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  1. As a college student, I’ve learned how to beautify despite having to strictly budget time and money, and, actually, I’m quite content with my overall appearance and doubt I’ll decide to turn in any of my products/techniques anytime soon. If you’d like to know of my “beauty secrets,” please message me. If I hear from more than a couple of you, I’ll go ahead and post in length. Also, if you aren’t in the shape you would like to be in, I’d be willing to share tried and true advice on shaping and toning up quickly. Come to think of it, not only will you improve your physique, feel better and have more energy once you adopt an exercise routine, but it can cause drastic, naturally beautiful improvements to your facial appearance: Just 20-30 minutes of exercise each day, three to five days per week, can add life to your eyes, help your complexion, add a healthy glow to your face, etc. Again, feel free to message me. -Kristen
  2. Several times now, when arguing the significance of man due to his ability to reason which is a provision of his conceptual consciousness, I have encountered the pro-dolophin chant of those who claim that dolphins are superior to humans. I have pointed out during these arguments the achievements of man by which those of dolphins pale. I am countered by claims about their healing and sonar abilities, sensitivity, etc. I have some knowledge about dolphins though I am a marine biologist by no stretch of the imagination. Can anyone better inform me about dolphins? Which type of consciousness do dolphins actually have (perceptual I would imagine)? What are their capabilities? Which approach should I take when arguing for the rational man? PS-As well, I have heard some advocate ants as superior. Comments?
  3. I am not a guest. I am now a member. -Kristen
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