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  1. Firstoff, I have no idea what "Guest observer" said. Did you mean to deny that Godel's theorom was correct? Seems a bit reminicent of times when I've heard objectivists say with absolute certanty that non-local physical theories are acausal...or that probablistic motion of molecules CAN'T be fundamental. That having been said, anyone who would use Godel to attack atheism lacks any real understanding. Godel's theorom says one thing (and it is correct in this), that any axiomatic system that includes arithmetic (so choice of religion comes from a logical system involving arithmetic?) gives
  2. A former top NASA official came to speak to a natural science group here at UT recently. In his speach he talked about how it seems proper to him that NASA's goals have shifted more to political than scientific. Truth is a large part of the NASA budget has been spent on projects with little scientific merit. For one thing manned space exploration is a pretty silly venture (for now, and after the first one or two times). Its much more expensive...if you are interested in the scientific goal of understanding the solar system and other stars and such the focus should be on unmanned craft.
  3. I'm actually a little sore about the Superconducting Supercollider being cancelled...of course government should not fund any science (except defense based) but taxes were not being raised for it, only the welfare state was getting a little less funds. As I understand it it was cancelled after a large part of its construction completed because all the politicians who had hoped to get it in their district lost that hope once actual production began. Now particle physics is going to have to rely on the europeans. Tim Bender
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