quite enthusiastic, I want to draw their attention, if something can be done. Is the Current Political Turmoil in America an outcome of Intellectual Paralysis? The current recession has deepened the social divide in the US to really worrisome levels. People are cursing and abusing rulers in manners fitting to primitive societies. Though talks of secession, separate currencies, call t
  13. On several of the web-forums that I visit, I have seen people abusing politicians in manner befitting only primitive societies. ‘Grave’ would be a very mild word to describe the divisive emotional atmosphere in US (e.g. resorting to racist abuses / charges etc). With the proclaimed communists having entered the White House, I believe it is well past the time that people with similar political goals, viz. a small, restrained government and maximum freedom to the individual, came to an understanding for the purpose of reducing this government, while maintaining and declaring differences amongst
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