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  1. Indeed, there is no lawful reason for denying same-sex marriage. I don't see a world where a bonafide Objectivist could argue against homosexual consensual matrimony.
  2. Enjoy guys! Just to note a few similarities of tantamount importance: "For a woman qua woman, the essence of feminity is hero-worship--the desire to look up to man." - Ayn Rand "If you have a more feminine sexual essence, your professional life may be incredibly successful, but your core won't be fulfilled unless love is flowing fully in your family or intimate life." - D.D. Both authors share the same ideal of masculinity and its opposite. Another quote by D.D: The imagery of Dominique is perfect here, and Rand's characterization of how Roark responds to her is just so consistent. That in Dominique's most brutal "testing" her secret desire was that Roark could not be broken...the harder she pushes for hurting Roark, the more she admits to herself of the depth of her love for him, that even when she succeeded she still could not hurt him and that he still completely dominated her in mind and body. And the later part of the book when Dominique leaves Roark and returns to test him and see if he will abandon his purpose, in that moment truly acting as if she wanted just that, and Roark of course knowing that deep down it would be a betrayal of his own values, and that Dominique would grow to resent and hate him for it if he would submit to her impulse...
  3. I read this book before I was self-acquainted with Ayn Rand and it helped me understand Dominique's character with remarkable accuracy immediately. Randomly, I felt the urge to reread it (although I skip the fruity text and just read the laws), and now I am curious as to the opinions and reviews of the many respectable members of this forum. Personally, I think combined with Ayn's ideals the two works synergize for a very healthy view of masculinity. My understanding of these values has brought me new freedom in my sexual life and I couldn't be happier. I whole heartedly recommend reading the book. PS. Link here: http://smilyanov.net/download/pdfs/The%20Way%20of%20the%20Superior%20Man.pdf
  4. Thanks for the responses, but I know why Mike and Roark get along--I get why someone else would describe Roark in such a fasion as well. I was merely wondering whether the quote is actually in reference to a physical event in the plotline. No superintendent or contractor is ever introduced, this is before Roark ever built his first building, he (seemingly) is in no position to actually annoy anyone. It seems to be a short few lines that came out of no where in reference to nothing at all (plot-wise), which is obviously very uncharacteristic of Ayn.
  5. It's when Mike asks Roark if he knows anything about some super[intendent] who describes Roark as the most "stubborn and the lousiest bastard he's ever been up against." I have no idea where this is in connection to at all, I've never understood it, even re-reading this book for the umpteenth time =( Any thoughts?
  6. I know this may be better suited to the Political Philosophy section, so forgive me if this is the case. Nonetheless, I'm currently in an ongoing discussion about Objectivism with a law student and I was wondering if there are any trials which can really be broken down to fundamental Objectivist principles. I'm particularly hoping for a case where someone's Right to Life/Private Property was wronged and the court upheld it, but only to be corrected in Appeals Court (or the Supreme Court). Any suggestions are much appreciated!
  7. It was one phase in my pursuit of enlightenment. From hypnosis mind control philosophy, to NLP manipulation philosophy, to mature seduction philosophy. All this mixed with Decartes, Beginner books on Quantum Physics, Zen and so on. One day I read a journal update of a close friend I have much respect for...and he commented on just having finished Fountainhead. I saw that name popup in my Creative Writing class and I turned it into my final project. The rest they say, is history. There are still many questions unclosed for me. Is dating until you are dead an unproductive, ie immoral way of living? Does a soulmate really exist? Is monogamy the result of a collectivist, sexually respressed society? I always had a problem that Roark only fucked Dominique. I understand why it works with plot and characterization, but I still never liked it. In fact, Ayn is specifically vague about Roark's sex life (paraphrased:) Wynand: Either there were not many, or you are very discrete. Roark: There were not many. For one thing, we know that Dominique was a virgin prior to Howard, but we don't know if he was. All her characters seem to be magically amazing in bed as an innate skill, yet if someone wants to objectivily improve their sexual ability, they risk the title of 'manipulative second hander' if they choose to learn the art of seduction. Thoughts?
  8. Hey Castle, When you saw what worked, would you post that method online? Would you back up those claims with lay reports? Would you care about participation in online forum activity--that's what I'm wondering about. I too love it's idealism, for me it was a primitive precursor to a fully integrated philosophy, ie Objectivism. Though relatively young, I posted a few stories and insights, my earliest comprehensive journal. Now as I approach the achievement of finishing every book Ayn has to offer, I read: Which is completely true--which made me cringe in memory of sharing some truly deep moments...At least it was a private forum unaccessable without knowing the leader in person...Who interestingly enough, was my polyamorous Ballroom & Latin instructor--involvement in the Seduction Community has lead to unique opportunities. Thing is, I'm undergoing a conflict of values, and I'm not sure how I'll resolve it as of yet. For one thing, I'm only interested in women of high self-esteem, who happen to make the best canditates for the art of short non-fiction sex writing--ie lay reports. But should these stories ever be expressed in the first place...?
  9. Interesting replies. What are your thoughts on the concept of Field Reports, where PUAs' post the observations of their individual application of pickup philosophy?
  10. http://forum.ObjectivismOnline.com/index.p...t=0&start=0
  11. What's the general Objectivist outlook on said industry? I define 'Seduction Community' as publicized by Neil 'Style' Strauss in The Game to everything commercial nowadays -- directly or indirectly -- related to that beginning. I imagine many points can be made for either side and I am curious to hear the intellectual responses... Thoughts?
  12. Good sir, allow me to enlighten you: Evidence to the contrary I think you may be referencing DotA RoC by Guinsoo, or at best; early IceFrog on TFT, however aesthetics is a field thoroughly integrated by this particular animal oddity of a software architect. Not to mention, DotA 6.66b is the current standard. The days of the same fifteen heroes played over and over went drastically with the nerf of the blink dagger, the 2150 gold fabled dagger of Kelen [fastest assassin ever to walk the lands of Azeroth] created a tight circle of viable heroes capable of utilizing a fast escape tool to its potential. In roughly 6.46b, where competitive DotA was at its height, this was the norm. Things are vastly different now. I figure that DotA on the TFT engine is nearering a masterpiece completion. This magnum opus will come out before Vavle-style DotA will. It will signify the end of WC3, within the timeframe of proximity to Starcraft 2, as the ashes of the phoenix before it rises again -- except these ashes fall and form an interactive statue depicting the creativity of man and resourcefulness as a virtue. And if you disagree about the validity of my claims, my only possible answer is we shall see.
  13. That's a valid point but typically games with a solid storyline make for a good single player campaign while the game's popularity is determined by the quality of its online play. Indeed, CS used to be the most popular of all cyber cafe games, devoid of any story whatsoever. What DotA has going for it, moreso now than ever, is it's inability to ever repeat itself. When playing on a team of trusted friends, against another semi-organized team, even if you use the same bread-and-butter heroes repeatedly -- the games quickly escalate to epic proportions. DotA's future is in its medium to high level play, where minor mistakes turn the tide of battle, strategy is rewarded, and victory an achievement. If you have spent your DotA days in the open public sphere, you have no idea what you have been missing.
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