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  1. The review by Rule of Reason seems so typical of these supposedly "hard line" Objectivists. -stranglove As apposed to...?
  2. V for Vendetta is an enjoyable comic book film. It is entertaining to see an unflinching protagonist pull the strings of an ineffectual dictatorship. However, I do agree with the Rule of Reason's critique. V is merely a destroyer of the status quo. He advocates no code of ethics, no morality, and no political system. I recall reading an interview with Alan Moore and he mentioned that this story evolved from his political cynicism.
  3. I enjoy Dr. Ellen Kenner and Prodos (who can only be heard on the internet). Larry Elder is the most consistent radio show host I’ve listened to. I enjoy Rush’s Political analysis and Dennis Prager’s broad range of topics. Stern is a nihilist and integrates very little serious conversation between his buffoonery. Savage may have had Piekoff on his show and even mentioned that he enjoyed the Fountainhead movie, but he’s hardly pro-capitalist. Often he’ll rail against businessmen for their concern with the “bottom line.” I’ve heard him mention that unfettered capitalism would destroy
  4. Mine are: 1. Empire Strikes Back 2. Shane 3. Raiders of the Lost ArK 4. Shawshank Redemption 5. Groundhogs Day 6. October Sky 7. Lord of the Rings Trilogy 8. Star Wars: A New Hope 9. Planet of the Apes (the original) 10. Jaws Others that are right up there for me are: The Road Warrior, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1954 & 78' versions), Superman the Movie, Dirty Harry & Magnum Force, Cyrano with Jose Ferrer, The obscure 2001 for it's hypnotic cinematography, Tombstone, Conan the Barbarian, Singing in the Rain, and Die Hard. I own all th
  5. Here's a nice link that's about Ditko http://www.ditko.comics.org/
  6. It's hard to say what will happen if there's a Kerry Presidency. Fortunately, he's not a Dictator and will share, in a sense, power with the two other branches of Government. A Republican House may tighten the purse strings and Kerry would remain tough enough on homeland security, which may put us back into surplus status and keep the masses asleep from the Islamic nut jobs. He may be able to use his influence to take back the house and senate. Republicans may cave on a Liberal leftist judge appointment. This could hurt us by allowing greater expansion of the Government. I know that one
  7. I first saw this film back in the mid to late seventies when it appeared on television. I recently purchased the directors cut of the DVD and after 30 yrs. I think the sound and visuals, san the CGI add INS, still hold up. Visually, it borrows allot from 2001 with a lot of static long shots in oblique settings. The premise is similar to Anthem, 1984, and Equilibrium where an individual breaks from an oppressive society. In the world of THX, everyone is emotionally neutered from a daily dose of drugs, and they're heavily persuaded to consume (as the all knowing voice says, "buy more,
  8. All, I was discussing abortion with someone who apposes it. Essentially, he agrees with a person having a right to do what whatever they choose with their own body. The hang nail in the discussion had to do with a fetus being a potential and not an actual human being. He replied with, "Not all squares are rectangles, but all rectangles are squares," which translates to not all humans are fetuses, but all fetuses are human. Huh??? At that point I short circuited and ended the discussion. I know that what he said wasn't correct, but I'm having difficulty explaining why. I'm
  9. I thought this movie was too long and tedious trying to setup the twist ending, which I thought was a bit cynical and uninspiring. I know this is very brief, but I don't want to spoil it for others by going into detail.
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