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  1. Thanks I'll probably check out the overview by piekoff, I picked it up the other day at the book store but didn't buy it. I'll go back and get it now, thanks!
  2. Just a concise overview of the metaphysics like she has for the other subjects, such as epistemology or aesthetics
  3. I'm trying to figure out which book mrs.rand wrote regarding metaphysics. Is it "Philosophy, who needs it?" Or is it "for the new intellectual"? Thanks.
  4. I wanted an animal that represented wisdom and intelligence so i picked the owl, I did really know what else to put on there, i guess i could have put something like "A-A" idk what would you like to see on there?
  5. "the rise of man" is the background for my iphone, I love these paintings
  6. I had always wondered what kind of coin i would make if I actually lived in my own secret atlantis as in Atlas shrugged, so I got the idea and put this together. I understand the lighting and shadows are off and that the gold colors dont match that well, but this is just a rough outline of my idea. Let me know what you think.
  7. This came up at work when I told my coworkers that a man in my neighborhood shot himself in the head and that he had 2 little kids and a wife. One of my coworkers then said, "how selfish of him", my immediate thought was how is that selfish? but i bit my tongue because i knew what shed say and i also didn't want to launch into a philosophy monologue, and to be honest I couldnt articulate on the spot why it was in fact selfless or cowardly. Im really interested in hearing your thoughts about this topic.
  8. Thanks, the page number was wrong but the chapter was right, the page it starts one in my book Is 662 for anyone else looking
  9. vita


    im not sure how distopian it is but "the man in the high castle" is a pretty good one. Its about nazi germany and japan winning world war 2
  10. I was wondering if anyone knew the page or chapter of tooheys speech to peter keating where he exposes the motivations behind men like toohey(himself). Ive tried googling it but havent found any useful results
  11. I was wondering if anyone had come across this or read this, and if so what did you think about it? the authors name is Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  12. I have to agree with rebelconservative but i dont think for the same reasons. sex is something so complex (i mean the reasons why we do it other than procreation) that kids and teenagers should just find out on their own, what happened to them just figuring it all out by themselves? no one ever told me how to do it, and i did a fine job my first time. My point is sex education is pointless, especially at a young age when you dont know whats going on, it can leave some kids views on sex skewed. I know if i saw that video id wanna have sex the first chance i got.
  13. The video no longer works could you find another copy of it? im very curious to see what was so objectionable about it.
  14. my logo looks nothing like that logo
  15. Im gonna throw my two cents in this if you guys dont mind. I think the idea of an atlas shrugged movie is a terrible idea and heres why: no movie would be able to capture everything about atlas shrugged and it would leave everyone with a feeling of something lacking. I think the best option is a remake of the fountainhead, its pretty much just like atlas shrugged in its theme but way less grander and therefore a better movie candidate. dont get me wrong i would love to see atlas shrugged on screen in its entirety but theres just way too much involved i think for it to be a viable movie.
  16. I think they will probably lose steam eventually but right now everyone is backlashing against the incumbents. in the long run, yea they probably will lose because of a fundamental lack to describe what exactly they want i.e capitalism, and the proper way to defend it.
  17. theres your answer, i believe another member said basically the same thing on the first page.
  18. "without restrictions, business firms can mislead consumers, endanger workers safety, and even defraud the companies investors--all in the pursuit of greater profits. That is why the government of a capitalist nation often monitors prices, sets safety and environmental standards for industries, protects the rights of consumers, and regulates collective bargaining between labor unions and management." just a quick excerpt from my sociology book, i was just curious to hear everyones reactions.
  19. I couldn't have agreed more, that's why I loved the idea of the phi symbol, it could encompass all of objectivism, but that's just me, of course there will be people that are gonna be against the idea of a symbol representing OBjectivism
  20. I couldn't have agreed more, that's why I loved the idea of the phi symbol, it could encompass all of objectivism, but that's just me, of course there will be people that are gonna be against the idea of a symbol representing OBjectivism
  21. so something similar to this?
  22. thats what i was thinking, that they would be dealing with irrationality and therefore not a good thing.
  23. I ask this because my friend works in a prison and one of his fellow guards smuggles in basic things like cigarettes and weed and stuff like that. When he told me this i immediately wondered what the objectivist views on this would be. your thoughts?
  24. Heres an iphone wallpaper version of it just in case anyone would like one.
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