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  1. I guess chess is a "good" game to play in your spare time . . . unless its done on a computer! That would be totally irational! Why do Objectivist "newbs"(my guess) tend to go waaaay overboard when they try to apply Objectivism to their life?
  2. While I agree that you would have felt like crap if you had decided to steal and that you would have violated your principles It is not the primary reason for not stealing. I think its important to point out that you dont practice the principle of honesty or productiveness for the sake of upholding the principle, you do it for a reason, a reason that is in your self interest. The "loss" you may expeience by not follwoing these principles(even though it is a loss in itself) is not the fact that you didnt follow the principle, but is a "loss" you can actually point to in reality.
  3. Then I don’t think you understand what holistic means. Like I explained in my post, you have to take everything into account. Your response is the equivalent of a drug user who’s argument for using drugs is "well sure it can kill you but you’re only including the cost in your calculation and you neglected to include the great feelings the drug gives me." My whole argument is that, sure there is a benefit to having a million dollars but the benefit is outweighed by the cost it imposes against the producers and the owners of the property. And in whole, when you take everything into account
  4. Every individual human being, no matter where or who he is, has a certain unique position in life. Some are in better positions than others; some may be multi millionaires with big mansions, and may have a great job that they love with a beautiful wife and lots of great friends, and live in a free country with other good rational people. This person, if you look at his situation holistically (that is, taking EVERYTHING into account, his life, society, and world he lives in) is in a great position. And even if this person weren’t rich but was born dirt poor, BUT lived in a free country with the
  5. When I was younger I had lots of trouble memorizing my mulitplication tables and fell behind many of my other classmates. Many of my classmates could give you the answer to any problem between the tables 1 and 12 when they were asked to answer them in front of the class, but I had lots of trouble. We learned the multiplication tables tables by rote learning. And now I have a little sister who also has trouble with her math and she is also being tought in the same way. So my question is, what is an easier and more correct method of learning the multiplication tables?
  6. Actually, I thought that the "productive high class society" were part of the government, and they were overtaxing the lower classes. So he wasnt really taking money from the rich to give to the poor, he was taking money from the government to give back to the poor.
  7. Well of course, but I still want to understand his ideas. I think you are underestamating his influence, even great war historians such as Victor Davis Hanson sees some value in him http://www.victorhanson.com/articles/Priva...February05.html. Plus I dont think all of his ideas are bad, his idea about "friction" seems true, even though I dont know how he came to it. By Inspector Oops, I thought I put his name,but i guess i didn't, its CLAUSEWITZ AND HIS WORKS by Christopher Bassford . Anyways, BurgessLau and mightyTeuton, thanks for the help.
  8. I’m not sure where to put this because this topic has many implications, on the war on terrorism, foreign policy and just plain ol’ philosophy. One of the most influential books ever written (actually the most influential after Sun Tzu), on military theory is by a Prussian General called Karl von Clausewitz and his book is called "On War". And since I have a big interest in military theory, strategy and foreign policy, I wanted to read this VERY difficult and VERY important book. Now I cant emphasize enough how influential his ideas are, you’ve heard Leonard Peikoff say that all of philo
  9. Does anybody know if the Leonard Peikoff at West Point video is the same lecture called America Vs. Americans? Or is it a different lecture? Because the sample video for the West Point lecture seems to show Peikoff giving the same lecture he gave called America Vs. Americans. I want to know before I buy it, so does anyone have it?
  10. They may not just be preparing to attack the U.S. but they also think they can win . . . Now Iran has given the U.S. evey reason to attack them even this horrifing one. The scary thing is that the scenerio presented here is very plausible, and the fact that they think they can win is another example of the contempt that they have for the U.S. They think they can win because we have given them every reason to think that, as you will see here. http://artofwarplus.com/wordpress/?p=577 IRAN READYING FOR CONFLICT WITH US by Amir Taheri http://www.benadorassociates.com/article/18347
  11. It doesn't matter that they are Mexican, what matters is that they have no ideological allegience to the U.S and are mostly Catholic, the type that actually listen to the Pope, so say bye bye to abortion in America. . .
  12. All the leftist are screaming about the Bush administration not responding to Cstros offer to send these doctors, of course. I know that this is a prapaganda victory for Cuba wheather or not we accept the offer,thats why I think Castro made the offer to start with, but should the U.S. accept those doctors? http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/americas/09/...cuba/index.html
  13. Here is the story, http://www.breitbart.com/news/na/D8CF5FL00.html I know that our own government is to cowardly to do anything about this, but here's my question: Would a proper government prosecute the people at Yahoo responsible for cooperating with a statist government and helping that government violate their own citizens rights.
  14. I think this has to do more with how people view ALL IDEAS in general , and the possibility of achieving certainty. People don't seem to think that we can form TRUE broud priniciples and apply them CONSISTENTLY to reality. How can any idea be SO right? They seem to tell themselves, "that persons theory couldnt possibly be true and work in all those instances, you have to mix it in with other ideas."A little bit of socialism mixed with capitalism, a little whole language mixed with phonix, etc. To understant what I mean, just look at the way our modern education establishment treats
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