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  1. That's a great point. If you don't mind, I think you can simplify that further -- in the first 30-90 seconds, a man gets labeled "no" or "maybe". It's rare for a woman to be ready to have sex with a max within 90 seconds of meeting him. It happens, but those are outliers. You can get out of the no pile, but it's not as easy as if you started in "maybe". That's why we're spending a lot of time now talking about body language and non-verbal communication, since those are often key to how women make a first impression.
  2. Good Lord, I hope not! I was curious about the technical underpinnings of how this all works, not advocating it. Sort of like watching The Wire when it was on -- it's fascinating, but didn't make me want to become a drug dealer. I'm the last person you'd get to defend Mystery. I was President of Mystery Method Corp from late 2004 until it changed its name to Love Systems. Gags - I was kind of wondering that too. Would that be considered entrapment? Or would that even matter when most of the US is (I think) governed by 'no fault' divorces? It also just kind of made me wonder about w
  3. Hi Eiuol, Interesting questions - goes to the essence of where does 'manipulation' end and 'flirting' begin? I think most reasonable people can agree that neither extreme is desirable. You don't need to lie and deceive to get the girl. But completely ignoring social conventions, women's expectations of the 'rhythm' of flirting, and minor factors (will discuss in a second) that actually really DO matter to the outcome, is not desirable either. Like I've said before, "flirting is a fun game and women want to play too." There are many women who may like you just fine "on paper" but if
  4. I'd heard about people getting hired to "test" the faithfulness of their partner -- hire some guy to randomly meet up with your girlfriend somewhere you know she's going to be, having him approach her, see if she takes the bait (or vice versa, if you're the girl testing your boyfriend's loyalty). I think there's a company that does this in the UK, maybe there's more. But this I hadn't really heard of before - at least not outside far-fetched courtroom dramas - people getting hired to seduce half of a couple and bring pictures to the other half for divorce court. Read all about it in the
  5. You enter the comfort phase once she is attracted to you and you've convinced her that you are interested in her for reasons she thinks are valid. In other words: • You enter comfort as soon as you both accept that you are attracted to each other. • You leave comfort (and go into seduction) as soon as you escalate to sexual touching. Comfort is the missing ingredient that allows you to convert mutual attraction into sex. Comfort changes her from "I want him but I don't know him well enough" into "I want him." Sounds easy, doesn't it? By itself, it is. Most men can make a woman feel
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