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  1. I hope that isn't true, it's disgusting either way. "My brother hogged all the cereal...I said to my dad "he's being selfish"...dad responded "selfishness is a virtue". This is the key part of the article. This is either an indicator that this article is fake as the author doesn't know what the hell Objectivist ethics are, or it's an indication that his dad was insane and didn't understand what the hell Objectivist ethics are. Either way, this is not Objectivist ethics, and is the most common and miserable straw-man of Objectivist ethics. In fact, it's refuted on the very first page of "The Virtue of Selfishness". Whether fake or not, this article is disgusting, and is a representation of how Objectivism is misinterpreted, purposefully or accidentally, either by malicious, dishonest, fraudulent intent of the author, or by the deranged psychosis of a madman inflicting agony on his children and spouse.
  2. Hello, I know you are all aware of the controversy with the Koran book burning and the presumed Muslim outrage from that. I have heard that that is not the actual reason for the current outrage in Afghanistan, the one that resulted in the deaths of 20+/- people. I have recently been made aware of this article from Rolling Stone. According to the article, the Pentagon has been trying to suppress these photographs (rumored to number into the thousands), but it is now surfacing. Here is the Rolling Stone article: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/photos/the-kill-team-photos-20110327 EDIT: here is the full story by Rolling Stone: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-kill-team-20110327 and here is a reaction piece by an Afghani civilian: http://afghancentral.blogspot.com/2011/03/kill-teams-in-afghanistan-truth.html If these stories are false I apologize, but I currently have no reason to doubt their validity. If this is old news I apologize for the redundancy. Hopefully this adds some much needed perspective into these people's lives. Thank you for your time, and good premises. -Ethan
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